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Pay Per Head Betting Platform: The Online Wagering Business Solution

The gambling industry is one of the most lucrative businesses for online entrepreneurs. There is no other solution to revolutionize your bookie website but to employ the services of a pay per head betting platform.


The pay per head software is the latest innovation that can increase the profitability of the online betting business. Management could be difficult to handle when a bookie website has a growing number of players patronizing it. Every bookmaker dream of having his business joined by hundreds of punters but it would take many resources to manage the volume of gamblers placing their bets manually on a sportsbook.


For a profitable operation of the sportsbook, you will need an effective pay per head betting platform that can deliver the solutions required for the bookie website to grow. Aspiring bookmakers continuously search for the right gambling software that provides satisfying services. The pph software company should have the capability and technical support that will lead to its growth and expansion.


The Program Capability of the IDSca Pay Per Head Betting Platform


The increasing number of punters of a bookie will eventually need the services of a sportsbook wagering software. You would want a complete sportsbook wagering package that will provide the solutions for your online business.


Sportsbook Solutions for the Pay Per Head Bookmaker Website


One single pay per Head Betting Platform

A sportsbook software provider allows its bookies to operate their online wagering business to operate without the nuisance of multiple sports suppliers while having the access to a work with business tools in the same pay per head betting platform. A single operating platform can include the online casino and horse track racing.


Bookmakers can focus his primary work on improving website traffic, online gambling drive using the pph bookie software, retain existing punters in the arena at reduced overhead expenses.


Sportsbook Call Center

A call center is a significant facility in a pay per head betting platform. The receptionists accept the inquiries and assist punters through phone calls, emails, and chat messages important for a pph bookie website to handle part of the operations in a pph betting site.


Account Managers and Support Staff

The wagering software company personnel sees to it that the odds masters have the full assistance in their daily online business operations. An excellent pph software provider should be available 24/7/365. This feature allows punters to place their bets anytime and anywhere when their schedule permits. Bookmakers will have the guidance and assistance of the IDSca account managers; they have the track record to work with clients in the online gambling industry equipped with a strong knowledge in the culture of the digital sportsbook market.


Sportsbook Local And International Sports Events

The IDSca pay per head betting platform offers over 1,200 games in a month and continues to grow. This feature is what bookmakers and punters sought after in an online sportsbook; it also means that your players will have a wide array of betting options of the gambling market.


The number of competitive games the pay per head betting platform offers every month promises more wagering activity that equates additional income to the bookie software. The sports events will keep the punters busy supported by the in-game betting proposals.


Heightened Thrill and Excitement with the Live Betting Feature

Modern technology brought us the in-game component of a pay per head betting platform; it brought us to another level of experience by witnessing the games unfolding right in front of us via live telecast. Live betting delivers wagering props popping up the bookie website for punters to engage in.


Full Sportsbook Management

The setup is one attribute that bookmakers can avail of in the pph software. The pay per head betting platform allows the bookie to concentrate on the recruitment plan of gamblers to the wagering site. The pph program takes care of the online betting operations and sees to it that your business is on the right track. If a bookmaker opts to have the software provider run the operations, he may do so; the option will allow him to focus on his recruitment strategy for more punters.


The pph software provider is an automated innovation that will have the records available when the bookies request for it. The data is available at the back end office support. The pph bookie software will provide data feeds and additional information regarding the team or the athletes.


The User-Friendly Front-End Dashboard

The pay per head betting platform dashboard should be easy to navigate and friendly to its users. The ease of use can be an attraction to potential players to enlist in the pph bookie website. Players can enjoy the luxury of their betting activities once they find it convenient to use the pph program.


The front end solution should give the bookmaker total control of his business through the single-page accessibility and monitoring of operations. The dashboard is where a bookie can implement the business tools to assist his business and stay in the black; it is also where bookies can view the status of his business at a glance with the reports it generates.


IDSca can customize a pay per head betting platform according to the bookmaker’s desire. Bookies operate conveniently when they designed their betting sites to suit their needs in operating their bookie website.

Pay per Head Betting Platform

The Pay per Head Betting Platform Technology


Technology plays a major role in the pay per head betting platform. Bookies can provide state of the art services to its punters by paying a fee to use the pph wagering software. The sportsbook company will provide the bookies with PIN codes for the punters to access the betting site.


Automated Accounting

Records of the wagering activities of online players will have automated documentation. Whenever bookmakers want to generate a report through their bookie website, they can easily access the information to track the business profitability.


The automation allows bookies to accommodate and oversee the increasing number of punters conveniently. Your online players can wager in the bookie website any time of the day and night.  


Betting via Mobile Devices

The state of the art technology can now accept wagers through mobile gadgets like the smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other internet-connected devices. This method is popular with the new generation of punters called the millennials. The punters will have to download the betting app and register in the pay per head betting platform so they can start placing their bets. Experts are saying that this will be the mode of wagering in the future based on its market growth and acceptance.


Website Security

Bookmakers see to it that the pay per head betting platform they choose is legally secured for their online players. IDSca has the tools that allow you to fortify your betting site from hacks and the Denial of Service Attacks (DoS). Our company started delivering betting services since 2002 and knows exactly the ends and outs of the industry. Our pph programs have regular updates making sure that our bookies receive the most recent development of the pph wagering technology.


Personal Data Safety

Online should ensure the safety of their personal data before they place their bets on a pay per head betting platform; your personal information falling into the wrong hands spells danger and an identity theft in progress.


Some Protection Measures for Your Personal Data Safety   

Pick a pph software that has a license and protected by encryption codes. An efficient gambling program has the best encryption technology supporting the safety features embedded in it.


Opt for gambling sites that offer audits on tracking you can recheck any suspicious entries during your betting activities.


Do not answer emails asking for your password or PIN from a gambling entity inquiring on your personal information.


IDSca implements state of the art security measures both on the hardware and software aspects to ensure the punters of the best gambling experience in the market.


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