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Best Pay Per Head Site: Smart Bookies Choice

The latest trend in technology makes a bookie’s task easier to bear but maintaining a book is the difficult part. This is the main reason why you need to look for the best pay per head site to help you become a successful bookie.

Your sportsbook business might have flourished constantly with all the influx in activities. However, there’s a possibility that the majority of your total company profit originated from booking action during the football season. 

No matter what your present business status is including your future plans, you must do what most bookmakers do to stay in the business. Smart bookies choose the best pay per head sites to maintain a lucrative business that will continue to operate for many decades.

What is the Best Pay Per Head Site Offer?

Whether you’re already operating a bookie business or just starting up, you’ll need the help of the best pay per head sites. In the end, you’ll be thankful that you took advantage of the services offered to have a money-making sportsbook venture. 

Many pay per head companies claim that they are the best pay per head sites in the industry. Don’t be confused, rather,  check if they have the following features or services and you’ll never go wrong. 

Betting Software

The most significant advantage that the best pay per head site provide is betting software. This comes with a fee in exchange for the service used by the bookies and bettors. It provides a wide-ranging betting solution for bookies while it lets players log into a risk-free and secure system. They can manage and place their bets at any time and anywhere they want.

Remarkably, bookies don’t have to be bound to his smart devices for taking bets. They can depend on their easy to navigate bookie betting software to manage bets. Bookies, on the other hand, will have more time to focus on enlarging his sportsbook business.


Best pay per head services charge for every active player for a specific week. Most pay per head companies impose a fixed fee of $10 per player. This fee allows bookies to access all of the features of the system. 

The cost can be an aspect of the number of active players that make actions. Some of the best pay per head site give bookies the opportunity to bargain a per head fee. Also, others will reduce their fee for players that pay using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 

Never settle on a pay per head fee that’s too cheap because you might be getting poor service. Don’t get caught in the “You get what you pay for” dilemma. Also, check if they have hidden fees.

On the other hand, you must also think twice on pay per head companies that impose pricey fees. Are the services they offer worth it? Usually, the best pay per head sites charge a minimum fee of $10 or more based on the kind of services or features they provide. 

IDSCA is one of the best pay per head sites and it’s worth finding out its cool and awesome service and features that can do wonders for your bookie business.

Best Pay Per Head Site


Without the daily reports, bookies won’t be able to keep track of your business, whether it’s generating profits or losing money. Bookies are supplied with a magnificent system and tools that turn on reports, monitor any trends, analyze data, and manipulate the operation in the office or even in the comfort of your home. 

The best pay per head sites likewise enables bookies to access the backend of their system and regulate wager limits, allow or disallow betting options, and a lot more. Bookies who want a financially rewarding solution should be looking for the best pay per head sites that offer extra great features that can boost their business.

Various Games and Sports Events

Most bookies are passionate about sports and running your own bookie business makes you feel that you remain involved in the game. But keep in mind that sports are just some of what you can offer to players across the globe. The best pay per head sites can provide the service you need that offers to wager on everything from basketball to tennis to football and many more. 

You’ll find the a great diversity in sports events and games in the best pay per head sites. Players will always look for something to them amused while winning from their bets at the same time.

The best pay per head sites usually includes in their bookie’s pph fee the poker, racebook, and casino features. Most customers like to play Blackjack, Online Slots, Baccarat, and Roulette. 

The best pay per head sites enable bookies to operate a huge number of racetracks. Bettors can play in private poker rooms, take advantage of casino games, and many more. Choosing IDSCA as one of the best pay per head sites can provide your customers to opt from a wide range of markets.

Device and Friendly User-Interface 

Most of the best pay per head sites won’t be left behind because they use the most innovative procedure in terms of services. Players can use their devices to place their bets at any time of the day and night wherever they are.  They can also speak to a real person if needed. 

Free Trial or Demo

Most often than not, the best pay per head sites offer a free trial or demo of their services. This allows bookies to see what kind of service they are getting into before they commit. Don’t sign up with a pph service that does not offer a free trial or demo. You can already figure out why. 

Financial Safety Measures

Financial safety measures must be an urgency among the pay per head websites. This should protect your records and your clients using the most recent encryption software. They must be able to protect all of the data they acquire. Moreover, be mindful that they have no need for your clients’ information unless they are up to no good. In case, they ask for such pertinent information, then that pay per head site is not the right one for you. 

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