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Pay per head Program: An Innovative Way to Raise Bookie Income

Bookmakers can now increase their incomes by employing the pay per head program provided by the prominent sportsbooks in the market. Agents working with the pph software will have the convenience of doing their tasks with the administrative work taken-off their backs.  The pay per head program supplied by a betting company allows odds masters to focus more on recruiting players to play in their pph betting platform.


The Advantages of a Pay per head Program


A pay per head program could be the best thing that happens to a bookmaker. Just imagine the daily grind the bookie has to perform to meet his goals for his online betting business. Here are some of the things a pay per head program does for the bookmakers:

Pay per head Program: An Innovative Way to Raise Bookie Income

Free Bookie Website

A betting company provides its bookies with a wagering site free of charge. The offer is one way to help book masters lure potential punters to join his group. Developing a wagering website is too expensive and odds masters are better off with pay per head programs from sportsbook software providers. Working with a pph program saves time and money complemented with services the sportsbook offers. The online business is gearing towards growth and expansion with the support of the pay per head software.


Full System Automation

Transactions made by your online players is automatically on record that will credit or debit to your account. Bookmakers will no longer do the tedious work routine like accounting and inventory of entries from punters. The recruitment program of gamblers will be the focus of bookies.


Online Betting Business Tools

The pay per head program provides the necessary tools to guide your business and stay on the positive side of the finances. Online betting business tools allow bookmakers to monitor their sites if they are earning or losing money.


Bet Alerts

This business tool allows a bookie to manage his business in real time. Keeping tabs on the concerns of your operations all at once is a tough thing to do. Bookmakers will be receiving real-time alerts to their Android phone every five minutes. You can even run the operations from your inbox and send updates to all agents in one push of a button at real-time from your Android phone. Using this tool will maximize the potential income of the bookies pay per head program.


Settle Alerts

The tool allows a bookmaker to assign pre-settle limits to alert him when it is time to pay or collect and ensure that the pay per head program finances is on the black. A bookie can maximize the amount of money he can collect from his punters. By adjusting the payout and collection schedules, you can see your profits rise with the collection coming in earlier than before.


Weekly Balance Tracker

The tool allows odds masters to monitor the betting activity of each punter. The weekly balance tracker report is very significant to the pay per head program as it makes you see the betting activity of each of your gamblers. The figures could tell a bookie if he is making or losing his funds. Monitor which player collects or pays out for your adjustments.


Hold Percentage

Take advantage of this business tool from your pay per head program to keep track of the playing performances of your gamblers. You can offer a betting line basing on the activity and to cash in on player trends.


At IDSca, you can run your business on any device with a stable internet access. You may use your smartphone, tablets, Ipad, laptop, or desktop. You can even offer your own betting lines. This is how IDSca supports its bookmakers because our company believes that the success of a bookie is also the success of our betting company.


IDSca is one of the Pioneers of the Pay Per Head Program


The first internet gambling happened in the year 1994 with online casinos, poker, and sports betting. Antigua and Barbuda was the first nation to pass the Free Trade and Processing Act that allowed the country to issue licenses in the gambling industry.


By the year 2001, the betting industry realized that the number of gamblers around the world rose to 8 million people. The gamblers growth trajectory continued to ascend despite legislation and arbitration to ban online gambling. This was also the era when gambling sites began to overheat. Sportsbooks needed a solution to cater to the growth of Internet gamblers. The pay per head program was the solution to the growing market on the gambling industry.


Sportsbook companies formulated a plan to ease the influx of gamblers on overcrowded internet betting sites. The problem of online player congestion in a betting platform had a sportsbook solution through the innovation of a pay per head program. The participation of bookmakers to join the online gambling business got the go signal from the betting industry authorities.


IDSca’s 20 Year Experience Helped Bookmakers Grew their Online Business  


The IDSca sportsbook company has the best services provided to its bookies and players. Significant features of the betting platform made the betting site what it is today.


Multilingual Call Center Agents

Not only that IDSca has trained receptionists but with a multilingual staff that can answer to major languages in the betting industry. The call center agents will be taking the calls of punters under the groups of registered bookies. It is critical for punters to have their queries answered when they are calling for information regarding their bet placements. Correspondence from chat boxes and phone calls will have responses as soon as any call agent is free from the telephone lines in attendance. Emails will get its response within 24 hours.   


Tracking in Real-Time

This feature complements the business tool that determines if your betting site is earning money or losing the funds of your business. It also helps bookies manage their online business and making adjustments with betting lines in masse to stay on the black with the pay per head program.


Live Betting

The feature is one of the most sought-after attributes in online betting. With the state of the art technology, modern software, and hardware, IDSca’s pay per head program brings the action to punters as it happens, where it happens. The feature eliminates the suspicion of fraud with results coming in as soon as it takes place. The games in live coverage immerse the online bettors with thrill and excitement. It is fun to play with the live betting feature.


A Wide Array of Sports Selections

IDSca covers over 1,200 sporting events per month. The coverage means more options to choose from the sporting events and more betting lines are available. The live betting feature is available to all sports offered in the sportsbook.


Essential Information

Information supplied by a sportsbook is essential to players rooting for the team as they placed their bets on a game. A pay per head program has the information supplied by the sportsbook company. The data include the list of injured players, athletes’ fatigue, schedule of games, environmental challenges, playing surfaces, personal differences among players that could affect team performance.


In tennis, online players consider which players best play on a hard court, grass, and clay. There are players who are better in clay than other tennis pros who prefer grass or hard courts. The US Open and the Australian Open have hard playing surfaces. The French Open Championships have clay for their playing surfaces while the Wimbledon Tennis Tournaments have matches played on grass.


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