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Making the Most in Betting on ESports

Esports is one of the betting options left to help sportsbooks rise up from the financial meltdown caused by the worldwide CoronaVirus pandemic. Betting companies are holding to whatever options they have for their businesses to continue. Punters and sportsbooks are making the most of betting on esports in this time of pandemic.

Understanding Esports Before Wagering

For newbies to this form of entertainment, esports means Electronic Sports referring to competing against each other in video games on computers and game consoles. Long before esports became into fruition, players sat in front of the same computer or video console and tried to beat each other out on video games. Today gamers can play against other players over the clouds. Online players can compete with an opponent across the globe at the comforts of their homes.. 

Most video gamers play just for fun; they are called casual gamers. Many of these gaming enthusiasts join competitive online contests for the fun of it and are done on a higher level of competition in tournaments participated by professionals of esports. These esports contests offer huge financial rewards to the best among its players.

Tournaments used to attract thousands of live audiences on slated venues worldwide. The pandemic does not allow that at the moment and the uncertainties it brought to physical and electronic sports. The latter can and will go on with or without live fans in an arena by competing through the internet. Millions of fans can watch these contests in real time on Youtube and Television giants are also in the fray with CNN broadcasting live on ESPN eSports.

You can find the tournament schedule posted on ESPN Esports with various local and international teams participating in the event. Esports games like League of Legends in North America, Europe, South Korea and China and other popular esports competitions such as Overwatch League, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Battle Royale Tournaments, Overwatch League, DOTA 2, the Fighting Game Community, Call of Duty League, and NBA 2K among other exciting games.

Betting on Esports

Online players are enjoying the video games provided by esports and other developers of the trade. It is not only the video game fanatics that are in the action but also the punters looking for betting venues in the world of esports. Most punters are used to betting on local and international physical sporting events and are new to the esports universe. One must understand how esports betting works.

Betting on esports had been around for several years.It is only now it came to the spotlight with players and fans are in a state of quarantine due to the coronavirus. Punters can now bet on esports in lieu of cancelled sports events. There are betting platforms offering betting options to those gamblers itching to place their bets.  

Wagering options are plenty with esports infused on sportsbooks. Each year, hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake in professional esports competition. The volume on esports wagering will grow up to $30 billion this year as predicted by experts.

betting on esports

Video Gaming on the Rise

Early Atari Tournaments took place in 1980, participants numbered to 10,000 on the National Space Invaders Competitions. Big contests soon came one after the other. The era of video gaming competition was born and drew momentum up to what it is today.

Video game betting has no formal venue in the early stages of its introduction. Betting  is done informally through trust and confidence. Conflicts occur when betting parties do something scheming with regards to their bets placed on their respective teams. Sportsbooks made a wagering venue where punters can place their bets legally and the payouts rightfully handed to winners. 

Sportsbooks and its bookmakers can manage the betting public in an orderly manner for esports tournaments. The first significant esports betting platform started in 2010 that made waves over the clouds. The significance of the early betting tournaments drew interest from online bettors all over the world. The event was not just a fad that would fizzle out and fade away. Online betting on esports is here to stay.

Betting platforms accept real money for betting on sportsbooks. In some instances, other betting sites accept cryptocurrency as a wager on electronic sports gaming. Wagering with real money is the simplest form of betting in esports. Other forms of betting are items or skin betting, social betting, challenge betting, and fantasy betting.

Knowledge is Power on Esports Betting

Efficient research and analysis is essential to make intelligent betting options. Even a slight judgement can lead to a win or losing your wagers in the process. It is imperative that knowledge is a factor to win the stakes and a bettor should know the basics of this method.    

Information gathered is a tool for smart wagering. Studying the recent performances of teams in the esport competitions is important for your wager placements. The previous games played by participants will allow punters to consider betting options or line odds and determine if those stakes are worth betting on.

Statistics are also important factors to consider when determining the best team to wager on. A review on statistics will give you an idea how a team and its players fared in their previous contests. Game statistics could also reveal the strengths and weaknesses displayed by opposing teams. 

Playing styles can give away a team if a punter knows how to spot them. Bettors can spot these types of plays protagonists display on the playing field that could help them decide which side to place their wagers.  

Also consider, that despite having this information, it is no guarantee that a team could win outright. There will be certain factors or incidents that may alter the outcome of an event, therefore having this information is better than having none at all. The risks are calculable with more chances of winning. 

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