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An online betting software for your betting business? It’s about time for an upgrade of your bookie website with this famous tool to augment income and growth. With the betting platform, bookies can attract new players and maintain loyal patrons with the features the site carry. Without it, get ready to experience an exodus off your site. Here are what successful bookmakers say after they employed the services of an online bookie software.

A bookmaker can operate his betting business alone with world class amenities using an online bookie software. Betting Software providers will do all the relevant work for the odds master. Here are some of the things that an online bookie software can do for you:

Build your website

You direct web developers how you want your business to run. Its free, so take advantage of this perk of having your online presence promoted in the web.

Automated Processes

All transactions go through automated programs that accounts financial flow of your punters indulgence on your bookie site. Information regarding cash balances and payouts are available upon request.

Tracking of Players’ Gambling Activities

Data on your players betting performance are also available to base the direction of your online bookie software business. You can use the information to plot your direction and know if your online entity is earning or losing.

Business Tools for the Trade

An online bookie software will provide you with the tools to efficiently manage your betting business, regulate and do some adjustments if you have to. The adjustments can make or break your business. If you don’t have this tools, then you may place the authority to the sportsbook providers to manage the accounts for you.

More Sports and International Events

An online bookie software will have the capacity to provide with a constant supply of bet offerings from all types of sports happening around the globe. Conventional bookies without a betting software cannot offer this much to its group of punters.

Massive Accommodation of Online Gamblers

Can you imagine a hundred players on queue to place their bets using your site on peak hours before the game starts? It is chaos. But with an online bookie software, all punters will be accommodated, booked and bets covered by the system. The scalability is what makes automation a necessity in accepting the huge influx of customers rallying to place their bets.

Online Bookie Software

Safety and Security on Confidential Matters

The betting platform holds dear the trust and confidence its customers on them, even with their personal financial data. Reliable sportsbooks treat private information to utmost confidentiality and avoid the information falling into scheming hands. If this happens, the leaked information could damage your relationship with your customer.

You will sleep better at night knowing that your business will run smoothly. One of the most reliable sportsbook providers you can trust your business with is IDSca. It had been around for almost two decades and is one of the pioneers of the online bookie software.

Convenience and Simplicity

After placing your bets, all entries are accepted and graded, thanks to the automation of the software and hardware that makes it possible to accommodate hundreds or thousands of bets at a given time and channel them to respective accounts of bookmakers for tabulation of wins and commissions.

Analytical Reports

The online bookie software will do the math for you and points you to a profitable direction to make actions for your online wagering business. Bookmakers will have updated reports on how their businesses are doing and what course of action they should take.

The software shows you, in real time, the status of your online venture via critical data gathered through channeled data automation. As business people, you know how hard it is to gather data in real time and present an analytical performance to wit in such a short period of time. With the online bookie software, it is now possible to obtain this report from the annals of the sportsbook collected data transactions.

Better betting proposals to your Online Players

The betting platform can offer more betting options to punters. Besides the straight up bets, bookmakers can offer other types of wagers as well like parlays, teasers, over/under the totals, and money lines. Online casinos and racebooks are options available in your sportsbook at your discretion.

Availability of your Bookie Website

The sportsbook you have will be available 24/7 throughout the year. The presence you are getting from the online bookie software allows punters to easily find your website. Ensure that you have a reliable browser and a stable internet connection. The technology makes it convenient to players who want to place their bets through your sportsbook. The accessibility is an avenue for growth of your sportsbook, open 24 hours a day, that lets gamblers place their bets whenever and wherever they are in the planet. An odds will master will consequently have more time to devote in his marketing plans to increase the punters in then group.  

Mobile Device-Ready

Smartphones and other portable gadgets with online connectivity will be the betting trend of the future. The avenue is also a huge opportunity to tap more gamblers to your bookie website. Studies show that it will soon be the ultimate way for millennials to place their bets, on the go. Mobile device users may download the app to their gadgets to access and gain entry to the wagering sites of your chosen Sports betting company. If your online bookie software does not cater mobile betting, it is best to install the app that can accommodate this large niche of new players. Ride the tide before it subsides.

Betting Lines Manageability

Critical decisions await your immediate action when the situation calls for it. There will be scenarios where the efficiency of the online bookie software will alert the bookie to adjust his betting lines. The significance of line movements can make or break your wagering business especially when sharp actions need attention. Bookmakers will know, through the betting platform, that a game is tilted heavily on one side and your action is needed to keep the balance.

Cut on Costs

This is the most practical effect of the online bookie software. Its dramatic drop on costs is immediately noticeable. Working with an offshore betting company is too costly. Sportsbook companies like IDSca will only charge the bookmakers a flat weekly fee for each punter of your group who use your online bookie software. There will be no other payments involved other than the weekly tariff on a gambler that avail of your bookie website.

IDSca understands the needs of modern bookmakers and offer prompt services and full technical support that will lead to their growth and more revenues. Visit our website at or call (866) 225-5437 for your free trial.

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