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Online Sportsbook Software: The Bookmaker’s Tool for Greater Income and Growth

Online betting companies want to expand their wagering business to increase their revenues. The most popular product of these gambling companies is the sportsbook. Bookmakers are in a constant search for the best online sportsbook software to grow and expand their business.


The Benefits of Having an Online Betting Software


The online sportsbook software allows you to create your own pay per head betting business with full control over your players. Here are some of the benefits you will have when you are set up with the best wagering company of your choice:


Manageability of Players in Masse

When you have an online sportsbook software, it allows bookmakers to manage the large volume of players that you recruited to your bookie website. The betting site will expand with the increase of more players with the support of the price per head program. The bookie software provides you with the business tools and flexibility to operate the site in confidence and reliability.


With the top of the line technology that the best online sportsbook software applies, it can easily handle the sudden spike of players placing their bets on their favorite teams. A program with a cutting-edge technology will avoid a system crash in the peak of bet placements, especially on high profile sporting events.


Sportsbooks with an effective pph program will soon grow and addressing the scalability of the business is what the online sportsbook software will deliver to your business. Your sportsbook will remain dynamic as more games and bets are available for players. More players, bets, and games equate to an increase in profit and revenues.

Online Sportsbook Software: The Bookmaker's Tool for Greater Income and Growth

Personal Information Security

The perennial problem of software users in all ports of the online industry is the safety of their personal information falling into the wrong people. An efficient sportsbook will not allow the incident to happen on their watch.  


In the betting industry, gamblers do not like unauthorized eyes looking into their accounts. Punters want total privacy when they are using their favorite online sportsbook software. At IDSca, your personal data is safe with us and you can sleep better knowing that it is in a secure location away from the risk of being stolen.


Easy and Convenient for Bookies and Players

When a sportsbook attracts so many bettors that it becomes difficult for bookmakers to track its players manually, the need for the best online sportsbook software is imperative. There could be hundreds of online gamblers placing their bets on the pay per head program, thousand of betting options, and hundreds of thousands of individual bets that would be too much to handle for a conventional betting site. The price per head software will automate the influx of information for the odds masters so they can focus more on their primary job, the recruitment of players to their bookie gambling site.


Back End Office Solution

Bookmakers need data for their analysis and bases for decisions vital to their online sportsbook business. The information is readily available at the back-end office after grading and documentation for the bookie’s use. As a bookmaker, you can ask for any report pertaining to your bookie website venture. Records like the individual gambler betting pattern, how much a player gambles, the frequency of the punters’ visit to the betting site, and other statements needed to determine the financial status of your site.


With the data available to you, the best online sportsbook software has the tools to analyze the information so you can decide on the course to take for the pay per head program. The following business tools can be helpful to the bookies:


Layoff Account

A layoff is a term used to place a bet on another sportsbook to compensate the betting action that does not favor the bookie website. For example, your sportsbook is overwhelmed by the betting action in favor of the home team, if the home team wins, your betting site will tend to lose a large amount of money. To balance the wagers on both sides, the bookmaker will bet on another sportsbook for the home team to cut on loses.

However, if the visiting team wins, the sportsbook will make a lot of money. This business tool is the layoff account. The action is how bookie sportsbooks cover their losses.  

Layoff accounts are difficult to spot in the online wagering system. You will not hear it announced publicly. If you detect the layoff, go for the wager for a sure win.


Settle Alert

The financial guard is another term to call this special business tool for your online sportsbook software. This tool allows bookies to set the amount of money for collection just in time before a punter reaches the target. The bookie’s betting business instrument issues the alert before a player places his bet to reach the settle alert limit. The action controls the company’s funds by informing the bookies that it is time to pay out or collect from your players.


Player Activity Monitoring Tool

This tool allows you to track player activity on the gambling site on a weekly, monthly basis preferable, or whichever range is helpful to your requirements. Monitoring the betting patterns of your players is significant to your wagering business. You would know how your company is progressing with the tracking information of the punters under your group.


A bookie can decide to raise player limits if he has the information to base from the automated data tracked by the betting system. An odds master can also offer additional wagering options for more bet placements. Maximizing options to choose from equates to more money wagered in the pph program. HIgher income means your business is on the right path to grow and expand.


More and Better Bet Offerings

Several types of bets are available to the odds master when he has the online sportsbook software to work with. Players will have access to local major leagues as well as international sporting events as well. For Instance, the ongoing international competition of the FIBA 2019 is fiercely ongoing in other parts of the world. There are 32 teams playing on the FIBA Tournament which is as prestigious as the Olympic Basketball games.


The host country for the 2019 FIBA World Cup will be China. The 2023 FIBA World Championships is going to be in three host countries namely Japan, Philippines, and Indonesia. The 2014 basketball winner of this sporting event was between the United States and Serbia which the Americans edged the Serbians with a score of 129-92. The Americans also won the 2010 FIBA world Cup over Turkey with a final score of 81-64.


With local and world-class sporting events happening, more bets are available for the players from all parts of the globe. You will have a chance to serve these global punters through an online sportsbook software. Having an online presence of a pph program will attract more gamblers to your bookie site which is of great advantage to the wagering business.


Accessible to the Online Sportsbook Software

The bookie pay per head program is accessible to the agents and punters 24/7/365. You will need to upload the bookie software or app coupled with a stable internet connection. The bookmakers will register the players’ names with the sportsbook provider so the company can assign personal passcodes so the gamblers can gain entry to the bookie websites.


Accommodation of Mobile Devices

The best online sportsbook software is mobile ready to accept bets from the new rising sector of the betting industry. The convenience of using the mobile betting app is popular among the millennials. They can place their wagers anytime and anywhere they may be as long as the internet connection is fine. Mobile devices are integrable with other online gambling products as well. The online Casino and Horse Track Racing is accessible for the players too.


IDSca can provide these benefits. Our company had been with the gambling industry providing excellent services for nearly two decades. We know and understand your needs and we give our all-out support to our bookies and deliver customer satisfying services to our clients. Call us now at 1-886-225-5437 and avail of our free trial demo.

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