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Making Bank as a Bookie Isn’t for Everyone: Pros and Cons of Pay Per Head

Pros and Cons of Pay Per Head – Have you ever dreamed about being your own boss and running your own business? Have you always wanted to be a bookie? Yeah, running a sportsbook can be great. When you work with a pay per head provider, you can be just like the big league bookies, making hand over fist, so to speak. That said, it’s not for everyone. There are some folks for whom the drawbacks and difficulties of running pay per head (or PPH) operations online may be too much. What we can tell you is that our PPH service can help to make the process as easy on you and your players as possible.

Pro: A Company to Handle Your Bets

You talk to old time bookies and they can tell you about all of the challenges that any bookie had to deal with, every single awful experience. One of the most common: how to collect the money after winning a bet against one of their players. They had to track someone down or worse, have someone do it for them (this is why you’ve seen it in a bunch of movies). With a site like ours, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Instead, we take care of those particular hassles for you.

Pros and Cons of Pay Per Head – Technology Collects from Your Customers

With pay per head sites, before anyone can do any sports betting, they have to make an account. Then, they had to make a deposit. That way, if they do lose and you win, then you’re going to get their money quickly, no questions asked. This eliminates one of the biggest nuisances of the bookie industry.

Pro: Customer Service You Can Count On

So much of what a pay per head service provides is designed to make up for something the bookie business used to have to deal with, obstacles that they were forced to overcome. Case in point: an operation for customer service, a way to answer questions that people might have. Today’s companies are able to handle a thing like this, through the use of intelligent, knowledgeable agents who have access and information to everything the bettors may have.

For this to work the people answering the calls must be the best on the market, they have to know more about the pay per head services than just what the logo is, so to speak. That way, they can answer each and every questions that someone might have for them.

The Caliber of Call Center Agent a Client Deserves

Just having someone to answer the calls, say their name, and so forth, isn’t enough. That’s been the downfalls of many a company. Answer questions from customers is, in part, one of the most important aspects of an online bookie service. After all, eventually, every player will have a question. It could be about PayPal, it could be about the sportsbook software, websites, or something else. You don’t want them to make a report (or reports) about all that’s wrong with your business. Instead, you want to give them the opportunity to talk to someone who has the best chance of answering a variety of questions. Moreover, as your users can call 24/7, you want someone who can answer 24/7, whether they speak English, whether they’re from any country: the UK, Costa Rica, or anywhere else.

Con: Knowing the Game Helps

This may seem like a slight thing, but it can be important – usually, a bookmaker who knows the sports well is one that has the most ways to be successful. Sure, you don’t have to have grown up knowing everything there is to know about a racebook or something of that nature, but, it sure doesn’t hurt. Some of those limitations can be exposed when you’re going against players who have followed these games for a long time, who know all of the wagers, who have made cash deposits in the past before an online software service was available, and so forth. The more you know about a sport, whether it’s football, baseball, or anything else, the better a chance you’ll have for real winnings throughout the process.

Pros: Casinos in the Palm of Your Players’ Hands

The best sports betting software offers more than just team sports to bet on. For example, one of the advantages of many kinds of bookie software is that it offers casino games. These can make sportsbooks more than just one of those types that seem exactly like all of the others. Sure, it’s great to have the lines, the odds, the bonuses, promotions, and so forth. But, when you include casino events as well, you’ll provide more gambling options for those the world over. The sheer amount of options on offer can set you ahead, separating your pay-per-head from any number of other sites.

Pro: The True Pay-Per-Head-Fee

One of the most common questions we’re asked by a wide range of would be bookies, sometimes even before they give us their names, is “what are the fees? What are the maximums? What are the minimums? How do we know what this costs?” The truth is, it’s truly “pay per head.” That means you pay per number of players that you have. The more you have, the more you’ll pay. You won’t mind, of course, as you’ll have plenty of players. Those are just some of the pros. Good luck to you in your journeys!

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