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Pay per head sites are innovations introduced to sports betting bookmakers to further recruit online players to use their wagering sites. Online Sportsbooks give their full support to their bookies because they understand what the bookie needs and what it takes to succeed in the business. The betting company knows that the success of the bookie is all the success of their business.

When pay per head sites began sprouting left and right, bookmakers and gamblers began to choose wisely which one is best for their bookie business. Some of the pay per head sites offered are tricky and scheming. As bookmakers chose wisely, they offered some tips on how to select legitimate and trustworthy pay per head sites.



Choosing pay per head sites


Watch out for the red flags of pay per head sites.


• Be wary of pay per head sites that make extreme promises. They would say anything just to have your money fall right on their laps. Pay per head site scammers would say that all you have to do is pay and they will take care of the rest so you will have perpetual income from their sites.

• A pay per head site that sells you equipment or software from a company to get your business started, ran away from it. It is out for a rip-off. Legitimate pay per head sites provide software for free and helps bookmakers start off properly, not rip you off with your hard earned money.

• Another red flag to watch out for is that the scammers running the scheme will lure you first before they ask for the payment. The moment you sign a contract with them, you just gave your commitment to part with your cash.

• Scammers usually do not care about communication ethics. They may send proposals on a text which is not a good sign of a sincere and legitimate pay per head site. It emits an unprofessional behavior of a scheming site.

• When asked the pay per head site company details, there is no clear response and explanation about their business and the deals they are proposing. The scammers cannot provide their exact location and business details about their company.

• Correspondence is from private accounts with no contact information on their emails.

• Fake pay per head sites will employ the rush-sale technique to let you in on the scam. Poor decisions usually occur when exposed to pressure and there is a tendency for that to happen on pay per head sites.

• Scammers have their ways of asking their victims’ personal information and may use it on some other schemes. Be wary when they ask you about your bank accounts or other data leading to your finances. The pay per head site may even ask you to transfer an amount to their electronic wallets for you to start using their betting software.

• Painting a doomsday scenario on potential victims to persuade to join in the scammer’s ride. The scheming pay per head site operators will tell you that if you do not buy their wagering software and rather buy from the competition, you will be losing lots of money because their program is the best there is. or, if you buy from another pay per head site, your business will crash and your punters will abandon you. These are the common dialogue of fake sites that could sway potential victims to join the fray.

There are a lot more of the red flag notifications as the betting industry grows in the online wagering market. Be on the lookout for these warnings, they will save your day to stay away from them.



Choose a pay per head site that can help grow your bookie business


When a bookmaker opts for the best pay per head site, he chose the wagering site to help make his life easier running his business. He selected the betting software for the following reasons:

1. As a bookmaker, the pay per head site will provide you with a free website. You will have a choice if you accept it as it is or have it customized. You may opt to change its design and the way it should run according to your style of operating it.   

2. The pay per head site will take off the administrative functions that are heavy workloads for the bookie. The best pay per head site will give you all the support they can for your success. Your growth and expansion in the gambling arena is also their success.

3. If you are a bookie with a large number of punters under your group, you would need a staff that will take their calls and online bets. But with the help of the pay per head site, they will provide you with a call center where the staff are professional and have experience in the online betting system. They will receive inquiries, assist and direct the online players to their needs.Answering over a hundred calls from your gamblers by yourself is too much for a single bet. How much more if the bet comes in every single hour of the day. The pay per head site will answer these calls for you.

4. Your chosen pay per head site will also do the complete accounting for you. The entries of bets from your group will be filed under your account. Every time you ask for a report, the pay per head site has the software that generates the report for you. The report is essential for your operations. It tells you what action to take depending on what is the status of your business as stated in the report.


Points to consider when choosing the best pay per head site


■ The best pay per head site offers the best customer service to its clients with the goal to provide the best betting experience they will ever have. Superb services will spread like wildfire that shall attract new punters to your betting site. The more they come, the better for your business.

Customer satisfaction is one of the key factors of a successful business enterprise. It maintains your present clients to stay with your group and invite others to experience when other players praise your site with positive feedback.

■ The people managing your selected pay per head site must have the professional experience on the job they are doing in the wagering industry. Having the staff that knows what they are doing will help the business to be more productive.

■ Consider the software that should be compatible with the programs interfaced with the pay per head site. The software compatibility with other programs is essential to the pay per head site’s operations. It should also work effectively with the hardware components of the betting site.

■ The technology should be updated with the onset of more betting features that are up on the market. It should be safe, stable, and secure especially on the peak betting hours of the day. Other software crash when the bottleneck hours due to insufficient capacity of the hardware. A pay per head site with software that crash often is not good for business. The frequent crash would cause your gamblers to look for a more convenient pay per head site, that will lose you money.

■ The best pay per head site will include amazing features like the Online Casino, Horse track racing, and live betting in their program.

■ Check out the reviews of the pay per head betting sites for further information. The move will help you decide if the wagering site is the right one for you. There are lots of information that you may not know that is in the sports betting site.

■ Avail of the free demo offered by the pay per head site. It is a different experience to try out how the site works then only to rely on what it promotes. You can decide on which pay per head site you want to grow your business.


It really is worth the time and effort to look for the right pay per head site that will help you through in your bookie business. Check out IDSca by visiting our website at for more details about the pay per head sports booking software.

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