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State of the Art Bookie Software: A Pillar of the Online Betting Industry

In the search for the right wagering program, it is best to opt with a betting platform that has a state of the art bookie software. Bookmakers can review the feedback and comments of panelists screening the benefits and advantages of pay per head program suppliers and their products. The review will give you some of the information needed in the selection process.


Starting a Sportsbook with a State of the Art Bookie Software


When all is set and the moment comes to choose a high tech bookie software, consider the following factors for your option of the right pay per head  program:


Hardware Reliability and Performance

Make sure that the betting site does not crash on a football Sunday. When a website fails from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on its peak betting hours on a  weekend, the betting software and hardware are not as reliable as the operators claim it to be. Try to place some bets and see what happens to the system. If the system fails on that trial, it is not a reliable pph program.


A betting company like IDSca has the technology backing up its network system that ensures the continuous operation of its facilities. In case of a system failure, our backup system takes over avoiding operation downtime, especially on peak betting hours.


Our hardware appropriates far more data it can handle during peak betting hours, thereby delivering unhampered betting pleasure to our players over the cloud infrastructure. The IDSca betting network has multi-layer protection to thwart away the Denial of Service (DoS) attack.


Part of the security system is the backup of data if ever a systems crash occurs. Your data is secure in case a tragedy occurs. We store data in a safe place where it will be available after the system’s network returns to normal.


Key Card Access

The IDSca system is accessible through key card access for total security control; it has a 24 hour  CCTV monitoring capability of all its facilities. IDSca management limits its personnel near the equipment. Only authorized people have access to the betting platform’s security system. Employee supervision is onsite with no outsourced contracts involved in our job descriptions.


Professional Employees

IDSca has a team of competent computer engineers and software developers that oversee the network infrastructure 24/7. The team sees to it that they could detect a problem before it happens thereby avoiding downtime and opportunity lost among bookmakers and online players. The group continuously works to improve the program for the wagering platform to serve its punters better.


Mobile Betting Accessibility

A state of the art bookie software is not complete without the mobile devices access to its wagering platform. A betting company must ride the trend of accommodating mobile gadgets to increase the number of millennials going for mobile placement of wagers. Another thing punters like about mobile access is that they could place their bets anytime and anywhere on the go. The action saves time and players could place their bets in an instant as long as there is a stable internet connection. Experts believe that mobile betting will be the mode of gambling in the future.


Access to the Betting Platform

If the wagering company is not accessible 24/7/365, then it has an inferior betting platform. Betting sites cannot qualify to have a state of the art bookie software if the accessibility has limits to its odds masters and gamblers. Round the clock availability of your bookie betting site will help your online business grow by increasing the number of gamblers tapping on it for their gambling pleasures.


Market studies show that by 2020, gamblers using the online pay per head booking software will have a 45% share in the gambling industry. The pph programs will boost the year-round access as it will remain open 24 hours a day.


Availability of Wagering Software Business Tools


Betting companies provide the necessary business tools to help bookmakers manage their pph programs efficiently. The business betting apps are part of the state of the art bookie software making the life of the odds masters easier and more productive. The instruments will inform and signal bookmakers to help the funds stay in the black on their financial operations.


The business tools will provide critical information to the bookmakers; they will then have the information to base their studies and analysis that will lead their interests to more income and profit.

state of the art bookie software

An Online Sportsbook Solution


The best pph program has a state of the art bookie software that allows you to operate with flexibility. The betting software has a centralized operating parameter that lets the bookmakers take control of their businesses while doing the recruitment of more players to their sites. The feature does not only mean doing it on the tasks of the odds master, but it also means that the state of the art bookie software has interfacing capabilities with other mediums of connectivity. These gadgets include the smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The flexibility attribute also means that it can operate with other gambling products of the betting company like the online casinos and horse racing platforms.

These solutions can lead to cost savings that can help the state of the art bookie software to grow and deliver more services to its players. Building an independent pph bookie site is costly if you do it on your own. But the latest advancement in internet technology applied to sportsbook companies make it possible to operate on a pph program. Operating a betting program is now possible with features at par with established betting sites in the market. What is amazing with this incentive is that the bookmakers will not be spending for the features of a state of the art bookie software.


The best pph programs are free and provided for by the wagering institutions. These firms understand that providing a pay per head software is an incentive given to its bookies. If a betting company charges an odds master for a pph program, it is a scam. Stay away from these scheming offers.


Bookmakers doing operational tasks manually used to hire multiple agents to do the job. A pph software from the best supplier can do the traditional jobs in full automation saving your funds paid to the hired personnel. The program will give the bookmaker more time to implement the recruitment strategy which is his primary job in the first place.


Being on the state of the art bookie software makes it easy for an odds master to earn a decent income. The thousand of betting options offered daily in a wide array of sporting events worldwide will allow bookmakers to earn more using a pph program. Included in the local and international events are NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, National Soccer League, Volleyball, Rugby, Boxing, MMA, Tennis, Golf, Cricket, the Olympics, and other sports competitions.


Our betting platform offers odds updated every second on the competitive games on the bookie website. Everything is in automation that provides immediate reports to bookmakers for payouts to the winners of their bets. Generation of reports is available in the back-end office.


The design of the state of the art bookie software improves the control and efficiency of the business. A growing betting website will need the apps of a pph program with the advanced technology at its backbone. The automation of a pph program spares bookmakers from the menial administrative tasks that take most of their time with hundreds of players to accommodate and deliver their bookie services.


Operating the pph betting site manually could result to clerical errors that can be costly to the sportsbooks. The automated betting network will increase your players with the services they will be having during their betting activities.


IDSca is constantly developing its software and hardware technologies to keep abreast with modern changes in the online wagering industry. Take a look at our website at and know the services we have for your betting pleasure.


Call us at 1-866-255-5437 for a free trial. Be on the best pph program with the state of the art bookie software. Be with IDSca.

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