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Missouri State Bears vs. Kansas Jayhawks 9/1/23 NCAAF Week 1 Tips, Analysis, and Picks

Missouri State Bears (5-6 Last season) vs. Kansas Jayhawks (3-6 Last season)

Missouri State Bears vs. Kansas Jayhawks 9/1/23 – The impending collision between the Missouri State Bears and the Kansas Jayhawks on September 1, 2023, at 8:00 PM ET within the esteemed David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium marks the commencement of the college football season, eliciting fervent anticipation. This NCAAF picks encounter is poised to set the stage for an exhilarating duel, capturing the attention of fans and bettors alike.

The Missouri State Bears approach this inaugural match with promising trends and significant challenges. Their noteworthy 5-2 ATS record across the last seven games exemplifies their proficiency in navigating spread-based dynamics. Additionally, the team’s inclination toward high-scoring contests becomes apparent, with six of their last nine matches exceeding the projected total points. However, the Bears’ recent 0-10 SU streak over ten games and an imposing 0-20 SU record on the road temper their outlook. Of pivotal importance within their offensive architecture is quarterback Jason Shelley, who exhibited precision by registering a 61.1% pass completion rate, accumulating an impressive 2,643 yards, and contributing 18 touchdowns against six interceptions. The rushing dimension manifests through Jacardia Wright, who effectively garners an average of 4.6 yards per carry. At the same time, Raylen Sharpe imparts explosiveness to their aerial arsenal, with an average reception yield of 19.2 yards.

The Kansas Jayhawks enter this encounter, fortified by a balanced blend of resilience and challenges. While their recent 1-5 ATS record in six games suggests certain obstacles, their propensity for high-scoring confrontations is discernible, with six of their last seven contests surpassing projected point totals. Their adeptness in making impactful starts is noteworthy, as evident from their commendable 5-1 week 1 record. At the helm of their offensive maneuvering stands quarterback Jalon Daniels, a pivotal force in the Jayhawks’ offensive architecture. Daniels’ proficiency materialized through a 66.1% pass completion rate, amassing 2,014 aerial yards and contributing 18 touchdowns along with four interceptions. Equally crucial to their ground game, Devin Neal substantiates his role by securing an impressive average of 6.1 yards per carry. At the same time, Lawrence Arnold adds impetus to their aerial pursuits, registering an impactful average reception gain of 16.3 yards.

Missouri State vs. Kansas Game Info

When: Friday, September 1, 2023 at 8:00 PM ET
Where: David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium
Stream: SofaScore


Jason Shelley QB and Jalon Daniels QB

Jason Shelley, the quarterback steering the Missouri State Bears, demonstrated exceptional precision, culminating in a 61.1% pass completion rate. His yardage tally stands impressively at 2,643 yards, amplifying his influence in orchestrating the team’s aerial endeavors. The total of 18 touchdowns and six interceptions further underscores his capacity to influence the team’s scoreboard.

Jalon Daniels, the quarterback spearheading the Kansas Jayhawks, exhibited adeptness by achieving a 66.1% pass completion rate, amassing 2,014 yards. His contributions materialize through 18 touchdowns and four interceptions, highlighting his pivotal role in propelling the team’s offensive rhythm.

NCAAF Odds/Point Spread: Kansas Jayhawks ML, Total Odds: 52

While specific moneyline odds might remain undisclosed, considering the Kansas Jayhawks’ historical strength during week one and the Missouri State Bears’ challenges on the road, a judicious bet would tilt towards favoring the Jayhawks to clinch victory on their home turf. While the spread odds remain indeterminate, evaluating each team’s performance and trends suggests that the Kansas Jayhawks could emerge as formidable adversaries. Their propensity for impactful starts and involvement in high-scoring contests positions them as strong contenders for spread-based wagering. An astute choice would favor the Jayhawks as a spread pick option. Despite the unavailability of specific odds for total points, the shared potential for high-scoring affairs is evident between these teams. Given the proclivity of the Kansas Jayhawks to engage in high-scoring encounters and the Missouri State Bears’ frequent participation in over-total contests, an over-pick appears wise.

Missouri State Bears Betting Trends

Recent betting trends illuminate the Missouri State Bears as a team embodying potential intertwined with challenges. Their commendable 5-2 ATS record underscores their proficiency in navigating the spread, while the tendency for six out of nine games to exceed projected total points accentuates their involvement in high-scoring encounters.

Kansas Jayhawks Betting Trends

The Kansas Jayhawks’ recent trends showcase a team adept at thriving within specific contexts. A record of 6-1 favoring the surpassing of total points underscores their propensity for high-scoring contests, while their impressive 5-1 week 1 record highlights their proficiency in impactful starts.

Missouri State Bears vs. Kansas Jayhawks 9/1/23 Betting Picks

As the countdown to Friday progresses, anticipation builds for the enthralling commencement of the college football season. At the revered David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium, a captivating showdown between the Missouri State Bears and the Kansas Jayhawks beckons, with a promise to combine athleticism with strategic prowess, attracting attention from NCAAF betting sites. While explicit odds might elude disclosure, the scenario suggests that the Kansas Jayhawks could emerge triumphant on their home ground. Equipped with a history of impactful starts and participation in high-scoring affairs, the Jayhawks hold the potential to shape the outcome even without specific odds information.

Free Pick and Prediction: Kansas Jayhawks will win 30-22


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