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Pay Per Head Security and Fraud Prevention

Pay Per Head Security: If you aren’t able to protect your customers and your data, you can’t get your gambling business off the ground. That’s just simple facts. Yes, all of the features, offering all of the sports is critically important to having the best pay per head software site available online. But, you won’t be able to truly meet the needs of your players unless you can provide them with real, lasting security solutions. So, it starts with the absolute basics. The only risk your players can have when they bet is to lose the bet. That’s it.

Fraud Prevention: Best Left to the Pros

With that in mind, when you begin, looking for a pay per head site to start with, make sure that it’s one that has all of the necessary security services from the moment you start. That means that it can protect the customer experience from start to finish. They can make an account, they can go through your site, and they can send you their information without fear that some fraudsters are going to show up to abuse them or worse. Beyond that, they have to be able to be paid, too. If you can provide them with that then sure, you have a chance at real revenue.

If you’re the kind of person who might get started with pay per head companies, then the odds are good that you’re someone who’s used to “going their own way,” so to speak. Maybe you’ve started your own businesses or organizations before. That having been said, you want to work with a company that provides secure technology. Trying to set this all up yourself, running your own system without a provider is a sure way to lose your money (as well as that of anyone else who may pay you).

Pay Per Head Security: Ease of Access While Defending Against Payment Fraud

A good way to think about security in this industry: the service you are providing is safety. You are making it safe for someone to bet on a team at your site without having to worry about fraud attempts. If there are losses that players are going to take at your site, then they won’t be “fraud losses,” they’ll be losses because one team just didn’t have enough energy out there today and lost on the field.

However, (and this is important to keep in mind), as security is important to your site, it’s just one of the most important things. Beyond just security, to have real success, you have to be able to provide your players with ease of access to their site. It has to be simple for users to come onto their computer (or any other device) and make the bets they want quickly and easily. Otherwise, they’ll find your competitors.

Transactions Protected

Every transaction a bettor makes is, when you think about it an act of faith. They’re betting before they’re betting on any sporting event – they’re betting that your site is going to make payments when they win. So, you have to make sure that you’re with the types of pay per head companies that can provide exactly that. That your provider has the tools to minimize any threats, a strategy to deal with those who would engage in theft, stealing from your players. These can be protected in any number of ways (machine learning and articial intelligence are making real in roads here) but in the end, it’s about the network with you’re with. You have to be sure of who they are, as an organization, before you sign with them, whether in part or in whole.

The Advantage of Working With a Business People Trust: Security Experts

No matter whether you’re getting started in the bookie business or you’ve been doing this seemingly for your entire life, you know what looks like a “shady” website. You also know what kind of site looks like’s on the “up and up,” one that’s a site someone could use for a resource. Anyone coming to your site can do that, too – they know who looks like they have expertise as well as who seems like a threat. A site that’s run by professionals will put real power, both technological and in terms of “manpower” behind their security. That way, they can withstand any of the attacks that are part of these markets.

Reports for Suspicious Activity

Something you can do before you sign with a site: research. Check out a case study or, if you have the time, case studies. You can check out if a company has a history of high performance or another kind of history. Yes, any company in any industry can have some kind of security breach at one time or another (it happens in the banking industry more than many might think, for example) but a company that has lost customer data multiple times is perhaps not one that can provide the caliber of protection you and your players are looking for.

Online: Safer Than Off

If you’ve ever tried being a bookie that wasn’t online, then you know all of the challenges that can present. Just like online, you don’t have any employees, there is no “customer service” or anything of that nature. It’s just you and the players – that’s it. There’s certainly no “fraud protection” or anything of that ilk. Thus, working with an online provider is always something that can be filed under “best practices” because, in a very real way, you’ll have a partner. Sure, they won’t be a real person, nor will they be investors who can go to the bank at a moment’s notice. But, they will be able to protect you and your players from becoming victims.

Resources for Collection Beyond “Mustache Pete”

On the subject of being a “victim,” a major part of what makes going online a better approach is that it’s so much easier to collect the money you’re owed by customer accounts. Online, they give their credit card/debit card/bitcoin/etc. information when they make a bet. Then, if the teams they bet on lose/etc., that money goes straight to you.  Now, if you weren’t being a bookie online, you know this could go in any number of wrong directions: having to track this person down for their money, figuring out a plan to do so, and so forth. Working with a site on the web is a great idea to get your bookie business up and running.

What You Should Expect from Your Pay Per Head Company

You should expect and demand that they can meet your business needs in terms of security. Yes, you want them to be able to protect your brand, but they also have to provide a solution to keep everyone (and their identity) safe as well. They have to be able to provide you with results. In this context, those results are making it so that people can bet on events without their funds being in danger, yes, but also without friction in terms of the betting experience itself.

Best Customer Authentication

When you’re conducting a review, when you’re deciding which of the providers (to use another word, pay per head vendors) to sign with, you want to make sure that they can make sure to truly tell who someone is. Individuals have to be able to use your site without being in fear that someone is going to take their identity, that you (or they) will be a victim of phishing, and so forth. Criminals are always finding more and better ways to do this online. Thus, you want to go with sites that have an instant response time to this, making authenticating users a priority.

Protect Yourself, Too

You are making bets, too – as the bookie, you’re setting them, you’re making it so that thousands (if not more) can use your platform. So, when it comes to these, you have to be able to make sure that you aren’t setting yourself up for failure. You don’t want to have to deal with chargebacks, nor do you want to weaken your platform.

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