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Pay per head software: A tool for Modern Bookies

People who want to be bookmakers have a deep understanding of how the betting industry works. Experienced gamblers would one day realize that their hobby may not be so lucrative and the income they generate depends on another party playing the ball game. It is a game of chance, especially when you are sitting at the gambling tables of an online casino. Punters would sooner or later come across a pay per head software that will open their opportunities with a steady flow of income.


Gradually changing your gambling hobby to being a bookie allows you to earn money without playing the tables or going against the odds There is more to your experience than wagering. A bookmaker lets you earn more without risking your money for a quick buck. The bettors will generate the income for you. The services of bookies to gamblers will be the selling point of being an oddsmaker. Enter the pay per head software.


The pay per head software as an effective tool for Bookmakers


Betting companies invested much on their gambling website to attract gamblers to play under their administration. But with the onset of competition in the gambling industry, many betting sites ventured on computing technology and hardware to lure a niche of new players to play in their wagering solutions. Thus, the introduction of the pay per head software alternative came into the picture.


It is quite expensive to build your own betting company with all the competition putting much money into the trade. With the entry of the pay per head software, bookmakers can now claim that they too can provide the same services as the best betting companies do.


The pay per head software improved the betting process in comparison with the operating system of traditional betting sites. By improving how bettors fulfill the fun and enjoyment they want in their wagering experience, the pay per head software is a tool for bookmakers to expand and provide better services for online gamblers under their fold.

How a pay per head software improve the betting process of gambling sites


Gambling sites need more punters for their business to thrive. The betting companies attract productive bookies to join their businesses so the odds masters can invite seasoned and amateur online players to join the group.


By the benefits the gambling sites provide to the bookmakers and the punters, the company uses the pay per head betting software to automate the betting process. With the advantages of having the pay per head software as an effective tool to improve the betting process, more profits and revenues will infuse the business entity. Here are some improvements brought about by the pay per head software:


• Start it off with a Sportsbook pay per head software. The pay per head sportsbook has a wide array of sporting events. Local and international sporting events are available in the pay per head software used by the sports booking entity. In traditional betting companies, a bettor would rely on his betting fun with local sporting events held in his locality. But with the pay per head software in bookmaking solutions, Punters can now place their bets on sports they enjoy even as far as across the globe.

Pay per head software of sportsbooks offers American Football (The National Football League both collegiate and professional), basketball (The National Basketball Association (NBA) and The NCAA Basketball Championships), The National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Baseball (MLB), Mix Martial Arts (MMA), boxing (WBC among others), Tennis, Golf, and other major tournaments competed all over the world.


■ By just watching new games online and betting on the teams you want, a gambler can learn the sport with just the bets placed on the competition. The pay per head software increases the number of options for online players to choose from the offers of the bookmaking solution company. The more action the gamblers play, the more profits the pay per head software company makes.

■ Sports booking companies with a pay per head software in their arsenal provides total convenience for bookmakers and bettors in their gambling activities. A sports betting enthusiast will not be experiencing the burden of going to wagering stations and stepping on long lines for a chance to bet on his favorite sport. Wagering online using the pay per head software allows punters to place their bets in the comforts of their homes. Not only that,  the online player is comfortably all set in his lazy boy with a cold beer witnessing the entire event in prime view.

■ Sportsbooks using the pay per head software offer improved betting lines and more options for odds and other types of wagering. Pay per head software pulled down overhead costs that used to consume overhead costs. With the improvement of pulling down expenses, sportsbooks can now offer their financial savings to their online punters by improving betting lines and odds to the players’  advantage.

■ Bonuses and promotional packages are some of the attractions offered by sportsbooks using the pay per head software. The bonuses can help punters start up their gambling bankroll as a welcome gesture to its customers. Other perks for registering in the pay per head sportsbook are tickets to major events like concerts, dinner galas, dinner for two, and other events on special occasions.


A means of living for bookie and gambling professionals is how others benefit from sportsbooks employing the pay per head software. It may be gambling but wagering experts place bets after studying statistics and smartly betting on the winning team. This is how they bring food on the table and pay up the bills.


IDSca Sportsbook is using the pay per head software to improve the process of betting. The pay per head sportsbook greatly benefitted online gamblers and increased the influx of new and professional gamblers to their bookmaking solution betting site.

Bookmakers benefits from the pay per head software


The attraction of bookies to the best pay per head software entities gained them more benefits than with the usual sports booking companies.


■ Bookmakers will have a website of their own provided for by the pay per head software company. As a bookie, you won’t need to pay for this; it is an added offer to attract you to register on their site. What is great about this is that you have the option to customize the website according to how your work on your bookie business.

■ Pay per head software companies unburdened the bookmakers by taking off the load of work they do. The task of office work is the load the bookie carry on their backs. The pay per head software takes care of administrative work like client reception, inquiries, and assistance. Pay per head software companies has a dedicated call center just for the job. Bookies will not have the task to individually answer the customer calls to answer their needs. The professional staff is available 24/7 to accept those calls.

■ Recording and Documentation is also a time-consuming chore for the bookie. The pay per head software company will do and appropriately record and document all entries and activities of your online players. The records will be under your name.

■ Inventory of what is due to the bookmaker will be under the files of the bookmaker. Your records are in good hands managed by the pay per head software entity.

■ Weekly report generation or whatever is better for the bookie’s operation is available upon request. The reports you requested is most useful for your decisions for your business.

■ The pay per head software company also provides you with the tools to help you manage your business efficiently. Once you obtain your report generated by the office administration handling the office work, the tools provided by the pay per head software company will come in handy for the job.


Here are some tools that the pay per head software company can provide:


■ The settle alert is a useful tool to manage your bookie business efficiently. It allows the bookmaker to collect or pay out money before the settle limit reaches its line.

■ The weekly Balance Report tracks the activities and gambling behavior of your online players. The tool will also inform you if your business is earning money or not. The information will allow you to make decisions that will help your business stay above water.

■ The schedule limit override helps pay per agents to control the influx of betting before the game starts. Bookies effectively applied this tool just before the Super Bowl LII started.

■ The Mass Editing tool is an effective way to control the influx of bets where some of the prop wagers are so freaking innovative. Like the prop wager if Pinks sings the national anthem to more or less than two minutes. The tool sets maximum betting limits.


The pay per head software leveled up the benchmark for online betting. It demonstrated what online wagering technology can do to the business. Winners emerge from the bookmaking solutions, losers bow down to come back and play for another day, but one thing is for certain, the pay per head software improved the betting system of the gambling industry.

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