informational Bookie Guide

Great Informational Bookie Guide for Aspiring Bookmakers

Online sports betting continues to grow rapidly at a significant rate despite the pandemic. Its legalization played a huge part that opened windows of opportunities for those who lost their jobs and those who seek for side hustles. This informational bookie guide is full of useful information to help aspiring bookmakers become successful with their…

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sportsbook betting for the NBA

IDSCA: Best Sportsbook Betting for the NBA

Basketball is one of the most favorite sports among sports enthusiasts.  aside from football. The National Basketball Association or NBA has hundreds of millions of fans around the world. It’s no doubt that sportsbook betting for the NBA has collected billions of dollars from bettors worldwide both legally and illegally.  It is expected that sportsbook…

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Using bitcoins in sports betting

Benefits of Using Bitcoins in Sports Betting

Sportsbooks hustle to provide players with convenient deposit alternatives, engaging bonuses, and promotions. Likewise, they offer promising odds in some way to attract more players on their online betting sites. Using bitcoins in sports betting is the latest trend and offers great benefits to the users. Regardless if the players have several years of using…

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best sportsbook software

IDSCA: The Best Sportsbook Software Provider

Bookmakers and bettors will face extreme challenges in the sports betting industry. However, it’s still possible to find a pay per head service that suits you best. IDSCA is a pph service that provides the best sportsbook software that caters to both bookmakers and bettors’ needs. What to Look for in the Best Sportsbook Software? …

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best pph bookmaker

Bring Out the Best PPH Bookmaker You Can Be For Your Sportsbook

Gambling is a recreational activity enjoyed by many individuals all over the world. Traditionally, many people place their wagers in a bookmaker at the nearest casino. However, the development of technology revolutionized the world, making wagering activities available on online platforms. The world of online gambling became a convenient platform for both bettors and bookmakers….

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Bookmaking Solution

IDSCA: The Only Bookmaking Solution You’ll Ever Need

In the olden days of sports betting, a bookmaker needs a pen, paper or a notepad. These are his important tools for recording all the bets. This is also where he will base his payouts after the end of the sports events. Those were the days and thankfully enough, the latest technology makes the lives…

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IDSCA’s Pay Per Head Software

Maximize Your Bookie Business with IDSCA’s Pay Per Head Software

If you think that venturing into the bookmaking business is not for you, think again. Whether you are an experienced or aspiring bookie, managing your own betting site is now worrisome. Using IDSCA’s pay per head software makes it easy to handle daily transactions of placing bets payouts. As you read on, you’ll get to…

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Business to Bookmakers

Pay Per Head Means More Business to Bookmakers

Bookies can make a sizable profit in sports gambling, that is a known fact. However, Bookmakers must face the risks just like any other business in the market. Some risks are heavier than most but with the onset of modern software and hardware technology, these risks are lessened.  It will be up to the bookie…

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Esports Betting in Online Sportsbooks

The Surge of Esports Betting in Online Sportsbooks

The driving force that resulted in the surge of esports betting in online sportsbooks are the millennials, Generation Y and Z love esports gaming. The topic on the table for teenagers and a generation higher among friends, is most likely to be e-sports. It’s an opportunity to play with your friends, much less placing their…

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Top Pay Per Head Sportsbooks

Top Pay Per Head Sportsbooks: Is a Cheap Sportsbook Worth Your Money?

With the lesser priced option, you obtain what you pay for which is most of the time, a bare-bones service that lacks experience and cutting corners. A lot of unknowing bookies pick out the cheap choice to save money. But these are false savings strategies. Any savings you obtain by hiring a per head that…

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features of the sportsbook

Significant Features of The Sportsbook That They Should Have

Knowing the features of the sportsbook platform you join is crucial in the world of online gambling. Since not everyone is skilled with a computer, several pay per head sportsbook companies are trying to develop their programs in a way that could serve its users according to their own betting capacities.    Aside from being…

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Efficiently Running a Sportsbook

Key Factors that can Help You on Efficiently Running a Sportsbook

Like everything else, there are existing laws governing the world of sportsbook, and these are continuously evolving in many parts of the world.   Regulations that guide the said industry are quite diverse and differ from one country to another. In America, there are debates involving whether running a sportsbook is illegal or not.  Recently,…

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Sharp Players in Your Sportsbook

Be Cautious of Sharp Players in Your Sportsbook

There are various players swarming in your sportsbook especially in a pay per head betting business.There are amateur players who keep losing by playing the wrong way, there are recreational players who only bet on NFL football, there are players who just come once a week to place a parlay or teaser, and lastly, there…

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Better Wagering Experience

Better Wagering Experience in the Gambling Arena

Businesses require the assistance of technology to thrive in the universe of marketing and competition. Human interaction and the mode of entertainment in doing business while utilizing the clouds would be the best mode of how transactions should be done. In fact, it is the best way to do it in the advent of top…

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