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Pay Per Head Novelty Betting Odds

imagesNow that Kate and William’s baby has been born, pay per head companies will have to think of other things to offer odds on. If you’re into royal betting, don’t worry there are still chances to guess the sex of the second baby, or what year it will be born.
Year Kate and William’s second child is born

2015 11/10
2014 6/4
2016 or later 10/3

The one advantage of having so many novelty bets for price per head agents is the variety they are able to offer. Since they are little more fun, many customers will wager just to see what will happen.
Outright winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2013

The winner of the Nobel Peace prize will be announced on October 11th of 2013 by Thorbjørn Jagland, Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

Malala Yousafzai 1/7
Lina Ben Mhenni 25/1
Memorial 40/1
Bradley Manning 16/1
Julian Assange 33/1
Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo 50/1
Bill Clinton 20/1
Mary Robinson 33/1
Morgan Tsvangirai 50/1
Sima Samar 20/1
Ban-ki Moon 40/1
Edward Snowden 80/1
Gene Sharp 20/1
Israa Abdel Fattah 40/1
Facebook 80/1
Hu Jia 25/1
Helmut Kohl 40/1
Bono 100/1
Wael Ghonim 25/1
The first novelty bets that were offered at Pay per head sportsbooks were presidential odds. Of course back then there weren’t so many choices. Who will take the 2016 election by storm?

Odds to be Elected the next US President

Hillary Clinton 7/2
David Petraeus 50/1
Deval Patrick 100/1
Paul Ryan 8/1
Antonio Villaraigosa 66/1
Jon Huntsman 100/1
Marco Rubio 10/1
Kathleen Sebelius 66/1
Ed Rendell 100/1
Jeb Bush 12/1
Debbie Wasserman Shultz 66/1
Michelle Obama 150/1
Chris Christie 12/1
Jim Webb 66/1
Rick Perry 150/1
Rob Portman 14/1
Tammy Baldwin 66/1
Arnold Schwarzenegger 150/1
Rand Paul 20/1
Mike Huckabee 66/1
Chris Matthews 150/1
Mitt Romney 20/1
Eric Cantor 66/1
Michele Bachmann 150/1
Martin O’Malley 20/1
Rick Santorum 66/1
Janet Napolitano 150/1
Joe Biden 25/1
John Hickenlooper 66/1
John Kerry 150/1
Andrew Cuomo 25/1
Ron Wyden 66/1
Ron Paul 150/1
Bobby Jindal 25/1
Evan Bayh 80/1
John Edwards 200/1
Condoleezza Rice 33/1
Cory Booker 80/1
Donald Trump 200/1
Elizabeth Warren 40/1
Julian Castro 80/1
Newt Gingrich 200/1
Kirsten Gillibrand 40/1
Bob McDonnell 80/1
Al Franken 200/1
Ted Cruz 40/1
Brian Schweitzer 80/1
Al Gore 250/1
Scott Walker 40/1
Russ Feingold 80/1
Alec Baldwin 400/1
Rahm Emanuel 50/1
Amy Klobuchar 80/1
Eva Longoria 400/1
Time Kaine 50/1
Chelsea Clinton 100/1
Jesse Ventura 425/1
Sarah Palin 50/1
Mark Warner 100/1
Andrew Basiago 500/1
Michael Bloomberg 50/1
Sherrod Brown 100/1

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