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The right bookie software for your business

It is essential to have the right bookie software to succeed in the online betting industry. Bookies have the privilege to choose what is best for their ventures and for their group of punters. The selection process may take time and plenty of aspects to consider before jumping in on the ride for growth and expansion, but it is worth all the wait and patience. Take time to plan and ensure that the bookie software is the right one for you.


How to select the best bookie software


One of the things that happened to the betting industry is its operations brought to the internet. From that time on, the wagering business became a developed online betting industry.


• One of the best ways to choose the perfect bookie software is through its online accessibility with a wide range of sporting events. Sports like NFL (collegiate and professional), NBA, NHL, MLB, Professional Boxing, Major tennis tournaments, Golf, MMA among the local and international sports league around the world.

• Considering the volume of bets coming in from your group of punters, the best bookie software will lighten the workload you carry on your back. This is where you need the services of the bookie software you chose.

• When a bookie sees the betting lines provided by the sports betting software, he has the privilege to adjust them according to his analysis from start to end of the game. The bookmaker knows the betting patterns of his online gamblers than anyone else. Sportsbook companies who allow their bookies to make certain betting line adjustments is a great service provided to betting customers. The gesture will gain more players for your business.

• An efficient bookie software should be safe and secure for the online players. The personal information handed in by the punters must be kept safe from hackers. The identity thieves could use your personal information in other illegal ways to rip money from other unsuspecting customers. Choose the bookie software that has top of the line security measures that could protect you and your online gamblers.

Some betting sites use the “two-factor authentication method.” The bettor needs to enter a special security password upon login to the bookie software.


There are two ways how you receive the special security code


1. You may receive your code via your email within 15 minutes. If a hacker can tap your first login password, the second would be impossible to access; with your email password safe and secure, the code stays safe.

2. Another way to obtain the code is through the Google Authenticator. The app is downloadable to the apple or android mobile devices. Just activate this app and enter the first set of codes on your first login. The code terminates in 15 seconds but you can still get a new one as it generates new passcodes. This is a safer method than obtaining passwords through email.


Look for a bookie software that is in business for a considerable period of time. One of the pioneers in the online betting industry is IDSca. It has a solid experience since its launching; you won’t go wrong in signing up with the sportsbook company. The bookie software provider will be there to assist the bookmakers through their success in the business.


Do a background check on the bookie software before jumping on the bandwagon. Ask around from other bookmakers and rate them according to customer feedback in terms of security, customer service, and technology used in the program. Read reviews about potential pay per head sites. There is plenty of information that could help you decide if the bookie software is the right one for you.


A key factor in choosing the best bookie software is the legality of the organization handling it. A sportsbook and the best software is useless when it is operating illegally. You might end up with your punters abandoning you for a legitimate bookie software to place their bets. Be sure that you choose a legal entity before tying your business with them, it will make or break your business.


Why Bookies must engage with a pay per head bookie software


Bookies are swamped with a million calls through mobile devices and online communication services from his online players. The job is tough especially for a bookie with over 300 bettors under his care. This is the reason why the pay per head bookie software exists.


Some helpful functions the pay per head bookie software does for the bookmaker


•  The best pay per head bookie software provides a customized website for free to its bookmakers. A sportsbook company who asks for a fee to install a customized website is not a sincere bookie software provider. Turn around and ignore this proposed website offer. A true bookie software understands the operations of a bookmaker and will offer the help it can give for the success of the online betting business., including a free customized website.


• An efficient bookie software has a call center manned by experienced agents who are adept at the trade. The call center receptionists will answer your punters’ calls for assistance, directions, and inquiries regarding their betting activities. WIth a volume of 100 to 200 hundred online players, the sportsbook company will assign a personal account manager to help you with the influx of transactions to your bookmaker website.

• The prominent bookie software will take care of the accounting of your transactions throughout the day, itemized on your frequency request. Bets come in and the bookie software has its sectors fully processing your wagers and transactions coming in. Your business will have proper recording and documentation in case you want an hourly summary to monitor the wagering activity of your website. The efficient bookie software will also inform you of any status calling for immediate action.


The bookie software will provide you with the tools to control and lead your business to a profitable direction.


Business tools for bookmaker business as provided by the bookie software


• A user-friendly dashboard where punters need not spend precious time figuring out how to operate the front end solutions of a bookie software. A point and click operation is a smart design for an attractive dashboard.

• A settle alert tool is effective as a financial guardian to control the flow of money in your online betting business. The tool allows bookies to set the amount of money for collection before a player reaches the limit. The business tool informs the bookie that a bettor is nearing his target bet.

• Another effective business instrument is the player activity tracker. This tool monitors the wagering behavior of your punters. It shows what sports they like to place their bets on, the frequency of their online gambling activity, how much they bet shows their strengths and weaknesses as bettors. You can offer them with tips and betting lines that may help in their smart wagering decisions. Their betting patterns could also help in analyzing how your bookie business is doing.

You will also know if your punters are happy with the services you render to your customers. If there are adjustments for your clients in terms of service and the betting lines, their betting behavior will show what they are conveying.


• The report generation tool is a forgotten tool dubbed by most bookies. The pay per head site is a busy location to beat during the gambling hours. Bookies forgot to request an overall report on the business status in a bookie software. Request for this report from the program so you will have an analytic update about your business. Updated bookmakers make effective decisions for their venture in the online betting arena.


IDSca will assist you to succeed in your business. Do avail of the free demo offered to bookies and decide for yourself if IDSca is the best pay per head bookie software for your business. Our website is and we will be glad to accommodate you.

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