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Pay per Head Sportsbook Services: A Bookmaker’s tool for his Growing Business

The importance of the pay per head sportsbook services is paramount to the online betting businesses in the gambling industry. The best gambling companies focus on the area where it can serve its punters to attract more players to the bookie website. A wagering entity with satisfied customers will maintain and add gamblers thereby increasing the profits of bookmakers.


To attract online players to bookie betting sites, an online wagering firm must first understand what people like in sports betting. Here are some aspects of what players like in placing their wagers:


Makes the Game More Interesting

A large portion of the statistical surveyed samples says that betting sports makes it more interesting. Studies show that 45% of the gamblers in the United States in the year 2017 say that betting on sports is interesting when played with something is at stake. Player interest will propel the online betting business if this aspect of the pay per sportsbook services satisfies the customers.


Game on the Side

Gamblers in the United States prefer to have a side bet played while watching their favorite sport. Statistics show that 38% of enthusiasts enjoy their games more while having wagers on who is going to win the game.


Friendly Competition

Players placing their bets on the side say that it is fun to compete with friends and colleagues over a game of sports. For instance, a total of $4.9 billion of bets is on record in Nevada for the year 2017 in sports, according to the UNLV gaming research. The data shows how Americans love to gamble in the NBA games that grew to 440% since 1984. The percentage of bettors, for this reason, is 34% of what they like in sports betting.


The Thrill and Excitement

The thrill and excitement are what people like in sports betting; it consists of 34% of the gamblers in the US in 2017. People want the adrenaline rushing through their system when they place their bets on the teams and players they are rooting for during the competition. The punters say that it is a different kind of arousing incident that makes it different from other emotions. The players enjoy the thrilling experience of betting and winning (or losing) in the process.

Sports Where Gamblers Wager on in the US by Percentage


These are the most popular sports Americans love to place their bets on for the year 2018.


Football     77 %

Basketball     24 %

Horse Racing      20 %

Baseball     17 %

Soccer           9 %

Boxing / MMA       7 %

Hockey        6 %

Golf           4 %

Others           2 %

None of the above  1 %


Pay per head sportsbook services makes it possible for punters to push through with their bet placements. Bookmakers bring in the players to wager on the favorite teams which are also what the betting companies wnt for more profits.


Pay per Head Sportsbook Services to Bookmakers


Betting companies understand why bookies need all the support they can provide for the online betting business. The Betting company delivers the following incentives when bookies register with their sportsbook company:


A Free Betting Software

An efficient betting site needs to deliver a powerful pay per head sportsbook services to its bookmakers. One of the support features the wagering platform supplies its bookies with a free betting software.  


A Wide Array of International and Local Sporting Events

One of the pay per head sportsbook services is the delivery of various International and local competitions and tournaments of different sports. The sports offers include The NBA, NFL, MLB, National Soccer League, NHL, Boxing, MMA, The Olympics, Golf, Tennis, and other events for betting.


More wagering lines and options come with the package. Bookmakers and players have more choices on their selection of products that meet their goal for business growth and development. The IDSCA software services supplier can take over the sportsbook for the bookie if he decides to let Software provider handle the operations. The odds master can then focus his attention on the recruitment of players for his bookie website.


Accounting and Administrative Business Tools

Betting companies offer these pay per head sportsbook services to bookies. The offer aims to take the burden off the bookmaker’s back so he can do the job that matters; he can put more attention to his recruiting strategy. When you register with us, IDSCA will manage the accounts of each player under your group.  


Our company will be categorizing your punters according to the size of wagers and preferred markets. The distinction will automatically deliver VIP treatments and bankrolls.


Customized Wagering Platform

IDSCA can provide a customized bookie software if an odds master opts to design the program the way he wants to operate it. The website customization will be a convenient feature for bookmakers for the online betting business expansion. This pay per head sportsbook service is free of charge.


If a pph software provider asks for money to set up your betting site, stay away from this scheming tactic. The offer could be a means for scammers to rip your cash.


Data and Trading Services

IDSCA has a pre-match betting platform that can set the players to place their wagers in hundreds of thousands of betting options from over the top 25 sports competitions worldwide.


Our site will supply the relevant information that can help punters decide which players to bet on based on the calculated risk available. The data provided will include the injury list of teams competing in the match, team schedule, fatigue report, playing conditions, playing surfaces for tennis and other games requiring various surfaces to play on in the tournament, personal dispositions of players within the team, and other factors that could affect team performance.


Live Betting Services

Punters prefer betting companies that can provide them with live betting services. Players experience the thrill and excitement to another level when betting on games that unfold in front of their eyes. This feature allows gamblers to place their bets even though the games started already. Punters will also get the opportunity to call the prop bets offered by the bookie software.


The in-play betting attribute is a feature that attracts most punters to a betting site; it could be a tool to lure more players to your bookie pph betting site. It is one of the most useful tools that odds masters use to promote their recruitment strategy.


Other Products from Betting Companies


Most sportsbooks come with other betting products like the online casino and horse racing programs. Punters would not want to withdraw their betting funds, leave the website, and transfer to another wagering site. The gamblers would rather stay on one bookie betting platform so their funds could also be accessible on the casinos and horse racing platforms.


The online casino has the most common table games like Blackjack, Three Card Poker, Craps, Carribean Hold ‘em Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, Pai Gow Poker, Slots, Sic Bo, Spanish 21, Keno, Bingo, and other games.


The horse racing software is available with the pay per head sportsbook services. Punters want to take a shot on horse race betting as well as with the online casino. Horse races like The Grand National Aintree, in England, Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, in Paris, France, and the Dubai World Cup, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There are other horse track racing competitions like The Royal Ascot, in Ascot, England, and the Melbourne Cup, in Melbourne, Australia.


These are the three major horse track racing in the United States:

  • The Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky is the first leg of the Triple Crown contest held each year on every first Saturday of May. This event attracts more than 150,000 spectators and horse racing fans.


  • The Preakness Stakes in Baltimore, Maryland is the second leg of the Triple Crown competition held each year on the third Saturday of May.


  • The Belmont Stakes in Elmont, New York is the third and last leg of the Triple Crown event held every year on the first Saturday of June.


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