Price Per Head Back-up Free Trial Offer per head bookie service provider is giving a free week trial to any local bookie. We also recommend this for setting up a back up for players in the event the current pay per head service has any operating issues in the upcoming football betting season.

With our special offer of a back-up office, local bookies can set up their entire package, but if they just want to keep us as a back-up, that’s ok. We will keep all of your accounts set up and ready to go at a moments notice.

A dedicated website and toll free number will be held just for emergencies, and our local bookie back-up and is ideal for large packages when an emergency occurs.

Local bookies have been around for decades and the online pay per head sports betting service is the ideal tool for them to bet able to manage all of their customers, limits, wager types, access and to follow their action. Most locals have a minimum wager limit to cover the cost of the price per head service, but others allow $5 and $10 bets as long as the volume is there.

The 2014 Hall of Fame game starts off the college football betting season this Sunday and local bookies are making sure they are ready for the action. Of course MLB betting is still happening currently, but the difference of betting volume is like night and day. In fact some local bookies don’t even take baseball betting, or limit the parlay payouts and underdogs.

A free trial will give any local bookie a chance to test out the software, familiarize himself with the agent reporting, verify the accuracy of the lines, and test just how good the wagering clerks and the customer service staff are on the phone.

So whether your other pay per head agent has a famed Soprano actor on its front page, or offers you a service at almost next to nothing, it’s always going to be better if you’re prepared for anything by getting your back-up price per head service provider today with