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Online Bookie Software: How it Changed Gambling

Without the traditional way of gambling, there would be no online gambling. The two have more differences rather than similarities, yet both serve the same purpose. The traditional gambling mostly happens in casinos wherein games like poker, blackjack and more, are the most favorites. There are also traditional gambling events in the local community like horse betting, football and the like where the bettor needs to watch the game live only to place a wager which is very time consuming. On the other hand, online betting using an online bookie software changed almost everything the way traditional gambling operates. In this article, you will understand how online sports betting through a sportsbook software changed the way of gambling from traditional to what is being used today.


The Traditional Gambling

The games of traditional gambling in casinos do need the help of a bookie to hold every wager but do not necessarily needs online bookie software. The in-house casinos are the most popular for traditional gambling and at the same time in providing greater benefits to the economy of a state. It is because not only these casinos pay money in government taxes, but also the employees are paying their income taxes that reinvest in the economy. There are five widely used traditional gambling games which do not require an online bookie software, only a bookie. The first one is the blackjack, a casino game with a long and storied history back to the time of Shakespeare. Second is the craps, which is used to be the most popular game in the casino with intimidating and complicated rules for the novice. The third is the roulette, a traditional game which dates back hundreds of years and is the easiest to play in the casino. Fourth is the slot machine, a game for math-wise people, but is also the most boring and worst game ever. The last one is the poker, which is not actually a casino game, but is the most popular game.


Three Destructive Traits of Traditional Gambling

1. Addicted to more chances to win

The intense addiction to win is one among the negative traits of traditional gambling. There is a known psychological trigger that sets off in the brain of a gambler making  him or her wants to find more chances to win. It’s a natural human reaction, unlike, those who are playing via an online bookie software, this negative trait can be avoided.  It is because, there is no physical presence involve in an online bookie software. The traditional gambling requires a gambler to pay for each chance to win.


2. Odds stacked against players

In traditional gambling, a bettor only wins when the other player loses. It only uses a few odds which marks the winning in a few ways. Unlike in an online bookie software, there are the variety of ways to win or to increase the odds. Gamblers must provide a little research if he or she does not want to get stacked against the players having only win or lose options. There are several odds to use in every game or sports.


3. Lack of information

The foremost goal of gambling is to give entertainment value. This applies both to traditional gambling and gambling with an online bookie software. However, in gambling, those with lack of information or uneducated in the ways to earn money, always go home with nothing. It is important to research the odds of winning in order to find the best chance and strategies to beat the opponents. Researching will let a gambler compare the odds and increases the chances of winning.


The Online Gambling

Online gambling via online casinos and online bookie software or any form of gambling which uses the Internet as the primary means of betting is the coolest form of gambling today. Compared to traditional gambling, online gambling using an online bookie software like IDSCA sportsbook is favored, due to its convenience factor. It is because this form of gambling allows bettors to play at the comfort of their home and at any time. There is no need to travel or hear the noisy people around that is common in traditional gambling. Online gambling works with a bookie and an online bookie software with complete services from a pay per head company. It eliminates the need to spend the time to travel only to be late in a game, yet, it favors those who are comfortable at their home.

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Online Gambling Change the Way of Gambling thru…

1. The convenience factor

The convenience factor is the major advantage of online gambling brought by online bookie software. It is due to the fact that the gambler does not need to travel because everything is accessible via the internet. The ability to play via the online bookie software will no longer need long hours of travel to reach an in-house casino or even local gambling events. By placing a wager in the comfort of their own homes, bettors can enjoy the entertainment, have an opportunity to win and time to spare for the family and other things. This would likely benefit the people who are incapable to travel like elders and persons with disabilities but still want to gamble regularly.

2.No more waiting game

In-house casinos keep bettors waiting for their favorite game. It’s because, sometimes, there is a need to wait for others to finish using a slot machine. While for local sports events, there will be some form of time-consuming numbers like some performances to wait before a game starts. Online casinos through online bookie software eliminate this waiting time and leave everything ready. With an online bookie software, a bettor can access his favorite game at any time of day and night seven days a week without the waiting time.


3. Convenience of switching between games and sports

It’s another major convenience which an online bookie software provides, the easy switching between games and sports in just a single click. Compared to traditional gambling which takes time and effort only to move from one game to another, online gambling has huge differences. Online gambling via online bookie software is played differently in switching between different games and sports. Whatever game or sports a bettor is playing, and changed his mind, he can switch to another game or sports after finishing up the current.


4. Easier to walk away and cash out

Unlike in traditional gambling, online gambling using an online bookie software just takes a few minutes to walk away and cash out all the money. Once bettors have reached his money and time limit, there is no need to worry about walking away from gambling. Cashing out all the money is also easy. There is no need to find the way home because mostly there are playing from home.


5. Lesser auxiliary and expense cost

Traditional gambling requires bettors to pay many costs before they can play inside the gaming area and this is required every time they would enter the casino or an event. Unlike with an online bookie software in online gambling, there is only a single payment necessary to pay every month for all the games and sports. Besides, in an online casino via online bookie software, there is no need to pay for lunch, dinner, snacks or a few drinks. Betting from home will let the bettors enjoy their home cook meal for glasses of wine for a cheap price.


6. Delivering government revenue

Pay per head companies which offers online bookie software also pays the government revenue for offering such gambling services. This happens if online casinos are legal in a particular state. However, if they were illegal, of course, there would be no money to be received by the government from online gambling operations. Fortunately, some states in the United States set the legality of online bookie software since 2014. The revenue contributes to the health, education, infrastructures and more.


How Does IDSCA Online Bookie Software Contributes In Online Gambling?

IDSCA is a well-known and established pay per head company which offers an online bookie software for online gambling. IDSCA had been in the business for more than 20 years providing software and sports betting services. The IDSCA software makes it easy for bettors to play their favorite games or sports in a user-friendly manner. It is because IDSCA makes everything easy for the sake of its gamblers and bookies. It features multilingual staff and support, real-time tracking, bet slips and more. IDSCA ensures that they can bring results making online sports betting more convenient, entertaining and profitable for everyone.

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