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The Surge of Esports Betting in Online Sportsbooks

The driving force that resulted in the surge of esports betting in online sportsbooks are the millennials, Generation Y and Z love esports gaming. The topic on the table for teenagers and a generation higher among friends, is most likely to be e-sports. It’s an opportunity to play with your friends, much less placing their bets on their preferred online sportsbooks.  

Behind this passion for gaming is the incredibly immersive universe of games. Video gaming like DOTA 2 (defence of Ancients), Call of Duty, CS:Global Offensive, FIFA, League of Legends (LoL), Overwatch, and Starcraft 2 among other popular esports videos for betting.

Esports Betting in Online Sportsbooks: Esports Retention of Online Players

An esports organization needs to make sure of its retention of patrons. Maintaining your market base is a challenging task for online sportsbook operators. The wide array of online gaming is the reason why it is getting harder in keeping your customers at bay. 

User satisfaction is key for the upkeep of your esports bettors. Gamblers with satisfying experience in your online sportsbook will come again and place their bets. Also, they will be part of your marketing arm that will invite their friends to play on your betting site, got you covered with the surge of esports betting.


Real-Life Sports Suspended, Betting Arena Turns to E-Sports

The battle of machines takes the queue on video games for FIFA live betting to punters. Fantasy bouts have League of Legends players on their team. In the coronavirus pandemic crisis, video games have grown into popularity for casinos.

Bookmakers would laugh at fellow bookies offering esports wagering lines in their sportsbooks. But after the surge of esports betting in lieu of suspended physical sport and casinos in shutdown mode due to the COVID-19 crisis, odds masters are rushing to integrate this virtual sports into their online sportsbooks. 

It is evident that wagering has declined in the gambling industry. Casinos capped betting companies by the closure of their facilities. Gamblers are getting weary on what to gamble on.. Since March, bettors were into computer games and easily captured digital simulations of soccer, basketball and football, thereby allowing them to bet smartly on their favorite simulated teams.

Esports Betting in Online Sportsbooks

Increasing Esports Betting

Many video game creators are pushing hard in response to the esports betting surge in Europe, where sports betting is everywhere, indicating that 50% of the total wagering since early March has been on e-sports. Some odds masters saw uptrends in e-sports betting of more than 40 times during the same period.

Esports is King

Esports online sportsbook operators confirm that the alternative betting option is the top category and the main drawer in their betting categories. Also, offshore betting companies are cashing in the fad to have a slice of the action brought about by esports betting in online sportsbooks.

Worldwide esports gambling revenue is expected to be twice this year up by $14 billion. Legal sports betting in the United States is spreading after the US Supreme Court  legalized sports gambling in the country. 

“Esports are here to stay. E-sports betting is here to stay, and online sportsbook operators can just see that more clearly with more and more punters being drawn to this betting category.

Existing Trends in Esports Amplified by the Coronavirus

Betting odds options are now in sportsbook offerings beyond simple bets if a professional video game player can beat his opponent. Football and basketball betting still depend on physical athletes. Humans became mere spectators relying their bets on programs designed by software developers.

Global sports books are now offering betting options on total computer programs on soccer matches. For the FIFA 20 video game made by Electronic Arts — computer against computer. In the United States, Sportsbooks ( offering legal fantasy matches in over 40 states) have each offering. New free contests based on programmed games on Madden NFL 20, another product of Electronic Arts.

IDSca offers paid fantasy games for real cash based on conventional top esports contests. For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, by Valve Corporation and League of Legends (LoL), by Riot Games. Paid e-sports contests are now attracting 20 times more customers and 50 times more entries. That’s more than they did before the Pandemic lockdown since March 2020.

As with so many aspects, these trends that were already there long before the esports spike, mostly on the clouds, has the coronavirus responsible for its acceleration.

IDSca will cover esports betting with odds in categorized options for punters to place their bets. Our company offers competitive betting lines with the pay per head software on its sportsbooks. Contact your local bookmaker or call us at (866) 225-5437.

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