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Raoni Barcelos vs Miles Johns 6/17/2023Tips, Odds and Predictions

Raoni Barcelos vs Miles Johns 6/17/2023Tips, Odds and Predictions

On June 17, 2023, Raoni Barcelos and Miles Johns will square off at UFC Vegas 75. Barcelos is favored at -150, but Johns is predicted to win at +185.

Brazilian mixed martial artist Raoni Barcelos competes in the bantamweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). On August 18, 1987, he was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Barcelos was noted for his furious fighting style, powerful striking, and great grappling abilities.

Barcelos started his martial arts training at an early age, studying judo, boxing, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, among other styles. Later, he changed to professional MMA, where he made his debut in 2012. Barcelos attracted the attention of the UFC and made his promotional debut in February 2018 because to his strong track record of achievement in local promotions.

Raoni Barcelos has continuously displayed his skills inside the Octagon since joining the UFC. He boasts a diverse range of abilities, mixing strong hitting with precise grappling. Explosive punches, deadly leg kicks, and deft combinations make up his striking style, which has resulted in multiple knockout victories. Barcelos is a proficient Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner who excels in grappling control and smooth submissions on the ground.

Bantamweight competition was fierce during Barcelos’ UFC tenure. He fought illustrious opponents and achieved outstanding victories. His victories over Chris Gutierrez, Carlos Huachin, and Timur Valiev are among his significant triumphs. Barcelos has demonstrated his ability to rise to the top of the bantamweight standings with each victory.

Barcelos, who is renowned for his tenacious work ethic and devotion to his trade, keeps developing as a boxer with each battle, polishing his techniques and raising his level of competition. He is a force to be reckoned with in the UFC’s bantamweight division and has the ability to have a big future effect because to his explosive style and tenacity.

Raoni Barcelos has a record of 17-4-0 going into the octagon. The 36-year-old is 5’7″ tall and weighs 135 pounds. The traditional combatant reaches 67.” Miles “Chapo” Johns is 135 lbs. and has a height of 5’7″. The orthodox boxer hopes to increase his record, which is at 13-2-0. The 29-year-old’s arms are 66 inches long. Raoni Barcelos connects on 5.69 important strikes per minute, while Miles Johns scores 3.63 significant strikes per minute. Johns lands 48% of his big blows, compared to 52% for Barcelos. In the ring, Barcelos takes 5.06 significant strikes per minute while “Chapo” gives up 2.85. Johns can deflect 69% of the bullets sent at him, and Barcelos can deflect 61% of hallmark blows.

Raoni Barcelos, who can score a takedown 1.63 times per 15 minutes, is the better grappler in the takedown category. Barcelos stuffs 93% of the takedown attempts made by his opponents while scoring a takedown on 41% of his attempts. Johns successfully avoids 92% of all takedown attempts made by his adversaries while successfully bringing his opponents down on 19% of his takedown attempts. When it comes to going for the finish, Barcelos is the better of the two fighters, attempting 0.4 finishes per three rounds compared to Johns’ 0.2 attempts every fifteen seconds.

Raoni Barcelos lost to Umar Nurmagomedov in his previous match after taking a blow to the head in the opening round. In the fight, Nurmagomedov released 51 total blows, 36 of which were hits. In all, Barcelos connected on 14 of his 25 blows to end the bout. In terms of meaningful strikes, Nurmagomedov scored 36 out of 51, or 70%. Of the 32 big hits he made during the last round, 20 of them were directed towards the head.

Regarding the opponent’s statistics, Barcelos stuck 13 of 24 big blows, landing 54% of them. He made 6 out of 17 head-directed blows with significant precision. Nurmagomedov connected on 97% of his big blows and Barcelos connected on 76% from a distance.

Raoni Barcelos vs Miles Johns 6/17/2023Tips, Odds and Predictions

Miles Johns defeated Vince Morales in his final match by unanimous decision in round three. Johns made 100% of his successful attempts at major strikes from a distance, compared to Morales’ 92% success rate. Johns connected on 38 of 103 major strikes, or 36% of his attempts. Out of 92 major headshots, he connected with 28 of them. In the bout, Morales hit on 39 of his 131 important blows. He connected 28 of 112 of those powerful blows that were aimed at the head. Johns hit on 45 of 110 of the total strikes he tried, while Morales was 47 of 139 in terms of the strikes he fired throughout this match.

Miles Johns vs. Raoni Barcelos. While Johns lands 3.63 important strikes and takes 2.85, Barcelos throws greater volume than Johns, landing 5.69 of them. I anticipate it to be a foot battle between Barcelos and Johns because of their excellent takedown resistance. Barcelos is sluggish and will be open to being struck, therefore Johns will be able to make the better shots.

Raoni Barcelos vs Miles Johns. Barcelos has the fight to lose if he still has something left in the tank. As his wrestling has repeatedly failed in the Octagon, Johns is too terrified to throw anything more harmful than a jab. Johns is completely outclassed by Barcelos’ speed, power, hitting style, and grappling abilities. Even if we accept that Barcelos’ advanced age and recent knockout loss lessened his edge, it would be difficult to argue that he is superior than Johns in any way. Basically, he uses his jab to dominate the fight before delivering the bomb down the stretch.

Prediction: Barcelos via third round technical knockout.

Barcelos should be around a -150 favorite, so to get Johns at +185 makes it a play.

UFC Vegas 75 Best Bet: Raoni Barcelos -150

Location of the fight: UFC APEX, Las Vegas, NV

Date and Time: Saturday, June 17. 10:00 PM ET



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