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Pay Per Head Sportsbook Services: Ticket to the Bigs

Athletes have many different nicknames for the highest level of their profession. Maybe you’ve heard of pro baseball, football, basketball or hockey referred to as “the bigs,” or “the show,” or even “the dream.” Those are just a few of the names they use. When you have IDSCA on your side, you’ll be able to follow your dreams, too. You can offer your players everything that they could want with each of the major sports. Of course, you aren’t just limited to the pros with our pay per head sportsbook services. We give you everything you need to take your act to the big time.

Pay Per Head Sportsbook Services: Support

If you listen to any pro athlete talk about how they got to the highest level, they’ll often talk about the people who supported them along the way. They might refer to “their support network” or something like that. Here at IDSCA, we have quite a support network in place for you. Just as every player is backed by a coach that (somewhere) believed in them, you’ll have our impregnable servers backing you up.

See, when you have a sportsbook, you need it to be up and running. After all, you never know when new players are going to find your site. So, you have to make sure that it’s up as much as possible. That’s where our servers have your back. Our servers are up more than 99% percent of the time. That means that more than 99% of the year, day or night, 9 AM, midnight, everything in between, they’ll be up and running strong.

This means that you’ll be able to bring in as many players as possible. They’ll now rather quickly that they can get a bet down on your site on their terms. So, they could get a bet down at your site at 4 AM, when inspiration strikes them when they wake up in the middle of the night. If they’re at the gym at 7 AM, read a story about a game tonight, they’ll be able to get your site up on their phone, and then get a bet down.

By that same token, if they’re stuck in traffic coming home, hear something about the game on the radio, they’ll be able to get a bet down before the light turns green. These are all just some of the advantages that our sportsbook gives our players. If your site were down during any of these times, you wouldn’t be able to offer your players that. Instead, they might log into your site, ready to (quite literally) give you money, only to find that they would be unable to do so. With our servers, we always have your back, giving you more opportunities to do better with your bookie business.

pay per head sportsbook services

Mobile Optimization: A Good Defense

“Defense wins championships.” If you’ve heard that sports cliché once, you’ve heard it a thousand times. There’s a reason that’s such a cliché: it’s true. Often, young people playing a sport have that phrase drilled into their heads. While playing defense may not be as exciting as playing offense or scoring, playing defense can be far more crucial to actual victories. That’s where the phrase comes from.

With IDSCA, our version of “defense” is our mobile optimization. Just like a great defender, (whether they’re a centerfielder, goaltender, strong safety or guard), they’ll be ready for your players whenever. Just about any online sportsbook can take bets from someone who’s on a desktop, or someone who’s on their laptop. With our mobile optimization, you’ll be able to bring in players who are on any kind of mobile device. This, too expands just how many players you’ll be able to get on your site.

With our mobile optimization, you’ll be able to bring in all of those players who never actually check their computer. They’ll be able to get your site no matter where they are, provided there’s just a little bit of internet. So, if they’re sitting somewhere and even overhear a conversation about the game, they’ll be able to bet on it. Should they be hanging out with friends and see a person wearing a shirt with the color of one of the teams, they’ll be able to bet. In the past, the people who wanted to bet on a game online had to really want to bet on a game online. They had to plan it out and do it at an appropriate time. With our mobile optimization, it’s far more of an “impulse buy” now: the sports betting equivalent of buying gum at the supermarket. This is all to the strength of our bookies.

Guides: Like a Coach

Even at the highest level, players have coaches. Sure, you see the head coach on TV, but those are far from the only coaches that professionals have. Throughout all of the major sports, there are plenty of position coaches, specialized coaches, assistant coaches and more. They work with the players one on one so that they can get the individualized attention they need to improve.

That’s why we have account managers here at IDSCA. These managers can work with you on your account, letting you know how things are going. Better still, you can ask them questions. We know that many of our bookies are newer to the world of online bookmaking. They can talk you through any of the specifics that don’t quite make sense to you. They’re always glad to answer any questions that you might have.

On top of that, we have sports guides as well. These guides tell you everything you need to know about the various games. here at IDSCA, we offer quite a few live events for your players to bet on. You probably know so much about sports… but you might not know everything about all sports. Don’t just feel that, because you may not be as familiar with a certain sport as you’d like, that you’re precluded from offering the game to your players.

These guides can explain to you everything you need to know to offer the game to your players. After all, you aren’t playing the game: you’re just offering it at your sportsbook. With our guides, you can become knowledgeable about it in no time. This is why we have the option to change the lines on our games if you’d like. Additionally, it’s also why we include the option to not change the lines of our games if you don’t want to. IDSCA was created to be a sportsbook that has as much to offer as many different levels of bookies as possible.

Ticket to the Show

If you’re trying to make it as a professional athlete, you have to go through years of training, hard work and (frankly) luck, just to get a shot at the bigs. With online bookie software, you don’t have to go through nearly as much. In fact, you can get there right now. Signing up for our site is quick and easy. You can probably do it in far less time than it took you to read this particular blog.

You may have heard the phrase “cup of coffee” in regards to sports. Often, it doesn’t mean a literal cup of coffee, but rather that the person was in the bigs for a brief period of time. Well, our free trial is far more than just a “cup of coffee.” We have a weeklong trial. During that time, you can explore all of our different features. You can decide whether or not IDSCA is right for you. When you’re ready to take that next step, to head into the show, IDSCA is here for you. Either go to our site or call us at (866) 225-5437.

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