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The need for pay per head for bookies software

The increase of online bettors ushered the need for an innovation to cater the new niche of customers in the online betting industry. Thus, the pay per head for bookies betting platform is now serving the gamblers at a more efficient capacity.

The pay per head for bookies software is just what the gambling arena needs. Bookies can now serve his online punters with the same level of playing field with the established betting sites. Bookmakers need not invest millions of dollars to put up an online wagering company.

Pay per head for bookies betting platforms can offer the same features and betting types as the prominent betting companies in the market. There is no need for bookmakers to invest heavily to establish a betting entity. The pay per head for bookies can compensate all the wagering amenities found in established betting businesses.

The benefits of pay per head for bookies software


Before the pay per for bookies innovation hit the market, bookmakers have a great disadvantage in their task of managing their spots booking venture. The task of an odds master is too much considering that he has to pay for his assistants to run the business. The onset of the pay per head for bookies platform lessened the burden he was carrying over his shoulders.

The pay per head for bookies provides a free customized website for the bookmaker. The odds master can suggest his design of the program provider for his layout and operation platform. The betting company has a pool of software developers and programmers who will undertake the task of providing you the customized wagering site.


The customized website provided by the Sports betting company


Hosting of the pay per head bookie website shall be by the wagering company’s back up system on a reliable and secured Server. Host server shall be on a stand-alone hi-tech pay per head storage system.  


The design of the website must depict the image of authority in the field of online betting. It should be user-friendly to your group. Your punters will not have the time to figure out the complexities of a confusing website. They want to bet and win (or lose), enjoy and have fun. It should also be inviting at first glance to lure in more online players to play in your wagering site. An effective website can bring your pay per head bookie business to the next level when the influx of gamblers begin.

Ensure that the site content is clear and brief with a language that gets through to amateur and professional bettors.


The pay per head for bookies software provides a call center manned by professional agents ready to assist bettors in their inquiries and directions of their betting activity. The prompt customer service response is a big boost to productivity for your business. The call center agents have the email access connection and a chat box for direct contact with the punters. The chat venue responds as soon as they receive your online message. The email respondents usually take within the day to answer your mail.


A bookmaker who has ten or a hundred bettors on a group will have a hard time answering all the calls during the betting process. The pay per head for bookies program can lessen the burden of the task from the bookmakers. They will take care of the job making it a real advantage for the odds master.


The accounting system is one of the heavy tasks that the pay per for bookies business brings. Records must be on-date and properly accounted for by the pay per head for bookies software. The program assures the bookmakers that all betting and payout transactions are appropriately in the proper files respective of the bookies.


The tracking system of players is also a job that the pay per head betting software takes care of in the online betting business. This is a very important task for the bookmaker as it allows him to see the status of the online wagering venture. The pay per head for bookies software can generate the reports as requested by the servicing agent. The odds master can then note on the bettors’ frequent visitations to the website, his betting behavior, and what betting types he uses among other reports generated.


The information that the pay per head for bookies software provides for the bookmaker and his group of online gamblers is essential to the growth of the business. Data like the strengths and weaknesses of opposing teams or athletes, injury reports, personal or team issues that divide the team’s morale and spirit, and other concerns that affect playing performance are changing factors of the games.  Such data will allow punters to make smart bet placements. The service is also a factor that attracts online players to the pay per head for bookies betting site. All information is in real time.


To be a successful bookmaker in your business, you need to have an effective pay per head for bookies software to provide proper online services and customer satisfaction. Combine these two assets and you will see your business grow and expand. More punters will be on your bookie website which will result in more profits and revenues. offers some pay per head for bookies services that will enhance the betting operations.


Tips for a winning pay per head for bookies operations


The pay per head for bookies software should offer excellent features that will boost the business and drives bettors to use your wagering site.


Important features in your pay per head for bookies betting site


Offer significant betting features like the online casinos, horse track racing, live betting, multilingual call center agents, custom toll-free 800 access numbers, experienced customer service, offers a one week trial period and other properties of the betting arena.


A state of the art management software will make your pay per head for bookie betting site secure for more punters to join your group. The program should be responsive and could accommodate the new niche of players using their mobile devices. This new breed of gamblers has taken their betting pleasures through their iPhones and tablets; they can place their bets anytime and anywhere with a reliable internet connection.

A reliable automated software allows the bookmaker to focus on what he should be doing. He should be spending more time on the recruitment of new online gamblers.


The pay per head for bookies software will be providing you with personal account managers. IDSca believes that the success of the bookmaker is also the success of the price per head company. The entity gives full support to its service agents for his growth and expansion thereby providing more revenues for the business.

The account managers will be closely monitoring and tracking the players wagering activity; they will relay the updates regarding the betting patterns to the bookies for your immediate action if anything is due for adjustments. The information allows you to determine when to implement certain limits on the business.


The live wagering is a sought-after feature in the pay per head for bookies software. The punters will have a pleasant experience betting on their favorite teams and players. They will get to see the games unfold before their eyes with continuous betting lines offered throughout the duration of the game. Live betting eliminates the tendency of a cheated game as it happens.


The live betting feature makes your wagering site more competitive with those big companies already in the trade. The feature is to the bookmaker’s advantage as they won’t have to put out money to have this amazing attribute in their program. Punters just love to experience the live action. The live betting experience will level up that excitement brewing inside the online players.


Bookmakers will have the sharpest betting lines available for their punters. The more options and wagering type the more selections your online players will have in their betting activity. As odds masters, the more betting lines available to you, the more money you can earn from these types and for you to get ahead of the game. provides all these services and sees to it that you are well kept and your business has the full support for it to grow and expand. Visit our business site and avail of our one-week free demo and decide to be with our business because you are our business.

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