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Top Online PPH Service Provider in 2018

Employing an online PPH service provider is the best choice for bookies since it can convey a turnkey resolution to their necessities. Having a PPH service provider at your side can help you to instantly have an online presence, can offer your patrons 24/7 access to wagering on sports, and other numerous advantages. With all of these benefits you surely want to hire one and to help you out in choosing, here’s a list of the top online PPH service provider this year:

Top Online PPH Service Provider in 2018


International Data Solutions or simply IDSCA is a well-known pay per head platform. This top online PPH service provider was established in 1997 and was able to create a resilient client base over the past years. Similar to other leading sites, IDSCA offers an all-comprehensive service which lets the customers sign up and all the things will be taken care of.

Being included in the top online PPH service provider list, IDSCA has promised to offer a ground-breaking form of PPH services in the worlds of the casino, sports, bookmaking, and of course betting. It is also worth mentioning that this firm is a one-stop all-inclusive for all kinds of bettors and bookmakers. IDSCA owns distinctive bookmaking management software that will surely give solution for the necessities of the players and bookies. Being one of the novel service providers in this industry, there’s no suspicion that IDSCA will be the best choice for your business.


2. PremierPerHead

The group behind the PremierPerHead is in the PPH industry for more than 20 years. It offers first class customer assistance for you and your customers. This company will also give you an access to the knowledgeable management team that can make your business successful.

This top online PPH service provider offers options to wager on sports all over the world and it also gives a choice to bet ‘in play’. Aside from that, the PremierPerHead is consists of a team of proficient odd makers that can assure you that you’ll stay a step ahead of the bettors.

PremierPerHead also has an access to a completely working casino wherein the gamblers can play the most popular games online any moment they wish to. These games include blackjack, roulette, and poker.


3. Top Pay Per Head

In case you’re searching for a PPH service provider that sets up promptly then Top Pay Per Head is what you’re looking for. You can literally choose which bundle you wanted and then fill out the details needed and sign up. In just a few minutes you’ll already have a custom site that your customers can use.

Top Pay Per Head offers its customers a very innovative betting platform that has a live bookmaking and online casino. This top online PPH service provider has a package that starts from an implausible $4 per month.


4. Lion Pay Per Head

Lion Pay Per Head is somewhat a new player in the industry but this firm makes sure that its services are of the utmost quality. Similar to more reputable companies, this top online PPH service provider is also delivering its customers an all-encompassing Racebook, Sportsbook, and an online casino as well.

In case you wanted to sign up with Lion Pay Per Head you just have to visit its Website and fill out its form. Afterward, one of its managers will contact you to assist you in setting up. Apart from obtaining your first 2 weeks of service free, you’ll also have a customized sportsbook and casino site that you can comprehensively impress your patrons with.

5. 24-7 Bookies

Though there’s a possibility that you haven’t heard of this company, it has been present for quite some time now. Being considered as a top online PPH service provider, this firm has a great structure with extremely safe software and an awesome team behind its services.

Most of the 24-7 Bookies’ customers are fascinated with the total safety of the product and services this company is offering. Apart from that this top online PPH service provider has a wide variety of selections for its patrons which keep them tied up. As what’s assumed from the entire list of best online PPH service providers, this firm lets you have full control of your business all the time.

6. RealBookies

Real Bookies, being on this industry for quite some time now was able to establish a good reputation in the industry. Even though there are inexpensive services coming from other top online PPH service providers, this firm doesn’t advertise itself as the cheapest.

This company chooses to offer its packages at a higher price but it customer service justify the product rates. With that being said, if you’re not trying to look for the cheapest option then, this top online PPH service provider is one of the best options for you.

7. PerHead

PerHead is also a well-established firm; in fact, it was able to receive good reviews making it unquestionably considered as a top online PPH service provider. Similar to other companies that are mentioned above, PerHead also understands that the clients are the most important.

This top online PPH service provider offers outstanding customer support. Aside from that, it also assures that you can construct a profitable firm in a somewhat small period of time.

8. DollarPerHead

DollarPerHead has been considered as a top online PPH service provider as it owns a great substructure that makes sure that its services are fast and safe. In addition, the PPH market does necessitate a great deal of investment from the service providers. This is to guarantee that all of the gambling activities through its software constantly have access to the phone support and most importantly to their accounts. It is worth pointing out that DollarPerHead also capitalized greatly in technology to certify that customers and bettors can depend on a protected and established online service.

9. Sharp Bookies

This top online PPH service provider is somewhat new in this industry compared to the ones mentioned above. But despite that, this company was able to recognize the need for speed and safety in the PPH market. Aside from that, Sharp Bookies’ pricing arrangement works a little bit different from most other PPH service providers.

But then, for smaller operators that have a very limited number of players, it’s another choice that’s worth considering. If you’ll search for PPH reviews then there’s a high chance that you’ll read and see good things about Sharp Bookies.

10. Standard Per Head

Last but definitely not the least among the top online PPH service providers is the Standard Per Head. This pay per head service company was able to make it on the list because of its good service and sound products. By just looking at the company’s reviews, you’ll see how happy and contented their customers are.

This top online PPH service provider has not been in the industry for that long, but despite that, it was able to they create a product that has the most significant features like mobile-friendly gambling, Racebook, fully-functioning sportsbook, casino and the much-in-demand live in-game betting.


This is the list of the best PPH companies for you to choose from. Hopefully, you’re able to pick the top online PPH service provider that can deliver your bookmaking needs and it is also wished that your business will succeed!

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