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Your business must be doing well to have the same pay per head software operating the online betting system for years. Those years are passe’. Developed pph betting platforms abound with better tools to help bookmakers run their wagering entity the way they want to run them. These websites are customizable with the bookmaker having a hand in its creation. An updated online pay per service provider has the capacity to supply bookies with this innovative wonder that complements growth and productivity. Here are some guidelines on how to choose the right Online Pay Per Head Service Provider.

Online Pay Per Head Service Provider: Your Tool for Growth and Development

Potential bookmakers who want to start their online betting business should look for a reliable online pay per head service provider. The wrong turn you take in choosing the company for your venture could make or break the business.  Here are some tips on how to choose the right company that will suit your management style:
Research a List for the Top Three Options

Start with the online research. You will probably land in a page that shouts out a dozen or two best online pay per head service providers. But then again, you could trim them down to three with in depth study of how they work with bookies and online players. Follow the suggested checklist to guide you for the best option.

Legality of the Sports Betting Company

Look for legal documents that attest to the company’s legitimate registration to a governing body. In the US, pay per head operations is legal in some states but more areas are seeking to legalize their sports betting operations that will legitimize the pay per head industry in the near future. The following States offering legal sports betting are Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Iowa, Indiana and Montana are nearing the conclusion of their legal applications.

Legitimate Operations

Consider work operations that respond to queries and address concerns regarding the bookies and punters’ betting activities. Prompt service reactions are essential to your bookie website business. Online players will feel ignored if they do not get the service they want from the pay per head service provider.

Customer Satisfaction Oriented Services

The online pay per head service provider should have professional and well trained call center receptionists to accommodate bookies and online gamblers in their scope of operations and betting pleasures. Punters must have service provisions to maintain the loyal bettors while attracting new ones.


You can check the company’s reliability through bookmakers working with them. This is the best way to check if the pay per head service provider can render the services they say they offer. One way to find out if they deliver their services well is by opening sports betting companies reviews. Feedbacks are available in these venues and are sites worth the information. Be wary of collaborated feedbacks as these are common among the responders to the providers.

Online Pay Per Head Service Provider

Cutting Edge Technology

The setup of an online pay per head service provider will spell the difference of your growth and productivity or may be a cause to lose you business. Its software and hardware technology should answer to the call of your operations, especially when the volume of players increase. The rise of the number of players in your group means that more data is on process. Inferior software operating parameters could jeopardize the online pay per head service provider’s capacity to accommodate the volume of data processed. The hardware plays a significant role to support the data influx and thwart the denial of service attacks in your system.

Experienced bookmakers will look for the following features in a pay per head service provider that will give them full support in their wagering entity.

Punter Management

Bookies want to have total control in handling its players and the pay per head betting software of the service provider plays an important role in this feature. The pay per head service provider will compliment you with tools to enhance profitability. Instruments that will allow you to set limits and offer betting options with ease and convenience. Available are tools for line adjustments, allow and deny action, maximum wager options, Vig setup options, and late bet placements are some of the tools provided to bookmakers.

Management of Odds

The pay per head service provider helps bookies manage their odds options. The odds management feature allows odds masters to adjust betting odds, specifically on points spreads and money lines; this could be done manually to control your operations.

Reports Generation

Reports are available upon request is most helpful to bookmakers in leading their online betting business to a positive financial plight. These reports keep tabs on the current status of the business if you are gaining money or losing your business. You can opt to plot in the range of how far your business had gone and could set specific date coverage of the reports you want.

Agent Management Features

Bookies prefer a pay per head service provider that could aid their agents in promoting and marketing their bookie website. Agents comprising your betting site are essential to its sale and revenue generation for the sportsbook.

Odds Masters would want a pay per head service provider that can satisfy his group of punters. Punters would love to have these features embedded in the bookie website.

Mobile Friendly Applications

Modern bettors prefer to place their bets on the run. They want to wager wherever and whenever they can as long as their is a stable internet connection. There is a huge chunk of bettors using their mobile devices. Bookmakers want to tap this niche for additional revenues to their business.

Safe and Secured site

Security is of utmost importance to gamblers. It is imperative to treat data and information in strict confidentiality. Personal information falling into the wrong hands means breach in security. You’ll lose business if your bookie website has weak security parameters.

Live Betting

This feature is very significant to punters who prefer to watch the games unfold before their eyes. The excitement is brought to another level watching the team or athlete you placed your bets on. The Live Betting facility also signifies the reliability of your betting transactions. Cheating is avoided with this feature. This tool is also a come on to gamblers who want to try out your pay per head service provider and maybe used as a marketing tool to attract more players to your group.

Multiple Payment Facilities

Online gamblers want a pph service provider with multiple payment options and easy banking transactions. The convenience of easy deposits and withdrawals are crowd drawers to your bookie website if these facilities are available to you group.

Signing Bonus

Bonuses are attractions to online gamblers to your wagering website. You can get maximum value of your cash deposits and betting activities from prominent pay per head service providers. The catch is to get more punters rolling to your online betting business.

Racebooks and Casino Games

Horse Racing can easily be integrated by the pay per head service provider to your bookie website with an option to include casino games for casino enthusiasts.

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