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Know the Top Pay Per Head Software Company and its Feature

The top pay per head software will surely help you achieve your goal of being number one in the online sports gambling industry. Aside from being patient and determined in starting your bookie business, you also need a well-developed and reliable bookmaking management solution company that possesses implausible features.

What is the Company That Offers Top Pay Per Head Software?

International Data Solutions (IDSCA) has been considered to be the best company that offers the top pay per head software. It is the top leading and the most well-known online betting company due to its top-caliber features. The IDSCA sportsbook is known to be the top pay per head software since it has a 24/7 customer care and technical support. Being the top pay per head software, IDSCA is indeed a concerned company that watches out for the needs of its customers. This company continuously has account specialists that are ready assist the clients in just a few ticks.

IDSCA was able to provide its clients the top pay per head software in the world of casino, sports betting and of course in bookmaking. Aside from that, it has exceptional bookmaking management software that provided the necessities of the players as well as the bookies.

Features that the Top Pay Per Head Software Company Possesses

Here are the features that atop pay per head software firm has:


Honest with Clients


A top pay per head software features good track record most particularly in some hidden charges. Most often than not, clients are getting mad if a pay per head software is continuously charging them despite that they aren’t knowledgeable where it was used.

Of course, in a top pay per head software this scenario, will be eliminated since they are honest with their clients. With that being said, it is advised that before signing up, you must take a look at the agreement and be sure that you research a bit about your chosen pph service’s hidden charges. It is also worth mentioning that you must sign up for a top pay per head software that doesn’t have hidden fees and other gimmicks.


Offers Infinite Choices


Apart from being honest with its clients, a top pay per head software also offers infinite choices and selections in the bookmaking scene. This is comprised of your personal eye-catching Website, which will help you entice new gamers, the capability to create your betting lines, ability to adjust the betting limits, set minimum limits, set up betting rules and more.

As for the wagering opportunities, a top pay per head software doesn’t have limitations. There will be no occasions wherein you have to call the customer center to gain access to a certain service and you won’t be asking for additional fees for you to use a service. With just a tick on the button, the top pay per head software offers limitless options. It is also worth emphasizing that these options are accessible without extra charges since you already paid it.


Reliable and Saleable


A top pay per head software is equipped with the virtue that the clients can always rely on them. Apart from that, a top pay per head software is unquestionably saleable. It must have a very presentable Website that has user-friendly interface and superior design. The clients won’t have to shell out a huge amount of money for the designs, coding and personalized theme to make your site presentable and saleable. This is because these things must come alongside the products and services offered by a top pay per head software.




If you have the top pay per head software you’ll be stress-free since it’s coupled with a 100% discretion and trust. You must obtain sportsbook software wherein there’s a limitless customer care support that’s present at any moment of the day to help you and your clients. Aside from that, the bettor’s gaming experience has to be stress-free as well. There must be no disturbance and it must be accessible 24/7. Additionally, the top pay per head software gives the bettors and bookies incentives and not stress. The said incentives may be in form of day-to-day bonuses and of course the promotions.


Top-Notch Security


Top-notch security is also considered to be one of the most significant features that a top pay per head software possesses. In fact, it must be furnished with advanced software and modern hardware technologies to be able to prevent any unlicensed admission to the system.

Always keep in mind that hackers are capable of taking away everything in just a matter of few minutes, more significantly, the client’s names and their passwords. Apart from that, the hackers are also capable of stealing the cash-ins that you and your clients make into the sportsbook.

Be mindful that a top pay per head software is fortified with a secure network that has numerous data centers. This strong security is consistently checked to make sure that the system is really secured at all times. The top-notch security offers the safeness and discretion of the records.




This feature is very common in most pay per head software because all of it works in multi-platform. However, a top pay per head software works in a multi-platform that is uninterruptible or is available any time of the day. The multi-platform capability allows your customers to use the top pay per head software for any types of mobile devices. Whether it is the laptop, personal computer, tablet or any mobile device, you can freely use it to access the sportsbook anytime and anywhere. Aside from this, a top pay per head software also comes with a multi-language system. This allows other non-English speaking customers to enjoy betting in their native and more understandable language.


Wide Variety of Payment Options


Currently, the top pay per head sportsbook doesn’t only provide payment choices thorough bank deposits and credit cards. It also offers payment options like Bitcoins and other kinds of digital money. Moreover, a top pay per head software can accommodate a wide variety of widely held payment options that are accessible in different payment systems in numerous countries.

A top pay per head software assimilates a mixture of electronic and regular banking so that it wouldn’t lose a client due to inaccessibility of the payment method they want. Some of the payment systems are PayPal, SafeCharge, Skrill, UseMyBank, Credit or debit cards, WalPay, Bitcoin, Neteller, Western Union Bank Wires, and a lot more.


Offers Reasonable Pricing


Apart from what has been mentioned above, pricing is also significant in acquiring a pay per head software. You must remember that a top pay per head software has a well-established and reasonable pricing. Additionally, some of the top pay per head software that offers its clients the price starting at $10/head or occasionally a bit higher than this charge. Nonetheless, that will depend upon the client’s desired quantity of features and of course other aspects.


Live Betting Options on Games


A top pay per head software has live betting options on its games. This lets every gamer to place their bets the moment the action unfolds. You along with your gamers can see a scoreboard that displays the existing match statistics and result. This implausible feature is only offered by a few pay per head firms and that includes the IDSCA, which gives the punters a wide variety of betting selections. This feature indeed makes wagering more pleasurable, engaging and most importantly profitable.

Now that you already know which company offers the top pay per head software, it is hoped that you’ll rely on your bookmaking needs to this firm.

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