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Pay per head free trial: What you need to know

Every bookmaker desires the best for his online wagering business; the way he wants it to run and operate. One of the deciding factors to determine if the PPH betting software will work for you is to avail of the pay per head free trial of the product. The promotional demo will show you if the features you are searching for in a betting software will help expand your business. The pay per head free trial will also tell you if it will help your online players with their betting activities.


Pay per head free trials also tells oddsmakers if the pay per head program they are looking into is sincere and genuine. The legitimate online betting software will offer you the free trial; in fact, they will even insist that you take the pay per head free trial of their product first before committing to register in the bookmaking solution.


What to look for in a pay per head free trial


• During the pay per head free trial, was the betting software easy to use? Bookmaking solutions should be user-friendly to your online players. A betting site that complicates its functions will have the tendency of scaring off your punters; they will seek another wagering site that will simplify the usage of a betting platform. Bettors would not want to spend their precious time wasted in figuring out how to operate a wagering platform. A complicated user interface is not a good sign for a pay per head betting program.

The simplicity of a wagering software must also extend to the systems of service for a bookmaker. A bookie will be requiring reports and records of transactions of his online players. The operation in these sections must also be friendly to oddsmakers to save time. Waste of time in confusion means the waste of money.


• When on a pay per head free trial promotion, try to obtain all the information you can about the betting site. Maximize promotions like this to know more about the site of your potential wagering program. Several PPH sites have pay per head free trial for a week. Other betting sites offer more time to up to a month of testing their wagering software.

Sportsbook Software Strategies

• Allow some of your most reliable and loyal online players to try out the pay per head free trial too. Your punters will certainly have issues or recommendations regarding the betting software. Avoid a number of your gamblers to test the promotional offer. Negative issues could discourage them and may lead to an exodus of your players. The testers will look for alternative betting sites if they won’t like your decision on the site you made them try.


• Obtaining all the information you can get from the pay per head free trial is helpful for your decision in outsourcing the best pay per head wagering site. Trying out every betting type and money lines to see if they are working the way they should be is also essential before jumping on board the betting software. Use the money lines, spreads, over/under bets, parlays, teasers, round robins, and other types of bets. Observe how they respond to your actions. All services should work the way the betting industry wants them to work in a wagering program.

• On your pay per head free trial, try placing bets on peak hours to see if the software is efficient in this aspect. The busiest time to place your bets, especially on major tournaments, is one hour before the game starts. There is a betting bottleneck on these hours as well as during halftimes of sporting events.


What to expect on peak betting hours with the pay per head free trial period


• Monitor the speed of the website. You will detect issues on downloading and uploading of data during the busiest hours of bet placements. During these peak periods, inquiries will also have a high rate of receptions and confirmations regarding the competing teams and athletes. Website efficiency will also be having problems when speed is an issue. Observe if this happens during the trial period.


• When you see the signs of lagging or slowdown of the website, stay away from it. This means that the bandwidth is inefficient and could have a lesser server capacity. It indicates a weak website. Proceed to the next pay per head betting software for a pay per head free trial.

• If a betting software frequently crashes during the busiest time of the day, its software capacity is lesser than what it could take, hence the system failure occurrence. Large pay per head entities could have hundreds of thousands of transactions in process simultaneously emanating from the call center, the live betting feature, online correspondence, cyber interface, and the mobile interface. The influx of data at the same time can result in a system crash that could result in punters leaving your site to look for a more reliable wagering software.

Companies opting for cheap software usually experience the inadequacy of the program capacity to handle the massive flow of data. The inferior program has a lesser server capacity than the software that is more pricier. Betting entities also realize that more expensive products do not guarantee quality. They are now sourcing cost-effective programs that could augment their operations with respect to server capacity.


Compatibility of betting platforms in your pay per head software


In your pay per head free trial period, see to it that the platform integration works smoothly with other betting parameters. Online betting entities usually combine wagering platforms to have a one-stop online betting solution.

A bookmaking software is probably a product from a provider integrated with a live wagering interface and an online casino combined to make a single betting company. The combination allows punters to stay on a single wagering site for more transactions creating more revenues. The integration should be synchronized with each other.   


Hardware as a major component of a pay per head betting solution


Your pay per head trial must also consider the hardware used in the operating system. If your servers (hardware) cannot handle the influx of data processed during its operation, the betting software will implode and system crashes will occur. The present online betting software has the capacity to process over a million transactions per second. The system’s hardware should accommodate the amount of data for the transactions to push through.


Some pay per head companies set their hardware and software capacity requirement five times more than the volume of data passing through the operating system. This setup eliminates the cause of crashing the system of the betting software.


The pay per head free trial period will show you if the network that the wagering software is running on is stable and has no problem delivering and receiving the flow of information to the betting site. The wagering program should ensure its bookmakers and punters that its internet provider has the capacity more than the pay per head betting solutions has on its operations.


Stay away from betting software that cannot satisfy your selection during the pay per head free trial. It will be an inconvenience if you opted for an inferior wagering company. The best pay per head betting software will reveal itself on the pay per head free trial.


The IDSca Betting Company guarantees the smooth transition of data through its high capacity hardware to provide bookmakers and punters the convenience and pleasant gambling experience when using their online betting solutions. It has been in operation since the late 1990’s and knows exactly how and what it takes to provide premium quality customer service through its wagering company.


The transition of IDSca from a traditional sportsbook betting company to a high technology online wagering software provider delivers its services efficiently as it had since pioneering the sportsbook and betting business in the industry. It knows and understands the needs of bookmakers and the players on its site. Try their pay per head free trial and see the difference.

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