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Tennis betting provided by different price per head platform offers different types of betting. You will have many betting types to choose from to make the game exciting. With the right information provided by an efficient price per head betting platform, you could analyze and make a calculated risk with the bets you place.

You can bet on your favorite tennis players and choose from the betting odds offered on all professional tennis tournament around the world. The competitions include the four Grand Slam events namely The Australian Open, The French Open, The Wimbledon, and the US Open.

The surface played upon by the tennis tournament players is a significant attribute that affects the playing skills of the sports swingers. Skills mostly vary from court surface to another. Like Rafael Nadal’s bastion for his game is the clay court surface while Federer’s talent excels on grass courts. The price per head platform delivers you the information as to who is playing well on the Hardcourt called the Rebound Ace in the Australian Grand Slam Open at Melbourne Park, Victoria, Australia.

Different skill sets are needed to compete in the clay surfaces of the French Open Grand Slam Tennis Competitions. The price per head platform supplies the players who are good at the different clay courts of the tournament. Rafael Nadal rules the clay courts at the moment winning the contest earlier this year at the Roland Garros in Paris, France.

The third Grand Slam Tennis Tournament of the year is the Wimbledon Tennis Championships held at the All England Club in Wimbledon. The different court surface of this tournament is the outdoor grass courts. The price per head platform will also have a feature informing the bettors who are the better players in the field. Grass courts are the fastest type of tennis playing surfaces. The clay courts at the Roland Garros are the slowest while the hardcourts at the Australian and US Open falls in between these two surfaces.


Choosing the right Price per head platform for you

Choosing the best price per head platform could be tricky. An effective price per head platform has 24/7 support for its clients by phone, email, chat messages, and a company rep on standby to receive queries and suggestive help.

  • A right price per head platform has live access to over 1000 events on its site. The connectivity of the platform is vital for bookies and bettors that delivers more engagement on the teams the punters are rooting for assistance in times of need. ¬†
  • The best price per head platform has the protection of the DDoS Security for continuous service delivery to its clients. A DDoS attack means that legitimate users will have the difficulty of entry into the data files of the platform thereby disallowing the software from serving its bettors.
  • The price per head platform should not be high priced to get into the business of sports line betting. Some platforms are unreasonable that they eat into the profits and revenues of the bookmakers.
  • The best price per head platform should have “settle alert” feature in its software. The feature allows the bookie to set collectibles and payables indicators to bettors before the bets reach its limits.
  • The price per head platform should provide a detailed summary of all sports, tournaments, leagues, bet types, volume, bet counts wins, and losses available for the bookies.The bookies will be comparing these data and recommending them to punters for additional bankrolling of funds.
  • The mass editing feature should be available so the bookmakers can set the maximum betting limits to all gamblers at once. This tool is a significant feature, to have control and avoid the errors in the pph management.

In the recently concluded Shanghai Masters Tennis Tournament, all information is taken into account to arrive on the betting option that leads bettors to choose Federer for their bets. There are many types of betting options for you to choose from in the tournament provided by the price per head platform.

  • “2 way – who will win?” means that you have to choose the one who will win between Federer and Nadal or a bet for your choice to finish in a place that you predicted.
  • “Number of games” is betting on the most number of games that the match will play in a game or the entire tennis duel.
  • “Correct Score” means that you will be placing your bets and win it by predicting the correct score of a set.
  • “Outright winner” is betting on who you think will win the match.
  • “Number of sets” is betting on the number of sets the match will take
  • “Tiebreaker” whether a tiebreaker will occur in a set or match.
  • Over or Under games betting is predicting the number of games played which is more or less than a given count of games set by the price per head platform, you win on the over or undercount of games. Either you win with more than the games set or lesser than the games waged.
  • Odd/Even betting means the number of games played will total to an even or odd number. You will be betting on the final odd or even figure.


Federer Pulverizes Nadal’s advance in the Finals of the Shanghai Masters 2017

FedererSwiss Roger Federer, ranked number 2 in the ATP,  pounced on the number 1 ATP Spaniard Rafael Nadal with a final score of 6-3, 6-4. Federer is back to form and beat Nadal out of his wits by not allowing his powerful strokes to operate. Nadal sat his path to the finals by trouncing his opponents along the way. But his match with the master did not fare well for him. Federer has his arsenal full and ready for the final matchup.

The information of Nadal’s five consecutive losses against the Swiss is a factor to consider in your bets. Although their playing scorecards are 23 to 15 in favor of Nadal, Federer ground his axes well to slice of Nadal’s charge in the tournament. This data should be available in the price per head platform.

There are dozens of ATP tournaments happening simultaneously around the world. These are the year-end professional competitions going on. The Davis Cup will soon join the fray in the sports betting community also slated for this month till November 2017. You should choose a decent price per head platform that can help you with the betting procedures. If you want to become a good bookmaker, consider registering with price per head platform. The sportsbook management software will assist you as it does with amateur and professional bookies.


IDSca price per head betting platform

IDSca price per head betting platform is the most popular betting company available in the market today. It provides software that caters to the needs of bookies and its clientele as well. The comprehensive sports booking software makes it convenient for the bookies to focus on recruitment for more gamblers and tally the accounts of wagers coming in and paying out winners.

Tennis betting is made more accessible and stress-free with IDSca price per head betting platform. The betting software does its function to attract and maintain customers by providing them with the top of the line services for a long term business relation.


The bookmaker’s advantage with an efficient PPH platform

Bookmakers will appreciate the services of the IDSca price per head betting platform. The software is essential for the bookies’ business to grow and serve his betting customers better. Satisfied customers mean more revenues and profits for the bookies. Providing clients with a satisfying experience makes them stay and put in more bets, especially when the odds favor them.

Price per head platforms now has other business growing tips that are accessible to bookmakers. Tools like e-books with suggestions and methods on how to improve the bookies’ business for more profits and revenues. knows what the bookmakers and agents need.

The price per head platform has an advanced setup of its equipment that upgrades its services to bookies and punters. IDSca has an active internet connection that allows 24/7 uninterrupted services. It uses state of the art technology that could provide real-time update and monitoring of the various sporting events throughout the globe.

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