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Swirling NBA Rumors: Dallas Mavericks Insider Reveals Strategic Move For Clint Capela

Swirling NBA Rumors: Dallas Mavericks Insider Reveals Strategic Move For Clint Capela

The Dallas Mavericks upgraded the center position as one of their summer objectives. Even while it hasn’t happened yet, the Mavericks have apparently not given up and haven’t stopped trying. In his most recent stack, NBA insider Marc Stein has attempted to push three teams into a deal that would earn them Clint Capela. Pascal Siakam would be transferred from the Toronto Raptors to the Atlanta Hawks as part of the deal.

Dallas Mavericks Pursuit Intensifies: Insider Reveals Mavericks Eyeing Clint Capela in Thriving Trade Rumors

Stein claims that Dallas attempted to negotiate a deal for Capela in June, but the Mavericks balked at giving up Josh Green. To complete the transaction with the Hawks, Stein suggested that possibly the Raptors would be prepared to acquire Capela and then reroute him to Dallas. After signing Jakob Poeltl again this summer, the Raptors don’t really need another expensive center. Two years and $43 million remain on Capela’s deal.

Dallas may use Christian Wood as a sign-and-trade bait to encourage the Hawks or Raptors to include them in a deal for Capela. Wood is an unrestricted free agent, and it would seem that the Mavericks have no interest in re-signing him.

Stein said that if such a scenario arises, “league sources say Dallas has not ruled out participating in a sign-and-trade deal that lands Christian Wood with a new team.”

It has been reinforced to me that the Mavericks would have to really like the guy they acquire in exchange to participate in such a transaction since they are already hard-capped and are just $9 million and change away from hitting the NBA’s first luxury-tax threshold.

Similar to Capela, Wood’s decision to visit Toronto seems absurd. The Hawks are ensuring that Dejounte Murray will continue to be Trae Young’s running partner for the foreseeable future since they appear to want to make a meaningful postseason push.

Therefore, it would be a major victory for Atlanta if it could sign both Siakam and Wood. Siakam and Wood would be a vast improvement over Capela and John Collins, a team that has struggled for several seasons

Dissecting the Mavs Trade Deal on its Impact and Implications

The three-team prospective transaction is quite complicated. Does Toronto truly want to part with Siakam? This is the key question that has to be addressed. The answer looks to be no as of right now. However, things might change as the year goes on and Siakam prepares to hit the free market next summer.

Do the Hawks have enough resources to convince Toronto to part with Siakam? The two-time all-star is allegedly a target for the Indiana Pacers and Orlando Magic.

The main attraction of the previously proposed deal with Toronto was supposed to be De’Andre Hunter. A.J. Griffin and Kobe Bufkin, two extremely young shooters, are also in Atlanta. The Atlanta Hawks already have the first-round pick for 2024, but owing to earlier transactions, they might not get it again until 2028. They have a lot of trade exceptions, including a $25.6 million exception they got in the Collins deal from Utah.

In the end, if the Mavericks were to get Capela, they would be serious title candidates. The Mavs’ first reliable center since Kristaps Porzingis would be Capela. The 6-10 center is incredibly effective but has a little attacking repertoire. Although Capela is an excellent rebounder and shot blocker, his overall defensive play has been worse.

Exploring the Star-Studded Dallas Mavericks Roster

Dallas allegedly has more plans for their squad, even if Capela cannot be traded. Tim Hardaway Jr. is reportedly a target for the Mavericks. JaVale McGee is not anticipated to be on the Mavericks roster when the season begins.

Following the signing of first-round selection Olivier-Maxence Prosper, Dallas now has 14 players on standard contracts. Prosper and fellow first-round pick Dereck Lively II certainly pleased the Mavs throughout the summer league, despite it being uncertain what role they would play this year.

Lively will arrive. He is capable. He’ll start at center for the Mavericks one day, according to summer league coach Jared Dudley, who spoke to O-Max is standing there. It’s simpler for the three-and-D players to transition. He’s a bull charging at you on offense. He needs to make a few better decisions when he is in the paint. But I’m pleased with what they did, as are the Dallas Mavericks.

According to Michael Scotto of Hoopshype, the Mavericks are searching the free agency market for a new forward and upgrading their center. According to Scotto, the Mavs have expressed interest in Derrick Jones Jr. and Kelly Oubre Jr.

Oubre is a superb three-level scorer who can play various positions and is a strong defender. He is a great rebounder but can become overly attached to the three. Jones, meanwhile, is a slasher who relies heavily on defense. Although Jones is a much better “3-D guy” than Oubre, he struggles to make shots from beyond the arc.

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