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Wagers are now flooding online betting sites with the ongoing hostilities in the last rounds of the Eastern and Western Conference Finals. The Golden State Warriors are slugging it out against the Portland Trail Blazers in the West while the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors battle in the East.

At the moment, the Golden State Warriors are looking for a sweep in the Western Conference Finals best of seven series at a score of 3-0. The Warriors will play Game 4 at the Moda Center in Portland. The pay per head sportsbook in the playoffs are covering every angle and betting options it can offer to online gamblers. The absence of Small Forward Kevin Durant due to a calf injury and Power Forward DeMarcus Cousins increased the betting options for punters to decide to take the spread or work with the money lines presented.

Golden State Warriors -195

Pay per head sportsbooks in the playoffs leaned on the Golden State Warriors and put them back to heavy favorites even though Durant is out with a 34 ppg average per game contribution. The Warriors compensated for his loss in three aspects of their team performance. They stepped up on Durant’s scoring, defensive attributes, and depth in offense and defensive plays.

A fifth straight NBA Western Conference Finals is visible in the horizon as they defeated the Portland Trail Blazers to a score of 110-99, Saturday night. Regardless of Durant’s and Cousin’s absences, they still are a tough team to beat.

But a recent development of another player from the Golden State Warriors dropping out of contention due to an Achilles recurrence is in the person of Small Forward Andre Iguodala. Iguodala is having a great playoff performance; he is on the day-to-day list and will have to see the sidelines in the following games depending on his reaction to treatment. Another option for the pay per head sportsbooks in the playoffs to consider. The Golden State Warriors are now priced at -195 regardless of who they meet in the finals of the NBA League.

Portland Trail Blazers +10000

On the other hand, the Portland Trail Blazers gave up to opportunities to win over the Warriors in Games 2 and 3. The Trail Blazers led by as much as 15 points at the half in Game 2 and 13 points at the half in Game 3. The Blazers did not fare well in both third quarters of its last 2 matches. They will have to win in Game 4 to survive the Easter Conference Finals and get a shot at the NBA League Championship ring. The pay per head sportsbooks in the playoffs put cover every angle of the betting options but punters lean more on the Warriors to make it to its 5th NBA Finals appearance.

Pay per head sportsbooks

Toronto Raptors on the Move

While in the Eastern Conference, the Toronto Raptors managed to get a win in Game 3 against the Milwaukee Bucks with a score of 118-112 at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto Canada. The Raptors fought hard in their determination to hold it out and survive the series trailing by 1-2 in the best of seven Eastern Conference Finals. Point Guard Kawhi Leonard blasted the Bucks with 36 points in 52 minutes of play out of 58 minutes, to help his team win Game 3.

The Raptors proved that Milwaukee is not invincible. They can defeat this tough team as long as they work together, Toronto did so by thwarting a threatening 3-0 lead in more than three hours with two overtimes that ended in favor of the Raptors. The Raptors were able to build up a double digit advantage in the third quarter but the Bucks did not give in easily. Milwaukee fought ferociously and started to get into the groove to come close to the Raptors. Point Guard Kyle Lowry and Point Guard Norman Powell even fouled out in regulation but it was Leonard’s will to help his team win Game 3.

Early in the second over time, The Greek Freak fouled out courtesy of Power Forward Pascal Siakam in the second extension and the game went in favor of the Raptors after Antetokounmpo’s exit. The Bucks were at a loss without Giannis beside them. Pay per head sportsbooks in the playoffs adjusted their betting lines after the Game 3 win of the Raptors.

Milwaukee is still in a position to be a threat to the Raptors’ elimination. Leading at 2-1 in the best of seven Final Rounds in the Eastern Conference, pay per head sportsbooks in the playoffs offer several options for and against each team for online gamblers to place their bets on. Besides the conventional bets bookmakers offer, there are these proposals on players going over or under their total score in the game, winning margins, if matches to go on overtime, half time / full time in regulation results, odd or even in total score in halftime / fulltime and other options innovated by the bookie pay per head sportsbooks in the playoffs.

With the pay per head sportsbooks in the playoffs adjusting their betting lines to keep bookie websites in the balance of accounts, IDSca is in the forefront to support the bookmakers in their means of livelihood. Our company covers the transaction with full automated accounting so the bookies get their profits for their earnings while the odds masters pay a weekly flat rate for every player of his group using the betting platform of the company.

There is also much anticipation of the protagonists who will emerge as champions from the Eastern and Western Conference Finals. The Golden State Warriors finals title in the West is looming while the Eastern Conference final participants are still battling it out. Pay per head sportsbooks in the playoffs will be heading for more adjustments as the teams emerge after their respective championship round from the East and West.

The NBA Season 2018-2019 is nearing its completion for the Finals Championship match. Online players are rooting for their best team while others are playing to make a living out of the bet placed online. Whatever the odds are, IDSca will be there to support its agents and bookmakers. Our company will bring the excitement and fun to every punter’s indulgence and use the bookie websites we support.

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