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What Makes The Best Pay Per Head Service

It’s already 2018 and yet you don’t get the satisfaction you are looking for on your pay per head service. The best pay per head service is described by several factors you should watch out for. If you are not knowledgeable enough on this part, below is a checklist you can try. Each package has its own uniqueness as well as each company offers different marketing strategies. Once you finished grading your current pay per head service, ask yourself, “Is this the right pay per head service for my business?”


Qualities The Best Pay Per Head Service Must Have


Range of Products

Most gamblers are looking for the best pay per head service that can offer them a wide range of gambling options. It is because they sometimes get bored in a single game and want to try other games for challenge and luck. Before you get your own pay per head service, check first if these products are available to them.


Sports. Sports betting is the most popular online betting in the US market. That is why it is necessary to get the best pay per head service for your bookie business which offers a large variety of sports. Sports like NFL, basketball, rugby, tennis, boxing, formula1, and other motorized sports are the most in demand. Check the availability of these sports in your pay per head service to get more compensated and attracts numerous gamblers.

Casino. A casino is another product that is offered by the best pay per head service. It comes in two types: the live dealer games and the virtual games. All casino games whether big or small are highly profitable. Some of its interesting games include the poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, slot, among others.

Horse Racing. Many gamblers love horse racing and they feel this game is something that makes their veins alive. In fact, horse racing is the one which has the highest hold percentage result in the industry. It has an accurate racebook which interface is robust, fast and reliable. The racebook is responsible for getting all the wagers and paying the winners of a race.

Live Betting.  Live betting is the newest center of attraction in the best pay per head service. It involves the use of a live dealer which facilitates every game. Most gamblers love to have this feature in a sportsbook because they think it is much fair than the electronic gambling. Live betting is more popular in casino games and is one of gambling’s best money maker.

Expertise and Credibility

Today, many sites offer bookie business services and claims that they offer the best pay per head service. However, a lot of them have information that is not credible and outdated. Even though at first they can meet your expectations, later on, you will find out that the quality of their services is constantly decreasing. The best pay per head service does not work this way, it will never let you down.


Instead, they have the concern for their agents and gamblers and love for the services they provide. It is easy to claim that they are the most credible company you can find, but then, they are really not. The best pay per head service has the established credibility and expertise in the business. Thus, even though the industry might change one day, you can still get what you paid for and what you deserve.


Personalized Service

The best pay per head service provides services for every agent no matter how big or small their sheet is. Everyone plays an important part in them which should not be ignored. They also make sure that every agent is getting what their gamblers had paid for. Their efforts are given importance as well as their needs and concerns. The best pay per head service can be described by several reviews on how they treat their clients and agents. It is necessary that you know how to conduct research and interview some people who were in your prospective company before. Getting their views and opinions will help you decide in getting the service.



The Super Bowl 52 had just started. It is one of the most awaited sports in an online sports betting site. For you to get on top of the rank, your pay per head service must have the best tools you can offer to your clients and set better profit for yourself.


The Line Mover. The best pay per head service provides the option for the line mover. The line mover is a must have for all agents in all sports, particularly in the Super Bowl 52. The Line Mover provides the capability to add or even subtract half a point. The best pay per head service will give you the line mover including other helpful tools like the schedule limit override tool, mass editing tool, and layoff account.

Specifically, the mass editing tool will allow you to edit the profile of players instantly like creating Eagles money line maximum limit for the Super Bowl 52. The schedule limit override tool, on the other hand, can help you slow down action in a sports event. Meanwhile, the layoff account can help you to routinely set handicap even in the most difficult sport.

Easy Management. The best pay per head service won’t make everything complicated on your part. Besides, convenience and more time is your primary reason for setting up a bookie business. The easy management feature should be always dependable in your pay per head service. For instance, the calls will be received by the customer support and the reports can be printed instantly.

Support. Not all bookies are computer and Internet savvy. Just like you, there are others who started this business from scratch. That is why; the best pay per head service for you is the one which can provide the all-time support. Gamblers can come on and off at any time, the support must be 24/7 for customer-related and technical matters.


Payment Options

A wide range of payment options attracts more gamblers. Why? It is because; the best pay per head service operates all over the globe where payment options vary in every country. Convenience is something that you should prioritize in a bookie business. If gamblers find it hard to deposit and withdraw their winnings, they might find other pay per head services which can offer them better options.

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