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PPH Sites Scams: Common Red Flags to Avoid Rip-Offs

One of your friends introduce you the excellent features and productive benefits of online betting through PPH Sites. You know you’d be great in this slot, if only a pay per head bookie would offer you the chance. Now, you get the break and speak with a customer representative from the site that is responsible for giving you the necessary rules or orders.

But, hold on for a minute. Scammers are ahead of you behind those cover of a very legitimate flyers, business cards, ads and web pages. Don’t allow yourself to fall in these devious hucksters! Be suspicious and fully aware when a webpage or person claiming to represent a pay per head website or platform makes use of these snitch strategies to attract you and take your hard-earned resources.

Each of us hopes that all opportunities presented – particularly on the internet – is legitimate. But unluckily, that is simply not true. Thus, you must be cognizant and keep yourself cleverer than the scammers.

Here are PPH sites scams you should take a strict look at.

Requiring you to purchase software or any equipment from a particular company.

Is your prospective pay per head site obliges you to buy anything, such as software or any special equipment for you to get started? If so, you might want to run in another direction as quick as you can. This contains medical billing software, a well-known online scam. The company you need to deal with must provide you software for free or must be easily accessible at your computer store (e.g. not paying an anonymous entity for something you’re not able to return or use).

Setting payment methods aside, luring you to get started

“We will talk about the methods of payment later. Right now, you just need to get started.”

This is one of the flashing signs you need to be aware when contracting with PPH sites. Payment frequency, payment method, payment amount – always prioritize how you will be rewarded by money for an impressive bet you have done. Don’t allow a scammer to force you into getting started with no clear details being crafted. As a dedicated online bettor, how you design a strategy for each game is directly associated with your earnings. Don’t let a pay per head website to push their plan over your earnings.

Unethical communication

No one is a master of grammar. However, the odds of an imminent bookie or PPH agency emailing you the details of his or her betting opportunity in texting language are possibly a bad sign. Be alert of PPH sites that you think unprofessional or heavily depend on various gimmicks to lure prospective.

Have no direct or clear response about the company as well as their deals

Finally, you’ve already found the website you want to invest in for possible gaining of huge jackpots. But unfortunately, you can’t find specific information about the website or company, their physical location and other relevant information. You might want to have second thoughts about your involvement with this company. Ask some questions. If you don’t get definite answers, there is potentially something the pay per head company is hiding. Who fund the company? What is the bookie’s experience?

Make grand promise of success on online betting

Legitimate PPH sites see potential and promise in their customers, but don’t make grand assurance of success, especially for beginners. Also, their websites do not glamorize the life of a bettor. Real pay per head agencies know that online betting is not a simple venture. There are no assurances, no matter what kind of betting strategies an online bettor possesses.

Unsolicited betting deals

If the deals came to your email and the sender does not seem to recognize you at all, at least from a mutual acquaintance, you must rethink about getting involved in these betting deals.

Emails are sent from a private email account or do not include contact information

If the email of a particular pay per head agency does not include its contact information such as phone and address, it may possibly a scam. And, you need to rethink if the representative makes a pretext for using private or personal email address by stating the pay per head company is encountering many issues with spam, or the company is yet to install its own email systems, or the servers are experiencing failures.

Rush calls and immediate trial

If the representative of a pay per head company is in a rush to close the deal, have the second thoughts if it is really worth your investment. People have a tendency to make poor choices under pressure and are possible to make an expense for some justifiable sounding purpose. Legitimate pay per head agencies generally require their customers to give a clever decision to avoid mistakes in the long run.

You are asked to give confidential information

Be mindful of this strategy that most scammers use. Some scammers request for the client’s bank account information, or even ask to transfer funds to their account or set up deposit. You will also know that they are not really legitimate pay per sites if they ask you to open a new bank account and give the information to them. In order to prevent this scenario from taking place, make sure to check the website before entering your personal information. One simple tip is that, the web address bar must be https://, and not http://.

Your instinct or gut says it is a scam

When looking for the right pay per head site, many will tell you to conduct a research about the company. However, this may not be your self-defense as some scammers are very smart. Trust your instinct if you feel that things are not right. Ask questions if necessary, and pay attention to the answers given. Don’t rush the process and don’t feel strained in providing personal information or making a commitment. Perform a more thorough research.

Control your eagerness

We know how much you wanted to take this opportunity entering the world of online betting and earning huge jackpots through pay per head services. But, experts advise that you should be careful on not getting very enthusiastic because these will simply take advantage of your feelings, leading you in the erroneous decision. Your main purpose for getting involved in this rare opportunity is to double, or even triple your money by placing a bet in various sports. Of course, getting ripped off is the least thing you want to happen. It is therefore crucial to take hold of your eagerness because chances of being scammed are higher. You’ll be blinded by their “sweet” bids and eventually, forget your key priority.


Be alert of the red flags!

There are constantly red flags – things out of place that can pinpoint a potential scam. In addition to the aforementioned warning signs that indicate you that something’s not right, you may also consider these common signs whether or not the pay per head sites you want to work with are scam.

There’s a payment involved for helping without the assurance of returning the money if you’re not completely satisfied with the outcomes of your bet.

You’re pressured to make a final decision immediately. Remember, a legal pay per head site allows their prospective to make a decision any time they want.

You’re discouraged to ask for some opinions before you really become part of the scam.

There are no visible signs of other satisfied persons associated with sportsbook business likelihoods with whom you can have a discussion with.

In general, be alert! There are dozens of pay per head opportunities available both online and offline that can help you produce an impressive profits. If you are able to avoid individuals or businesses with the abovementioned red flags, you can easily prevent yourself from involving in an embarrassing and costly PPH sites scam.

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