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NBA sports betting has never been exciting since the online betting platform’s introduction. Winning your bets does not require your passion for a team or a player. NBA sports smart betting has to do with the analysis of information provided by the best PPH company that is available in the industry today.

The mainstream and social media monitor the teams and the players of the NBA. By the data available NBA sports smart betting comes into play. Wiser decisions evolve from the analysis of the information on hand. The injury list provided by the best PPH company improves the chances of your betting options. These decisions are made possible for an NBA sports smart betting that increases more profits and revenues and adds to the winnings of intelligent gamblers.

The NBA matchup between the San Antonio Spurs and the Houston Rockets will be a game that the Texans would like to see. provides the  Sportsline odds:


San Antonio Spurs galloped over the Rockets in the absence of small forward Kawhi Leonard and Point guard Tony Parker; both have quadriceps injuries. The Rockets are in a perfect bill of health. Houston is the team favored to win this match without the two key players that are on the sidelines. Consider this essential information with your betting options. Leonard and Parker are point makers in their league, and their absence is a blow to the Spurs. The underdog proved the odds wrong; instead, they whooped the Houston Rockets, 106-97.

The depth of the Spurs bench took over the jobs temporarily left by the powerful duo. There is the emergence of small forward Rudy gay who is excellent in his position. Power forward Joffrey Lauvergne exhibited great potential in the past games. Point guard Derrick White is sinking in 3- pointers at his convenience while shooting guard Brandon Paul made his magic in his limited playing time.

Then again, the Spurs made it out with the Leonard and Parker tandem on the sidelines.

NBA Sports Smart betting means that you have the control of your feelings from the betting process. Your aim as a punter is to keep your head together and make an intelligent choice by basing your decision on the information supplied by the best PPH company. Focus your attention on a team that will when you bets than swaying your attention to the group that you like.

Make sure that you are using an American company for your betting platform. The IDSca PPH company is an entity you can trust to facilitate your bets and ensure that your winnings are withdrawable upon demand of your payout.

nba sports smart betting

Dallas Mavericks and Charlotte Hornets

The next preseason game will be between the Dallas Mavericks and the Charlotte Hornets. The Mavericks has a team standing of four wins and one loss while the Hornets are buzzing it out with one win and three losses. Dallas has Harrison Barnes who has an average of 19.5 points, Nerlens Noel with 6. 8 rebounds, and JJ Barea with 5.5 assists as their leading team contributors. Charlotte has Kemba Walker averaging 23.2 points, Michael Kidd Gilchrist with seven rebounds, and Nicolas Batum with 5.9 assists per game.


It is unfortunate for the Hornets that the 6’8″ French guard/forward will not be playing for a period of six to eight weeks due to his injury in the left elbow. The injury occurred in their preseason match against the Detroit Pistons last October 4, 2017. Good news is that he won’t be going under the knife. Instead, he will be undergoing a lengthy physical therapy of his ulnar collateral ligament tear that will take almost two months to complete. Batum is averaging 15 points, 6.2 rebounds, and 5.8 assists at an average of 34.5 minutes per game.

An NBA sports smart bettor will capitalize on this loss and place his bets on the team with the more advantages and standing. Thanks to the best PPH company that doles out this information to its punters. The bettors are now aware of the team’s disadvantage and perhaps consider the data in his betting options. Charlotte managed to win the preseason game and posted a 2-3 standing. The Mavericks have a team standing of 4-2.


Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic

The Cleveland Cavaliers preseason standing is 1-4 while the Magic is at 2-2. The matchup is the last preseason game of the Cavs before they enter the postseason matches starting with the Boston Celtics. The Cavaliers have James and Wade as their scoring machines complemented by a helpful scoring bench. Here is one consideration bettors want to take. The preseason games gave the Cavs fans a preview of what is to come. The match with Orlando wraps up the preseason matches for both teams. provides the betting lines for this game.


Power forward Aaron Gordon and small forward Jonathan Simmons displayed their scoring prowess when they defeated the San Antonio Spurs in their last outing. Their game with the Cavs proved Cleveland was the team to beat with Jose Calderon stepping on the gas with 18 points and five assists.

The game between the Cavs and the Magic prove that solid basketball skills matter a lot in the competition. Calderon did not win the game single-handedly, but his basketball abilities shone through, lifting his teammates in the process.

The NBA Sports Smart Betting works with the thorough analysis of wise gamblers. The best PPH company provides the updated software for punters for evaluation and make wiser punting options.


Toronto Raptors and Chicago Bulls

The Toronto Raptors disappointed the home crowd when they slashed through the defenses of the Chicago Bulls at the United Center in Chicago. The 94 percent crowd capacity cheered and roared behind the home team, but the Raptors were just too much to handle with a final score of 125-104. The sports line betting for basketball provided by as follow:


Small forward CJ Miles of the Raptors led his team with 26 points and center Jonas Valanciunas with ten rebounds. The Bulls have Shooting guard Justin Holiday scoring 17 points, point guard Jerian Grant with nine rebounds, and point guard Ryan Arcidiacono with nine assists.

If you parlayed your bets on all the betting lines with the Toronto Raptors, then you made an NBA Sports Smart betting option as provided by the PPH company.

IDSca provides its clients with the updated information on teams and players, monitors their performances, and gives you the suggested options, betting lines, and other gambling opportunities. With the software at your disposal, you can assess the teams for betting purposes as part of your NBA sports smart betting.

The teams display their gaming abilities with less urgency in the startup preseason games in the NBA. Nothing as exciting as plays made in the playoffs yet. The postseason games will bring a different identity of their playing styles and techniques. A far more urgency with focus on winning.

The games will be taking a turn around with more seriousness and passion by giving all they can. Elimination from the earlier rounds means a severe loss of paychecks and bonuses.

The NBA sports smart betting will play a significant role for your options of the teams you will be betting. Additional data from the best PPH company provided for your best options are available online.

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