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PPH sportsbook management software on College Football betting

The National College Athletic Association (NCAA) is on its fourth week of hostilities across the country. PPH sportsbook management software are now in demand for bookies and bettors as basis to bet on their preferred teams. Bookies want what is best for their operations during the collegiate football season. The best pay per head sportsbook software means more options and data for analysis, tips, information for increased revenues.


College Football is different from the National Football League

IDSCA provides tips and options for the novice and professional gambler using its PPH sportsbook management software. The betting program of offers bettors more scheduled games for the entire week. The PPH sportsbook management software presents over 30 matchups on a single Saturday.

college footballThe PPH sportsbook management software provides bookies and bettors with the primary college football betting types as follow:

  • Spread betting – College football’s most common betting type is the spread betting. The offered spread bet or line bet is available days before the scheduled collegiate football game. An effective PPH sportsbook management software like the provides the information to the betting enthusiasts.

In spread betting. an underdog team will carry a positive sign before the odds figure while the team expected to win the match will have a negative sign. Example is shown below.

   Team                           Spread Final Score

 Toronto + 3 -115                                30

 Chicago – 3 -105                                 31

In this spread bet provided by the PPH sportsbook management software, the juice or the vig is $115. The juice, also known as the cut, is the amount charged by the bookie for the gambler’s wager. With the example shown, despite one point behind Chicago, Toronto wins the game on the odds bet provided by the PPH sportsbook management software as covered by the spread.

  • Money Line – This type of betting means that the team you waged on simply has to win the game. There will be odds that correspond to both teams and betting on the underdog and the favorite team will generate an active and balanced bettors on each side.

In using this betting type provided by a PPH software, such as the, the odds adjustment are not points-based. Instead, the odds offered are in the money betting odds. Like betting $175 to win $100 is an example of adjustments of odds. NCAA betting lines are steps to bringing in more revenues and profits. The moneyline reflects the bet’s spread. The spread bets and moneyline betting are major contributors to an effective PPH sportsbook management software bookie that increases his clients and more profits.


  • First Quarter / Half Lines


Major US sports events are broken into quarters, half times, periods, innings, sets or games. In American collegiate football, there are quarters and half lines that are avenues for betting. NCAA’s first quarter line represents one quarter of the whole football game. The halftime stands for the half of the entire game. The first quarter, or all the quarters for that matter, are perfect platforms for betting and so is the halftime line.  


  • Halftime Lines


Pay per head sportsbook software provides betting options for gamblers on halftime bets. The odds that are available on the games quantify the wagers coming in and gives more bettors the opportunity to maximize betting options of the game at hand.

IDSCA provides the options to punters and pay per head sportsbook management software delivers the services. The website also helps bettors keep track of fluctuating betting percentages at the halftime report. The example below is how a halftime betting option looks like.

Team                 Halftime Score              Halftime Spread          Final Score

Indians                    10                                      +10                                  28

Maryland                 21                                      -10                                   35

In this game result, The Indians win in this betting halftime line despite trailing Maryland  on the actual score. The halftime odd option decides who the winner of the betting type.


  • Totals


This type of bet is a famous wager in the NCAA collegiate football found in the pay per head sportsbook management software provided by The sportsbook option  determines the winner by basing on the sum of the scores of both teams. The gambler will have an option either to bet on the sum over the total score or under the sum of the total score with attached odds. An example below is the illustration of this betting type.

Team                       Opening O/U                    Closing O/U              Final Score

Ohio State                     61.5o -105                       64.5o -110                     38

Penn State                    61.5u -115                        64.5u -110                      14

The total score of both teams sum up at 52. On the bet option, Baylor won basing from the total score. Here the bet total type of betting has Baylor with a 61.5u at -115. The bettor won a $100 posted at $115 since the total score between Ohio State and Penn State is under 64.5. Those who bet for Ohio State lost $110 since the bet is lined at 64.5o.


  • Parlay / Teasers


The combination of a spread, moneyline, or a total bet is a parlay. In order to win in a parlay, each wager must hit or win. A teaser works in the same way, only the gambler selects the points to decreased to avoid increasing the risk of a parlay.

The NCAA Big Ten opening game on Saturday

NCAAOn September 23, 2017, Saturday, the NCAA football game of the day will be between Penn State at Iowa. The hawkeyes has the same unbeaten status as the Penn State. The teams will be pitting at each other on the opening saturday matchups in the Big Ten bracket.

The Penn State Nittany Lions cruised over its first three opponents at home with its shining players defeating Georgia State last week.

The pay per head sportsbook management software provides other information for the game between the Nittany Lions and the Hawkeyes. Information for options on betting like the line betting line history which is at -12 to -13 while betting totals is around 52 to 52.5.

Injury Reports

Another factor that could help bettors for their best choice are the injury reports provided to bookies and bettors by the pay per head sportsbook management software. For the game this Saturday, the injury reports include RB James Butler of an elbow and out for three to four weeks and RB Akrum Wadley (Probable, Leg) for Iowa.

Penn State has  DE Torrence Brown with a probable knee injury, CB Amani Oruwariye with an unknown alleged injury, and OL Brendan Mahon also with an undisclosed ailment.

Weather Forecast

An important information for the bookies’ and bettors’ option provided by the pay per head sportsbook and management software is the weather report. Weather conditions affect the team’s performance to function effectively. On Saturday’s game, weather forecast is sunny and no chance of rain in the horizon. Temperature during the game will be at 89 degrees Fahrenheit and wind speed will be at 7 miles per hour.

Penn State Players and Game Statistics

Penn State Stats is at 3-0 Straight Up (SU), 2-0-1 Against the Spread (ATS),and 1-2 O/U. Penn’s Quarterback Trace McSorley is tenth in the NCAA’s passing efficiency at 184.1. He increased his completion percentage by 10 points from the last football season.

McSorley has an ever dependent backup in Tommy Stevens who was passing, running, and scoring since the start of the tournament. Coach James Franklin uses Stevens as a receiver, quarterback, and running back. Stevens plays these positions effectively. A big play receiver, Saeed Blacknall never received a pass in the first two game but made a 64-receiving yard scoring against Georgia State.

Iowa State Players and Game Statistics

Iowa State Stats is at 3-0 SU, 1-2 ATS, and 1-2O/U. Quarterback Nathan Stanley with running back Akrum Widely made a good teamwork against its previous opponents on the Big Ten.

PPH sportsbook management software is very useful coming from Bookies and bettors would want to have a program that helps them in deciding who to bet in other games as well.

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