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The sports betting industry has attracted millions of people globally not only for entertainment but also for profit. Now that major sports are returning, it is expected that there will be a surge of bets. If you are planning to become a bookmaker or already is, it’s advisable that you use the most reliable price per head online platform.

There’s no denying that the lucrative nature of sports betting has turned many bettors into bookmakers. One thing that’s good about the price per head platform is that it caters not only to sports but also to online casino games. It’s just sad that the COVID-19 pandemic has pauperized several small bookmakers. They may be using a price per head platform with few features but with higher fees.

Price Per Head Online Platform: Will August 2020 Set a New Record for the U.S. Sports Betting?

The return of major sports is indeed a big relief for bookmakers and bettors. Major League Baseball was the one who started it all. Baseball fanatics can’t contain their excitement when their favorite players started pitching, batting, and running to their home base. It’s anticipated that there will be an outpour of bets on local and off-shore betting sites. As a wise bookmaker, you should be using the most reliable price per head platform to accommodate the upswing in bets.

Last August 2019, the U.S. has produced a combined handle of $744,065,765. According to some resources, this August 2020 will set a new record due to the extraordinary situation of events that this month will bring. Using a price per head platform can make a big difference in terms of profits.

Major Sports to Watch Out this August and the Coming Months

Major sports are returning one by one which makes sports enthusiasts more ecstatic than ever. Below are some of the sports that have already come back and those that will return in the coming months.


MLB returned to the diamond field on the night of July 30th, 2020. It plans to get 22 teams playing 8 final regular-season games ahead of an intense playoff schedule. Both the league itself and the MLB Players Association came to a decision for a 60-game regular-season schedule.  


NHL doesn’t have any choice but to cancel their season on March 12 of this year due to the pandemic. It has teams with 11 and 14 games that remained in the regular season. The league formally decided on the regular season and include 24 of the 31 teams to return for a postseason match that commenced on August 1st. For the Western Conference, the game venue is in Edmonton while the Eastern Conference in Toronto.

The leading 4 teams in the Eastern and Western Conferences will get byes. However, they will undergo a play-off series that could affect first-round seeding. The continuing 8 teams per conference will compete in the best-of-five play-in streak to slash the competing teams to 16. 


The NBA board of governors and players wrapped up their return to play in Colorado. The league started playing on the night of July 30th. They plan to make 22 teams play 8 final regular-season games ahead of a full playoff docket. It is scheduled between July 31 to October 12.

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NFL will return its season on September 10 of this year. In case the regular-season games start on schedule, the Vikings will face off with the Packers. It will be held on September 13 at the US Bank Stadium. Likewise, the 5 games are going to be played in the US which were formerly scheduled in Mexico and England. 

Moreover, the NFL Hall of Fame withheld the 2020 induction ceremony to next year. The league will feature modern-era players along with Troy Polamalu, Steve Atwater, and Steve Hutchinson to name a few. Coaches included are Jimmy Johnson and Bill Cowher. Adding to the roster are contributors, Paul Tagliabue, George Young, and Steve Sabol. 

Why Do Major Sports Risk Coming Back Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Even before you were born, sports already existed. People’s lives will never be the same without sports. Despite the threat of the pandemic, major sports are now returning. It’s safe to say that revenue is the number one reason why they do so. Sports organizations are also affected which resulted in laying off staff.

Another reason is the need to keep sports fans engaged. League commissioners, as well as owners, fear that the people’s passion and excitement for sports will diminish. Each day that passes with no sports to watch or to bet on means no revenue. Moreover, sports fans will turn their attention to a different activity.

How the Most Reliable PPH Platform Can Help?

IDSCA is a company that provides the most reliable price per head platform in the market. Every month it can process millions of transactions on encrypted web servers, securely and safely with no system downtime. It means it can accommodate countless bets from the returning major sports. 

It’s now your time to shine as a bookmaker. Call (866) 225-5437 now and be one of the smart bookmakers. Become successful with the help of the most reliable price per head platform.

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