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The Online PPH Software Provider You Choose will Make or Break Your Online Betting Business

Searching for “pay per head” on google will lead you into seeing various ads about Pay Per Head companies offered. Prices ranging from $15 to as low as $3 per person are the rates offered. The best part is, they are giving away gifts for a free membership for 6 weeks up to 6 months. The online pph software provider you choose will make or break your online betting business.

There is a saying that goes “cheaper is not always better” and pay per head knows this very well. When you calculate how much it should be per person, always add a little more to the price; is very important if you are planning to be in this industry. 

Unreliable Pay Per Head Companies can Ruin your Business

IDSca has been around for over 20 years and is aware of what  is going on in the sportsbook industry. Our company knows many unreliable businesses that did not accomplish much. From fly by night companies to the successful and biggest names in the betting arena. 

Unreliable betting businesses shattered the dreams of a lot of bookmakers. These bookies failed to do their homework to choose the best and trusted pay per head services in the market. 

These sportsbooks would often suffer system crashes due to bottle necking due to heavy traffic to their websites such as the Superbowl Events. The inferior betting sites would experience failures and interruptions in their operations during the peak hours where heavy betting occurs.

Online PPH Software Provider: The Future of Your Online Betting Business

Pay per Head services would come into a halt and leave the players hanging on where to place their bets. There are scenarios where no one would attend to the client’s queries, like unanswered phone calls and other services required from a sportsbook. The scenario will only foreshadow the future of your sports betting site.

Potential bookmarks who opted for cheap rate sportsbooks will be the one to suffer these consequences from some companies who charge as low as $3 per head. These cheapskates survival probability could be so low or will be delivering inferior services to your bookie website. Remember the phrase, “What you pay is what you’ll get”.  It will only start good with a lot of clients availing the cheap memberships, but the service will be totally different from the ones that are a little bit pricey, but worth every penny. The less you pay, the less service and satisfaction you will get. 

With these prices offered, it would be amazing if they can actually get quality employees working for them. Then again, experienced line managers or staff would see it coming and would not dare work with those companies. Low grade workers who don’t have any experience would land the jobs here. It will be an unhealthy mix of bad service and irate customer base.

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Usual Errors on an Inferior Sportsbook

Incorrect lines being placed could be a probable problem that will occur from these cheap and unreliable pay per head service providers. Hiring cheap line managers will get you these results. You may save money because of their lesser salary, but at the cost of your credibility, quality, and overall business. 

The Sportsbook will have a bombardment of complaints like the inability to make bets due to the website going offline or systems failure caused by high traffic during important sporting events. Events like the World Series, or the NBA Finals will draw all sports bettors to your website and all the data coming in at once will congest the website resulting in disaster. Less or zero bets will be made if this type of issue happens.

The issues mentioned and others complaints are factors that caused other businesses to go bankrupt. Several bookmakers scammed by these cheap pay per head companies broke their online betting businesses. Keep in mind that cheap is not always good, and investing a suitable amount will be worth it in the end. The pay per head software provider you chose will make or break your online betting business.

Unfortunately, there will be no compensation if ever you fall victim to these scheming companies. They are only interested in making easy money; if one of their operations falls apart, they will move on to the next one. They can also make a new pay per head company with a different name. These schemers only care about their own benefits and wouldn’t care less about your problems. 

Background Check Your Potential Pay Per head Company

Always do some quick research if you ever encounter these types of scam online. Ask around or do a little background check before choosing a pay per head service. If your existing client base falls into the wrong hands, it will be difficult to recover. 

The best pay per head company will make it easier for your players to make their bets, or whatever they wish to do. This will help you brainstorm some more ways to make your business better since you won’t handle a lot of the daily operations. Make use of that time to think of better ideas, or expand your customer base.

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