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Online Sports Betting in Ohio: How to Get Started Before 1/1/23

You might have read the headline of this article and thought: “that’s impossible.” It makes sense. After all, online sports betting in Ohio isn’t available until January 1st. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t begin to take advantage of opportunities. After all, that’s what mobile sports betting is all about. 

As mobile sports betting continues to sweep the United States, one fact has become readily apparent: mobile sports betting sites have to do a lot to compete. Even with a limited number of licenses out there, these companies have to be able to offer so much to bettors to get them to bet. That doesn’t have to start when the businesses come online. 

Get Started in Online Sports Betting in Ohio

Case in point: Ohio. There are, as of this writing, more or less 20 different online sports betting sites in the state. Many of them are already offering customers free bets if they sign up before January 1st. 

So, you could be in a position to be able to get free bets on college football bowl games, Weeks 17 of the NFL season (as well as the playoffs), NBA games, NHL games, NCAA basketball games, and so much more. That’s just part of the freedom and the promise of mobile sports betting. Hopefully, it’s soon coming to a state near you (if it isn’t there already). 

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