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UFC FIGHT NIGHT 226: Ciryl Gane vs. Serghei Spivac 9/2/23 Odds, Analysis, and Prediction

UFC FIGHT NIGHT 226: Ciryl Gane vs. Serghei Spivac 9/2/23 – Prepare for an electrifying showdown at UFC Fight Night 226, where the world of mixed martial arts and UFC picks will come alive. On September 2, 2023, fight enthusiasts worldwide will eagerly tune in to witness the debut of this spectacular event at Paris’s Accor Arena. The main event promises heavyweight division action as Ciryl “Bon Gamin” Gane takes on Serghei “Polar Bear” Spivac in a clash that will have everyone on the edge of their seats.


Ciryl Gane vs. Serghei Spivac Game Info

When: Saturday, September 2, 2023 at 3:00 PM ET
Where: Accor Arena, Paris, Ile-de-France, France


Ciryl Gane Analysis

UFC Fight Night 226 promises an exciting evening of mixed martial arts action at Paris’s Accor Arena on Saturday, which has created immense anticipation worldwide among fight enthusiasts eagerly awaiting its main event clash between heavyweight contenders Ciryl “Bon Gamin” Gane and Serghei “Polar Bear” Spivac in an intense showdown that captures the essence of combat sports.

Ciryl Gane enters the octagon boasting an 11-2-0 record and 245 lbs, along with his intimidating physical presence of 6′ 4″, which lends an air of intimidation that sets the pace for his fighting style. Gane prefers an orthodox stance combined with impressive striking prowess, which yields 5.08 significant strikes per minute and 59% accuracy rates; these statistics demonstrate his proficiency at delivering and connecting impactful blows. Gane stands out with his exceptional control and defense against strikes. A 62% striking defense rate speaks to Gane’s ability to strategically deflect opponent attacks while remaining in control in the octagon, creating a comprehensive approach to his fights.

Although often overshadowed by his striking, Gane’s grappling game is an invaluable strategic asset that plays a pivotal role in controlling the rhythm and flow of his fights. Averaging 0.61 takedowns every 15 minutes, Gane utilizes his grappling techniques to dictate fight pace and flow, while his ground game highlights Gane’s versatility and adaptability as a fighter.


Serghei Spivac Analysis

Serghei Spivac enters the octagon with an impressive record of 16-3-0, carrying a reputation for skill and finesse. Standing at 6′ 3″ and weighing 260 lbs, he’s a force to be reckoned with in the heavyweight division. Adopting an orthodox stance like his adversary, Spivac exhibits commendable striking prowess, landing 3.79 significant strikes per minute with a 51% accuracy rate. Despite not matching Gane’s striking volume, Spivac’s strikes hold significant power and impact.

Spivac’s defensive capabilities are evident, absorbing an average of 2.84 significant strikes per minute and maintaining a 55% defense rate. His true strength, however, lies in his grappling prowess. Averaging 5.05 takedowns per 15 minutes with a 65% accuracy rate, he showcases remarkable grappling skills. Additionally, his 70% takedown defense rate illustrates his ability to effectively thwart opponents’ takedown attempts. His recent victory against Lewis underscores his current form and ability to perform under pressure, setting the stage for an intense showdown.


Ciryl Gane vs. Serghei Spivac Stats

Gane Spivac
Wins/Losses/Draws 11-2-0 16-3-0
Average Fight Time 14:43 8:01
Height 6′ 4″ 6′ 3″
Weight 245 lbs. 260 lbs.
Reach 81″ 78″
Stance Orthodox Orthodox
Strikes Landed per Min. 5.08 3.79
Striking Accuracy 59% 51%
Strikes Absorbed per Min. 2.25 2.84
Defense 62% 55%
Takedowns Average/15 min. 0.61 5.05
Takedown Accuracy 21% 65%
Takedown Defense 45% 70%
Submission Average/15 min. 0.5 0.6


Ciryl Gane vs. Serghei Spivac Free Pick

After thoroughly analyzing both fighters’ strengths and strategies, the prediction for this high-stakes clash slightly leans towards Serghei “Polar Bear” Spivac. While both competitors possess exceptional skills, Spivac’s well-rounded grappling techniques, solid takedown accuracy, and defense give him a strategic advantage. Gane’s recent loss might impact his mindset and performance in this matchup.


Pick: Serghei Spivac +147

As the anticipation builds for UFC Fight Night 226, fans and spectators alike can’t wait to witness the collision between Ciryl “Bon Gamin” Gane and Serghei “Polar Bear” Spivac with their eyes on the UFC sportsbook. This heavyweight division bout promises an exhilarating clash of styles, making it a must-watch event. While predictions may favor Serghei Spivac, fight enthusiasts must wait in eager anticipation as the excitement unfolds in the octagon.


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