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How Does A Pay Per Head Service Provider Make A Difference

To be a successful agent, there are some important matters to consider; the present and the future. Mistakes cannot be avoided and sometimes the pay per head company is also guilty of it. However, whatever problem may be encountered, it will be settled by the teamwork between the agent and the pph company. An outstanding pay per head service provider is the one that is willing to admit their mistakes and perform necessary solution. This is the key to better bookmaking services because mostly they are concerned with the payment of every gambler and efforts of the bookie.

What Does A Pay Per Head Service Provider Need

You, As The Agent

As the agent, you carry on your shoulder the biggest obligations and responsibilities. Besides, it is your business’ future that depends on you. A pay per head service provider, on the other hand, provides open communication with you as you keep the full visibility of everyone. As the agent, you also have the complete control over your gamblers, sub-agents, and gamblers on the third-tier of your business. Such control includes closing any account, reopening account, blocking players, set wagering limits, switch players’ lines and profile, increase or decrease credit limits, among others.


Your pay per head service provider will always back you up in anything that involves its digital platform. Their responsibilities include the 24/7 customer service, security, providing transaction reports, provide you updates and additional payment options. So, you must get a very flexible and reliable pay per head service provider to be your partner in all your betting transactions.


Having Sub-Agents

So many agents lose the chance of having more time for them instead they have to spend a whole day to monitor their bookie business. One good thing about having a pay per head service provider is that it allows you to open opportunities for sub-agents. Your sub-agents will be your downline and help push your business upward. Unlike in the traditional bookmaking, you are the one who is responsible for all the tasks in the business, but with sub-agents, there are people who will look for you.


Increased Profits Fast. A pay per head service provider offers you profit opportunities. Meanwhile, you, your gamblers and sub-agents, will work accordingly to contribute to your profits. When you decide to have people down your line, you will gradually notice that those guys are also referring more and more people in your business. As you make a profit on your own sportsbook, your sub-agents will also make profits for you.  


Helps Control Competition. A pay per head service provider will allow you to get sub-agent benefits that will help you control your competition. The sub-agents also have their own sheet with a few players. By having the sub-agents work for you, you can keep an eye on their activities. This would mean that even though they were able to grow their business, they cannot create a dangerous competition against your sportsbook. Likewise, as you monitor their actions on how they perform their business, you can learn something from them that you can apply in your own sportsbook. Having sub-agents is a wise decision for every agent especially if you can keep them with you.


Lower Costs. When you get a pay per head service provider, your gamblers should pay a weekly subscription fee that usually ranges from $10 to $20. However, if you have a large player sheet, your pay per head service provider will definitely offer discounts as well as annual savings. More sub-agents means, more players in your sheet, thus increasing your leverage for lower subscription costs. When you only have to pay lower costs, this would mean more profits for you. Remember that it is only you who know about the price reduction, your sub-agents are not aware of it. So, it is your decision to make whether to put the profits in your savings or give them to your sub-agents as a form of a bonus.


Whether your sub-agents grow in number, your pay per head service provider will always remind you to monitor your sub-agents. Handling people is sometimes tough, especially when you don’t have the proper knowledge and experience in doing so. Keep an eagle eye on all your sub-agents and gamblers. It is better if you know their background because betting is a tough industry in regards to trust. Best to make sure that no one is trying their luck to cheat or even steal from you.


Solidifying the percentages of your sub-agents and making a contract with them is somehow necessary. A sub-agent can be either collecting all of the losses or not. A much smaller commission is given on the latter at around 5% to 15%. Also, a pay per head service provider would suggest you monitor all new players that are under your sub-agent. Make sure that your sub-agents only have viewing rights on your pph website. Do not even give them any rights to delete wagers, make adjustments, or even move lines and create receipts.


Keep in mind that the pay per head business is full of untrustworthy people. Even your pay per head service provider can be one of them, so you better select the most credible pph company to partner with your business. It is very important to lessen your risk through being wise in utilizing all of the necessary reports. Fortunately, many pay per head service provider has changed wager report, wherein you can check for any edited, deleted or open wagers that were filled. This report will show you any tampered transactions in case anything comes up that you were unaware.


Opportunity To Outsource

If you are ready to move your bookmaking business from traditional to the next level, you can make a real difference, especially in your profits through outsourcing. When you partnered with a good pay per head service provider, your bookie business can be turned into a profitable business that will allow you to have plenty of time to enjoy with your family. When you outsource your business with the best pph company, you do not have to spend all of your time running your bookie business, yet on pleasures you imagined.

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