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For as long as anyone can remember, a bookie business model evolved in conjunction with offshore sportsbooks. However, all aspirations and objectives have no genuine interest in revolutionizing things. When online gambling flourished, a new business image began to evolve. Rather than paying a percentage of revenues, a “pay per head” fee was charged regularly. Sharp bookies know that the best approach to manage their online bookie business is to use the top pay per head service.

What is PPH?

Pay per head is an Internet-based bookmaking service. It is economical, dependable, and convenient to use. The service has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy for bookies and players alike to navigate the system.

Pay per head is the trade-in of bookmaking software, casino, and sportsbook for a weekly payment for each player. Modern bookmakers (bookie) utilize pay per head services to run their businesses.

The Rise of Pay Per Head

More agents became aware of the evolution of the new business model. This unfolded a new world of pay per head sportsbook that offered sportsbook services. It eliminated the paying out and collecting of dues to the bookies themselves.

Basically, a pay per head provides bookies the same benefits in sportsbook software and services that large books have at a notably lower cost. Local bookmakers can now stretch their services to accumulate their betting volume. 

They no longer have to face many problems like what most traditional bookmakers deal with. This is the reason why pph sportsbooks escalated in the past several years. As a matter of fact, the pay per head industry now competes for an online post-up sportsbook in quantity, if not in bigness. 

Top Pay Per Head service

What You Need to Know About the Pay Per Head Industry

Regardless if you’re a bookie or a gambler, you’ll be interested to know about the pph head industry. The pph business is part of the gambling sector and it’s crucial to figure out a few details of it. Gambling has been primarily an offline business but because of the Internet gambling is now made possible online.  

In 2018, the gambling sector alone produced more than $50.65 billion. It’s expected to reach $96.89 billion in revenue each year by 2024. 

Most businesses in the gambling sector faced competition which their main challenge. Because of this, most of the bookmakers are compelled to find ways to proliferate and progress their business operations. To begin with, the cost of a bookie software was relatively high but with the inception of pph sportsbook, this problem was solved.

PPH Industry Before

The early pay per head industry was too perfunctory as it only comprised of a plain website and betting interface. Bookies have no control over the system and need to call the pay per head service provider to deal with concerns. 

The fee for each player was high which ranges from $40 to $65. Simultaneously, the system technology was in its early stages. Players endure system downtime especially during weekends when many players are using the system all at the same time.

Most of these pph companies had no facilities and financial means to accommodate their burgeoning number of clients. This results in the bookie’s online sportsbook business failure. However, bookies that stayed scaled up the pph industry.

Pay Per Head Industry Today

In a period of 20 years, the pph industry has heightened the bookie business. Nowadays, an individual bookie can vie against a big sportsbook. It’s because today’s pph industry offers bookmakers with awesome features that they couldn’t afford under other conditions. The current pph industry has evolved with remarkable benefits for bookies and players alike. Below are the key benefits that bookies and players can benefit from pph services:

  • Dependable customer support for bookies and customers
  • Cloud-based data support 
  • 24/7 online casinos
  • Multilingual call center support
  • Online live-betting
  • Elaborated transaction reports
  • Safe and solid mobile betting systems
  • Dual software for bookie and players interface
  • Virtual sports betting
  • Toll-free support numbers for players
  • Complete access to online bookie account at any time

Mode of Acceptable Payments 

  • Western Union
  • Debit or credit card
  • Bitcoin
  • Money Order
  • Money Gram
  • Gift Cards
  • Bank Wire

How Pay Per Head Help Bookies Run Their Business

Honestly speaking, you’ll have a hard time running a private sportsbook. However, you can become successful by using a pph service. Generally, a pay per head is obtaining onshore bookie supply clients with the post-up offshore online sportsbook. The pph services, in this case, are presumed to be delivered discreetly via online automated sports betting software system. 

Once a bookie becomes an agent of a pph service provider, he’s capable of rivaling key offshore sportsbooks. He must establish a 24-hour betting on a daily basis and should utilize the pay per head system as often as possible. 

Bookies will provide his clients or players with a pin and password while paying the pph company for the service it renders. The service makes the job of a bookie much easier as he is provided with a call center, technical support, as well as all-day unlimited access. The pay per head software makes it possible to access horserace sportsbooks and live casinos. 

The pay per head principle has become popular because of its convenience and time-saving. Its efficiency requires no more dividing of winnings or potential loses with the offshore sportsbook. Bookies will have more time to acquire new players to get more profits. Most bookmakers have proven that the pay per head principle is the most credible strategy in sportsbook enhancement. 

Live-Betting will Keep Going

Technology and software innovation will continue to upgrade along with the sports betting industry. Live-betting is a game-changer compared to traditional pre-game betting where it has drawn a lot of attention. 

Players love live-betting because it’s exhilarating. They can place their bets while the game is happening. Likewise, it eliminates much of the time that bettors spend with pregame handicapping. Bettors can watch the development of the game, read the market and wager progressively in real-time.

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