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Tucker Lutz vs Melsik Baghdasaryan 7/15/2023 Expert Picks, Tips and Odds

Tucker Lutz vs Melsik Baghdasaryan 7/15/2023 Expert Picks, Tips and Odds

On Saturday, July 15, 2023, at UFC Vegas 77, Melsik Baghdasaryan and Tucker Lutz will face off in the Octagon. Lutz is projected to open at +175, while Baghdasaryan is projected to open at -210.

Tucker “Top Gun” Lutz has a 12-3-0 record. The 28-year-old is 5’8″ tall, weighs 145 pounds, and tops the scales. The arm span for the orthodox boxer is 72 inches. Melsik “The Gun” Baghdasaryan weighs 145 lbs. and is 5’9″ tall. The Southpaw boxer will be attempting to improve on his 7-2-0 career record. The 31-year-old has a 70-inch reach. Melsik Baghdasaryan averages 5.63 major strikes per minute, compared to Tucker Lutz’s 4.04 significant strikes per minute. Baghdasaryan connects on 61% of his significant blows, compared to Lutz’s 49%. In the Octagon, “Top Gun” and “The Gun” absorb 3.02 and 3.28 major strikes per minute, respectively. Additionally, Lutz blocks 45% of the important hits directed at him, whereas Baghdasaryan can deflect 55%.

Tucker Lutz, who averages 1.77 takedowns per 15 minutes, is the better grappler in terms of takedowns. 50% of Lutz’s takedown attempts result in success, while 69% of them are unsuccessful. Baghdasaryan successfully completes his takedowns on 15% of his efforts and thwarts 76% of his attempts against him. Lutz, who attempts 0.2 submissions every 15 minutes, is the least likely of the two fighters to go for the finish, whereas Baghdasaryan attempts 0.5 submissions every three rounds.

Tucker Lutz lost to Daniel Pineda in his final fight inside the Octagon after being submitted with a guillotine choke in round two. Of the 66 total blows attempted in the match, Pineda connected on 41. Lutz finished the evening having connected on 33 of 84 total attempts. Pineda ultimately connected on 24 of his 45 critical strikes, for a percentage of 53%. He completed the fight by connecting on 10 of the 24 important head-directed blows. On the other side of the Octagon, Lutz ultimately connected on 28 of 78 big blows, hitting 35% of his total attempts. He made 17 of his 61 head-targeted strikes, a respectable percentage. Pineda and Lutz made big distance strikes, with Pineda landing 91% and Lutz 78%.

Tucker Lutz vs Melsik Baghdasaryan 7/15/2023 Expert Picks, Tips and Odds

Melsik Baghdasaryan fought Josh Culibao in his final Octagon outing, losing by rear naked choke in round two. Culibao and Baghdasaryan successfully connected on 93% of their considerable distance blows. Baghdasaryan succeeded with 26 of 44 big blows, landing 59% of his attempts. He ultimately scored six of the 19 major hits aimed at the head. In the bout, Culibao ultimately connected on 16 of 45 important strikes. He ultimately connected on 3 of 24 head-directed hits that were accurate enough to be considered important. Culibao landed 16 of the 45 blows in this match, while Baghdasaryan finished with 26 of the 44 strikes he threw overall.

Melsik Baghdasaryan has established himself as a formidable opponent regarding hitting. Baghdasaryan has repeatedly displayed his excellent striking prowess in the octagon, posting a record of 7-2-0. Baghdasaryan has a reach of 70″ and is 5’9″ tall and 145 pounds. He typically fights from a southpaw posture, which gives his opponents a special challenge. With a striking accuracy of 61%, Baghdasaryan’s significant strikes landed per minute (SLpM) average is a remarkable 5.63. This indicates that in addition to being able to throw a lot of blows, he also hits them precisely and accurately. His important strike defense rate is 55%, making it difficult for his opponents to counter his barrage of blows.

Baghdasaryan’s aptitude for avoiding takedowns is one of his significant advantages. He possesses a strong 76% takedown defense percentage, making it challenging for opponents to take him to the ground. Furthermore, he averages zero takedowns every 15 minutes, demonstrating his penchant for standing up and using his striking abilities. Baghdasaryan has displayed great achievements in his most recent contests. He demonstrated his strength and dexterity in his blows by knocking out Collin Anglin in the second round with a kick. In another match, he won unanimously over Dennis Buzukja, demonstrating his ability to hit powerful blows repeatedly during the contest.

Melsik Baghdasaryan is unquestionably a force to be reckoned with in the striking department because of his remarkable striking statistics and significant triumphs. Anyone in the UFC featherweight category will find him to be a tough opponent because of his accuracy, power, and ability to resist takedowns.

Tucker Lutz vs Melsik Baghdasaryan. The fact that Lutz and Baghdasaryan are both accomplished experts in their fields bodes well for this contest. Lutz may have an advantage in this battle because to his well-rounded style and grasp of the grappling arts. Although Lutz’s ability to combine striking with takedowns might break Baghdasaryan’s rhythm and seize control of the fight, Baghdasaryan’s striking skills can be deadly.

Lutz ought to go into the battle as the favorite based on their most recent results. He has a solid chance of winning, perhaps by decision or submission, if he can carry out his strategy and avoid being caught in Baghdasaryan’s hitting. However, Baghdasaryan has demonstrated the capacity to end battles by striking, so he cannot be written out. He could prevail over Lutz if he could keep the battle on the feet and score precise blows. In the end, this bout has the potential to be a competitive match in which both competitors demonstrate their prowess. Fans may anticipate a thrilling contest that will probably last a long time.

Prediction: Melsik Baghdasaryan -210

Location: UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: Saturday, July 15, 2023

Main Card: 10:00 PM ET

Prelims: 6:00 PM ET

Watch on: ESPN and ESPN+


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