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Is your online business floundering? Are you looking for online betting solutions that will lift your wagering company back to its feet? Here is a friendly suggestion that may help your bookie website rise towards growth and profitability. Employing a pay per service software for your online entity can resolve your problems with the features the tool delivers.

Pay per Service Apps

Pay per service employed in a betting software is a set of solutions for bookmakers that are going through a tough time managing their online wagering entity. The innovative tool will bring wonders to your bookie site with its services rendered to customers.

Organized setup

Having a pay per service software in your betting operations organizes the flow of transactions. A bookmaker with a hundred punters in his group would have a hard time organizing incoming and outgoing transactions, filing, monitoring, and tracking the betting activities of your players. You will have to set the data in an organized manner for your business to follow through with accuracy and purpose. If you have an army of office staff working under you, the business may survive but your overhead on salaries will soar leaving the business on a break even disposition. The pay per head service sportsbook will solve these difficulties and spare much of your time and expenses in the process.

Automated Information Channeling

Data coming in from your online bettors go through automated programs that will reflect in your income statement and financial balances. Bookmakers will no longer worry about accounting issues. The pay per service software will take care of that area. You will be requesting reports now and then to check if the transactions tally with respect to payouts and commissions earned. All transactions are accessible when checking if your business in on the black or if it is losing money.

Simplified Betting Placement

The pay per service software simplifies how your bettors put their wagers for a game or an event offered in the site. A gambler joins your group, provide him with a personal access code, gains entry to the bookie website through the pay per service software, deposits cash to the betting company, chooses his bets, and wait for the results. After the games, the bettor claims his winnings reflected on his accounts.

Report Generation

The automated storage and organization data allows the pay per service software to grant your requests for reports on financial statements, Inventories, player indulgence, gamblers’ attendance to your bookie website among other advantages you will have with this tool. Reports generated at the back office of your odds master site will help you decide on what actions to take basing on the information provided by the automated pay per service software.

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Enhanced Online Presence

The Sportsbook Company you registered with will create a landing page for your punters free of charge. Bookies will have an option if they want to customize their site or settle with the canned platform your sportsbook company offered. Being an offer that will cost you nothing, and an online presence at that, take hold of this opportunity and go with customizing your bookie betting site. Bookmakers will have the chance to design and build their platform the way they want to run their business. You will have to coordinate with your company’s developers and programmers on what you want your site to appear. Odds Masters can also request their menu buttons for the convenience in its operations. The online presence is a bonus to your business as it will also be a marketing arm to attract more players to your site as well.

Prompt Response to Queries and Customer Assistance

The Sportsbook Company that provides the pay per service services should have call center agents manning the reception lines and chat messages so they can immediately reply to customers needing assistance for their betting activities. A betting company who readily has an ear for customers in need will earn the respect and loyalty of new players and retain the older punters in the group. The sense of importance of the receptionists’ treatment of calls and messages will attract more players to hop on the bandwagon.

A Vast Array of Sporting Events to Choose From

A pay per service software allows bookies to offer the hundreds of sports and international events that are happening everyday. Sports like Basketball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, Boxing, MMA, Golf, Cycling, Tennis, Volleyball are among several sports offered in the market. Along with these selection of events are the betting options that go with them. Punters want several betting options that will cater to their decisions on who to root for in a game. International events are also available for the consumption of the online gamblers like the NBA, MLB, Grand Slam Tennis, European Basketball, World Cup among other international Tournaments.  

RaceBooks Inclusion on the Sportsbook

Wagers on Horse Racing is integrable using the pay per service software. Horse racing enthusiasts will always be with your group of punters. A bookmaker has the option on his customized software to integrate racebooks per request. Punters can place their bets on the same site if its is already in the betting platform. There will be no need for the player to log out and look for a racebook if you have one available in your site.A pay per service software can provide this service to its customers accessing international race tracks from different continents.

Casino Games Included

A bookie may opt to have an online casino in his pay per head software. The option is readily available with interface to the best online casinos in the market. Popular casino table games are available for casino players to enjoy within the same sportsbook.

A betting company you can rely to deliver these services and online solutions to your lumbering site is IDSca. Our company covers your needs and will see the business through towards expansion and profitability. We had been in service for nearly two decades and you can rest assure that you are in good hands when you join us. Please visit our website at to learn more about our products and services. Or call us at (866) 225-5437 to book a free trial. Our pay per service software will do wonders for your online betting business.

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