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Tips For Every Online Gambler: What You Should Know Before Putting Up the Stakes

In this article we will discuss about tips for every gambler for better online betting experience. More and more people are growing their interest in online gambling and most of them are naive about what they are up to. A fast buck would be nice, but the house is not as friendly as you think. Every online gambler should know some basic facts before putting up the stakes.

Tips For Every Online Gambler

Here is some of the information each online punter must possess for smart betting. Additional Tips are available when you visit

Online Blackjack Players Cannot Apply the Cards Counting Strategy

Sharp Blackjack players have a chance to win over the house by applying their skill in counting cards dealt on a deck on conventional casino tables. The strategy involves counting cards by tracking the ratio of high cards to low cards left in the deck. The technique works on Blackjack players giving them the edge over the bank.

Unfortunately, the technique is not the same with Online Blackjack. The deck is shuffled after every hand. If you shuffle the cards that have been dealt back into the deck, it makes the count meaningless and the strategy of counting cards goes down the line.

Basic Strategies Still Apply to Online Casino Betting

Counting cards in blackjack may not apply,  with the deck shuffled after every hand, but the same principles apply to correct hitting and standing moves. 

The correct basic strategy can lower the house’s edge to one percent most of the time. Using common logic or playing on sheer luck can increase the house’s edge by 2% on top of their existing house advantage. The skill is not difficult to learn. Memorization is key to getting the strategy going.

An online gambler will eventually lose in the long run. But don’t shy away from the logic of placing bets smartly and you’ll be entertained by your money’s worth.

The Payback Percentage of Slot Machines

The payback percentage of a slot machine is the percentage of winning that a player will have after a certain number of spins. The percentage has its variance, but it usually falls around seventy-five percent. 

Slot Machines have the theoretical payout percentage return to players, also known as RTP. A program that pays out as winnings from 0% to 99% of the money put in by players. Slotters cannot ascertain the probability of hitting the given combination. Programs could spit out winning combinations 1/10 of the time while other mechanisms display winning slot combos at 1/20 of the time. 

The Payback percentage could be as low as 75% of the wagers tendered or as high as 94% in some instances. Either way, the house wins. In comparison to other games in the casino, a player can calculate the house edge and anticipated payback because of the information involved in prize amounts.

American Roulette has a winning probability of one to 38 and a single number pays the wager of 35 to one. Using arithmetic to calculate the edge gives you 5.26% in favor of the house.

Fairness of Online Casinos to their Players

Authorities put in place official regulation protocols to monitor websites providing online betting services. Government watchdogs provide legal assistance to players and enforce the judgment on betting companies off or online. You can say that online slots and table games are rigged but all legal gambling sites take appropriate measures to ensure that they deliver fair play to their players.

Casino table games utilize Random Number Generators (RGN) to decide the outcome of bets placements. Casinos comply with requirements and carry out regular independent testing of their RGNs with reports to monitoring bodies that will guarantee the safety of players. This ensures players and monitoring bodies that online casinos are not rigged and are completely random.

Thanks to blockchain technology, online gambling is better with the provably fair game feature. This facility allows players to check the randomness of every game outcome. Like most online businesses, casinos want an untarnished reputation to earn the trust and confidence of their customers. A single disservice to a client can cost a casino to collapse, forcing it to shut down. It is noteworthy that online betting businesses are fair to their punters.

Several Online Casino Games are Available for Everyone

These online casino table games are available for free and allow you to play for free. Playing the games for fun is a way of prepping you for real casino games using real money. Playing for enjoyment and for free nurtures the urge to win some real cash. The preparation of playing the games for free develops the desire of winning true money.

Players will be subjugated into thinking that winning in online casinos on table games is a piece of cake. The notion hypes you up, thinking that it is easy to win money from online gambling.

There are plenty of online betting sites that comply with the fairness of their online table games. You can gather information when you log in at

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