Live betting has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment at sports betting sites, as this service can be enjoyed on all major sports such as NFL, Baseball, NCAA and NBA, as well as in NHL, Soccer, Tennis and more.This latest trend in sports betting has increased to a greater extent of late because it is a quicker option for those in the betting world. Betting Live is very different from other methods and it’s important to understand these differences so that players will understand their betting options.

Live betting allows the player the ability to bet while an event is taking place. During the event, prices or odds change based on the performance of the team, athlete or competitor.As an agent, by offering live betting you can increase the number of options your player has during a single betting cycle.

As an example, during a baseball game your player may bet on what the next batter will do and also on how many runs will be scored in that inning.

Also, live betting allows the player  to track his/her wins and losses, preventing overspending on their bets.

Regardless of the popularity of live betting, not all bookmakers are currently offering this type of wager. is implementing a new live betting service, which will be a great option for the players and a huge complement for the Agent’s business.

Here are some of the benefits provided by Live betting service:


    • Live sports betting calendar (currently, daily, weekly, monthly)


    • Displays game information on real-time(stats, score, time, injury reports)


    • Place bets on every play of the game in real-time


    • Chance for your player to hedge their bets


    • Enhanced excitement for players