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Two Factor Authentication: Bettor Protect Thyself

There’s nothing like online gaming. Being able to game online, to be able to bet how and when you’d like, is something that would’ve been impossible to fathom just a few years ago. However, with every opportunity, with every advancement, comes challenges. Often, those challenges come in the form of those who would steal your money and do you harm. In terms of online betting, when possible, utilize two-factor authentication. 

This has always been a good idea, of course. However, it’s all the more important in light of recent news where DraftKings and FanDuel, two of the biggest names have had to deal with issues relating to fraud. These issues are nowhere near bad enough or prevalent enough to keep you from betting. That said, you want to be careful no matter what. 

Being Careful Even With Two-Factor Authentication

The most striking part of this article about recent fraud challenges is the section entitled “even text-based 2FA is fallible.” One of the ways that it’s explained how two-factor authentication failed is that “the hacker generated fake text messages to the victim asking them to input a code for something like a bonus, ping the site for the 2FA code, and then the victim inadvertently passed the code along.” 

To combat this, the bettor should be as vigilant as possible. Never respond to such a text unless you, the bettor, asked for the way in. The price of being able to bet online is a kind of vigilance like this, a way of looking out for yourself and your betting. With this in mind, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can bet how you’d like. 

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