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Our price per head services offers quite a bit. You get lines that are the sharpest and fastest in the industry. Moreover, you get the best lines in the industry, too. You have real, live in-game wagering for all different kinds of sports. However, one of the biggest things that our sportsbook offers is freedom. With our fully mobile optimized site, you have incredible freedom to live how you want while still running a very successful sportsbook. Part of that is because your players will have plenty of freedom, too. In this blog, we’ll go over how this freedom allows you to bring in more players than ever before.

Price Per Head Service, Not Just for Desktops

We’ve been offering online bookie software for decades. Since the late 90s, we’ve been providing the kind of top quality software that allows bookies to be more successful. However, the definition of “top quality” changed quite a bit over the last two decades. In the old days, you had to be on a computer to use our online bookie software. That was the only way that you could set up your sportsbook, check it, and so forth. So, that meant you could only work when you were on your computer.

By that same token, it meant that your players had to be on their computer, too. So, if they wanted to get a bet down and watch a game, they were doing one (or both) of those activities out of the corner of their eye. Some players were comfortable getting a bet down from work (but not all of them) which meant that some people would only be able to bet once they were at home. Those restrictions could significantly cut down on the players you could get as well as how often they would play. With advancements in online bookie software, those days are gone.

Mobile Optimization

Now, with smartphones, you can open your online bookie software on any mobile device. More importantly, your site can open up completely on any mobile device. If you’ve ever tried to open up an online sportsbook (or really, any other kind of site) that doesn’t fully load on your mobile device, you know what a pain that can be. Maybe you can’t see all of the content, perhaps some of the links can’t be clicked on, and the entire thing is difficult and unwieldy to use, at best. You and your players don’t have to worry about any of that with our IDSCA site.

Instead, when your players come to our site, they’ll be able to open up quickly and easily. Everything will be right there for them, which eliminates the frustration. They’ll be able to see everything on your site the moment they open it, giving you (and them) everything that they’ll need. When we say that our site is “fully mobile optimized,” we don’t just mean that it’s mobile optimized for players. It’s mobile optimized for bookies, too.

Price Per Head Services Anywhere

Empowered Bookies

That means that you’ll be able to check it on any mobile device, so long as you have a quality internet connection. You’ll be able to update your lines, follow the games, and make your sportsbook whatever you want it to be from anywhere. That’s what makes running your own sportsbook with us such a good side hustle. You can fit it into your life how you want it to. As your site can be altered at any time (essentially from anywhere) it fits into your schedule.

For example, say that you work a typically 9 to 5 office job five days a week. You don’t have a lot of time during the day to sit down and deal with your sportsbook. IDSCA is designed so that you don’t have to. You can check it at lunch, during your downtime, and more. You can look at it while you’re on public transportation, or in the back of a rideshare. Then, when you really want to sit down with it, when you have some free time, you can.

When you take the kids out to a party or their class, you can wait in the car and update your sportsbook. You can do it after dinner, or while the TV is on in the background. Instead of simply having wasted time, you can make something of that time. You can bring additional money in during times that you simply weren’t able to before. This kind of freedom can give you the power to bring in more money than ever before for the things that you want.

If you get up early before the rest of the family (or stay up later than them) you can work on your sportsbook. You can do while out on a nice walk or hike, or even while waiting in line at the bank, post office or anywhere else. We’ve heard stories of bookies updating their sportsbook while they’re in the long lines at amusement parks, the backs of taxis, or even while tailgating for the games themselves. With IDSCA, you have the freedom to live your life how you want.

Empowered Players, Too

Of course, that freedom isn’t just for the bookies – it’s for the players, too. Just as you can update your sportsbook from anywhere, they can get a bet down anywhere, too. This really comes in handy for our bookies and our players. Many of the players aren’t the most devout fans, but they are people who are into the games. So many players have been out somewhere, forgotten about the game, then were reminded about it from people talking about it.

In the past, that person wouldn’t have been able to get a bet down.  As they wouldn’t have had time (or the inclination) to go home/leave wherever they were and then sit down and bet on the game. But, with IDSCA, they don’t have to do any of that. Instead, they can just open their phone, tablet or any other kind of mobile device, press a few buttons and get a bet down. That’s it. They can even do it in the middle of conversation. Then, that’s more potential money in your pocket.

For further freedom, we offer in-game wagering. This is just as revolutionary, and it makes for even more players to be able to bet than before. In the past, there was no way to bet in-game. Once the game started, that was the end of the betting. However, with this new feature, people can bet that might have even forgotten about the game until game time. Instead of being locked out, this is a whole new way to attract new players.

This can come in very handy with the arrival of baseball season, particularly early in the year. Cities like Pittsburgh, Seattle, Cincinnati and more tend to have quite a bit of rainfall in April. Should there be a delay after an inning or two, your players can still get a bet down. This can be particularly advantageous: after all, baseball teams rarely let the starter come back out if they’ve been sitting for an hour or two in a delay. So, if there was a bad pitching matching up for one team, it could be something totally new by the time the game starts up again.

We’ve made our system to be as responsive as possible to people’s lives. That’s what IDSCA is all about: bringing in more players than ever for our bookies. We see our bookies as business partners. When they’re successful, when they make money, it’s better for us. We want them to be as successful as possible, which is why we’ve given them all the tools they need to have a successful online sportsbook. For more information or to start a free trial, head here or call us at (866) 225-5437.

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