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The Best Sportsbook for the 2018-2019 NBA Finals

The NBA Season 2018-2019  championships are here and the best sportsbook will cover the best of seven series between the Eastern Conference Champion versus the Western Conference winner. All the hardwork and discipline boils down to this Season NBA Finals. Sports fans are placing their bets on who will take the ring and the best sportsbook are here to take care of the wagers.

The Western Conference Champions

The Western Conference has three divisions in its area namely the Pacific Division, the Northwest Division, and the Southwest Division. Here is the story of how the West was won.

Northwest Division

The Northwest composes of 5 teams. The Denver Nuggets clinched the division title while the Portland Trail Blazers placed second in the area.

W          L

Denver Nuggets                                           54         28

Portland Trail Blazers                                53         29

Utah Jazz                                                      50         32

Oklahoma City Thunders                          49         33

Minnesota Timberwolves                          46        36

Southwest Division

The Southwest teams consist of another 5 teams. The Houston Rockets led in this division with San Antonio Spurs trailing in the number of wins with three teams tied at third place.

Houston Rockets                                         53        29

San Antonio Spurs                                      48        34

Memphis Grizzlies                                      33        49

New Orleans Pelicans                                 33        49

Dallas Mavericks                                         33        49

Pacific Division

The Pacific Division comprises of 5 more teams. The Golden State Warriors is the leader in the Pacific followed by the Los Angeles Clippers.

Golden State Warriors                               57        25

Los Angeles Clippers                                 48        34

Sacramento Kings                                      39        43

Los Angeles Lakers                                    37        45

Phoenix Suns                                               19        63

The Western Conference Teams gave what they got to earn a seat in the top 8 teams to vye for the first round playoffs. Here is the picture of the top contenders for the playoffs in particular order with the ranks 7 and 8 tied in the win/loss scenario.

Golden State Warriors                              57         25

Denver Nuggets                                         54         28

Portland Trail Blazers                              53         29

Houston Rockets                                       53         29

Utah Jazz                                                    50         32

Oklahoma City Thunder                          49         33

San Antonio Spurs                                   48         34

Los Angeles Clippers                               48          34

The Best Sportsbook

The best sportsbook were full of the betting influx in the season matches with 82 games per team. The post season were very exciting as it was during the season matches. The Golden State Warriors defeated the LA Clippers at 4-1 in the quarter final rounds. The Denver Nuggets dropped the San Antonio Spurs by 4-3 in the best of seven series. The Portland Trail Blazers blocked the Oklahoma Thunders by 4-1 and the Houston Rockets overcame the Utah Jazz at a score of 4-1 in the series quarter final. The teams left after the quarter finals elimination are:

Golden State Warriors            vs          Houston Rockets


Denver Nuggets                       vs           Portland Trail Blazers

The Golden State Warriors prevailed at a score of 4-2 in the best of seven series in the semi final rounds while the Denver Nuggets fell to the Portland Trail Blazers in an exciting seven matches at a score of 3-4. The Western Conference Finals were between the Golden State Warriors against the Portland Trail Blazers.

The best sportsbook were quick to capitalize on the handicaps due to players’ injuries. The Warriors have Small Forward Kevin Durant with a calf injury while Power Forward DeMarcus Cousins is out for the season with a torn left quadriceps. The Portland Trail Blazers has Center Jusuf Nurkic with a fractured left leg and is out for the season.

The Golden State Warriors swept the series against Portland Trail Blazers and proclaimed the winner of the Western Conference.

The Eastern Conference Champions

The Eastern Conference has also  three divisions in its area namely the Atlantic Division, the Central Division, and the Southeast Division. Here is the story of the Eastern victor.

Atlantic Division

The Atlantic Division comprises of 5 teams. The Toronto Raptors won the division title while the Philadelphia 76ers followed in the area.

W       L

Toronto Raptors                                          58       24

Philadelphia 76ers                                      51        31

Boston Celtics                                              49       33

Brooklyn Nets                                              42       40

New York Knicks                                         17        55

Central Division

The Central Division has another 5 teams. The Milwaukee Bucks led in this division with Indiana Pacers following in the number of wins.

Milwaukee Bucks                                        60       22

Indiana Pacers                                            48        34

Detroit Pistons                                            33        49

Chicago Bulls                                               22       60

Cleveland Cavaliers                                    19        63

Southeast Division

The Southeast Division comprises of 5 more teams. The Orlando Magic is the leader in in this territory followed by the Charlotte Hornets tied with the Miami Heat.

Orlando Magic                                            42        40

Charlotte Hornets                                      39        43

Miami Heat                                                 39        43

Washington Wizards                                 32       50

Atlanta Hawks                                            29        53

The Eastern Conference Teams have a different story to tell to earn a seat for the playoff rounds. Here is what it looks like with the top 8 contenders in the playoffs in particular order.

Milwaukee Bucks                                       60       22

Toronto Raptors                                        58        24

Philadelphia 76ers                                    51         31

Boston Celtics                                            49        33

Indiana Pacers                                           48        34

Brooklyn Nets                                             42       40

Orlando Magic                                            42       40

Detroit Pistons                                            41        41

The Milwaukee Bucks swept the Detroit Pistons in the best of seven series in the first rounds of the playoffs at a score of 4-0. The Orlando Magic managed to get a win before the Raptors pinned them down at a score of 4-1. The Philadelphia 76ers followed with a 4-1 best of seven series by knocking out the Brooklyn Nets while the Boston Celtics made fast work of the series by sweeping the Indiana Pacers at a score of 4-0. These are the teams who battled in the semi final rounds.

Milwaukee Bucks                vs             Boston Celtics


Toronto Raptors                  vs            Philadelphia 76ers

The Milwaukee Bucks triumphed over the Boston Celtics at 4-1 while the Toronto Raptors beat the Philadelphia 76ers that went a distance of 4-3 in the semi final rounds.

The Toronto Raptors went on to upset top seed Milwaukee Bucks at a series score of 4-2 to clinch the Easter Conference Champion Title.

The Best Sportsbook are ever ready to accept bets for the NBA 2018-2019 Season Finale between the Toronto Raptors against the Golden State Warriors. IDSCA is the best sportsbook to place your bets with in this closing finals round of the NBA League. For best results visit our website at for more information. Call us at (866) 225-5437 for further details.   

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