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Tatsuro Taira vs Kleydson Rodrigues 6/24/2023 Analysis, Game Tips and Picks

Tatsuro Taira vs Kleydson Rodrigues 6/24/2023 Analysis, Game Tips and Picks

On Saturday, June 24, 2023, Tatsuro Taira will compete against Kleydson Rodrigues at UFC Jacksonville. Taira is listed at -300 on the moneyline, while Rodrigues is at +240.

Tatsuro Taira has a 13-0-0 record for his whole career. The 23-year-old is 5’7″ tall and weighs 125 pounds. The traditional combatant reaches 70. Kleydson “KR” Rodrigues weighs 125 lbs. and has a height of 5’5″. The orthodox boxer enters the Octagon with an 8-2-0 record. The 27-year-old possesses a 67-inch wingspan. Tatsuro Taira scores 2.79 significant strikes per minute, while Kleydson Rodrigues scores 6.00 significant strikes per minute. Taira connects on 64% of his key throws, compared to Rodrigues’ 61%. Regarding their defense in the cage, “KR” absorbs 3.00 major strikes per minute compared to Taira’s 1.05 per minute. Rodrigues can block 49% of the shots sent his way, whilst Taira can save 54% of the important blows his opponents try.

Tatsuro Taira is a more skilled grappler than the competition, scoring a takedown 2.62 times every 15 minutes. Taira stuffs 60% of all takedown attempts made by his opponent while completing 35% of his own efforts. On 25% of his takedown attempts, Rodrigues puts his opponents on the ground, and on 66% of his opponent’s takedown attempts, he successfully blocks them. Taira, who has greater experience, attempts 3.7 submissions per 15 minutes, compared to Rodrigues, who attempts 1.0 submissions per three rounds.

Tatsuro Taira defeated Jesus Aguilar in his final outing in the Octagon through a triangle armbar in round 1. In that battle, Aguilar threw two blows, two of which connected. Taira won this battle by connecting on five out of five possible blows. Aguilar made two out of two big strikes, giving him a 100% success rate. By the time the battle was over, he had delivered no noteworthy blows to the head. Regarding the opponent’s statistics, Taira was 100% successful with his important strikes, connecting on 1 of 1. He hit the target in the head with one of the key hits, which was also accurate. Aguilar delivered big strikes from a distance 100% of the time, whereas Taira delivered significant strikes 0% of the time.

Tatsuro Taira vs Kleydson Rodrigues 6/24/2023 Analysis, Game Tips and Picks

Kleydson Rodrigues fought Shannon Ross in his final Octagon debut, defeating Ross in round one with punches to the body. Rodrigues hit 64% of the important blows he attempted from a distance, whereas Ross connected on 100% of his significant attempts. Ultimately, Rodrigues made 14 of 22 important blows, landing 63% of them. Of the 16 big hits targeted at the head, eight were successful. Ross eventually scored one of the game’s four major strikes. He failed to hit any of the one-head shots he attempted despite having a good strike accuracy. Ross landed 1 of the 4 total strikes thrown in the match, whereas Rodrigues finished with 16 of the 24 total strikes he threw.

Tatsuro Taira vs Kleydson Rodrigues. Both Kleydson Rodriguez and Tatsuro Taira have accomplished a lot. The opponents are almost equal in strength in the rack, but the Japanese is slightly more skilled on the canvas. However, provided Rodriguez does not commit any grave errors throughout the fight, at least two rounds of action may be anticipated.

The longer the battle lasts, the more success Taira will have in taking Rodrigues down. When his opponents come at him, Taira is exceptionally skilled at meeting the hips, using the momentum to round the corner or cut the opposite way and clinch the back.

Expect Taira to withstand a storm since Rodrigues is a monster in the first round. However, Taira has a lot of calm, a quality a fighter has to cope with Rodrigues. Early on, I anticipate a tight battle, with Taira profiting from positional superiority as Rodrigues’ strength wanes.

Prediction: Tatsuro Taira to win

UFC Jacksonville, Florida

Venue: VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, FL

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Time: 12:00 PM ET


Total: Over(1.5)


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