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Price per Head Betting on New Jersey

New-jerseyThe National Football League holds games every year at Wembley Stadium, in London, where sports betting is allowed. Of course neither team is at home.

Price per head sportsbooks are located outside of the United States, and are dedicated to keeping track of any fishy wagers, that seem out of the ordinary. Since most accounts are limited to a normal amount of less than $10,000, there is little chance of anyone getting involved in fixing.

If the United States allowed sports wagering, they would simply eliminate wagering on teams that are within that state.

Ontario is currently proposing single sports betting, and if the bill passes, it will be interesting to see what the OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming) do with people wagering on Toronto teams. The residents would want to bet on the Leafs, Blue Jays and Raptors, but if the OLG followed the US system, they wouldn’t be able to.

Maybe there might even be an influx of traffic over the border for live betting and some pay per head sites may suffer from this.

“We’re the only ones who appear willing to go forward right now,” said Monmouth Park’s Dennis Drazin last month. “Everyone else wants to wait and see how it plays out.”

Even if a ruling is passed that prohibits sports wagering in New Jersey, Monmouth Park would still offer ‘free play’ in return for non-cash prizes such as hotel rooms or show tickets.

“I think this gets us into court sooner, and we were going there either way,” said Assemblyman John Burzichelli, D-Gloucest Burzichelli. “But we as a state will have to be prepared to defend our position, so we need outside counsel to be able to make what is a sophisticated academic argument. It’s a very specialized area of law.”

The proposed law will prohibit betting on New Jersey college sports programs and college games played in the state.

Currently many residents of New Jersey are using price per head sites located central America. Likely this will not change even if sports wagering is made legal as people don’t want to travel just to make a wager, when they can do it over their mobile devices or personal computers.

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