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Make More Money and Grow with a pph Program

The pph program is the most innovative method for bookies to earn more money and expand their online betting business. The wagering software helps bookmakers focus on the recruitment strategy to add more punters to his group. Players who want to be bookies are searching for the best pph program provider that is right for them.


What to look for in a Pph Program


Ask a seasoned odds master what he prefers in a pph program, and he will tell you of several points why he chose the particular pay per head software.


Length of years in the Gambling Industry

Bookmakers prefer a pph program provider with a long performing operation in the wagering business. The duration of service indicates that the software supplier manages the company well and knows the intricacies of the industry. The number of years in the business of the betting firm is a good criterion to opt for this company.  


Sportsbook Services for Bookies

Other criteria for potential bookies to look for are the services provided by the sportsbook companies. The services assist the bookies in the daily menial work that keeps them occupied. Some of the tasks that keep a bookmaker busy are:

Pph Program Accounting

Transactions made by the players under your group will automatically record under your account. The automated betting system will record the information and credits or debits the figures into your log. The bookie will be free from the administrative function of this section in the business.

Pph Program Inventory

The automated system will take care of the inventory records. The entry of transactions is on file under the bookmaker’s name when the players accessed the pph program using the PIN codes the bookie gave them. The software will document the transactions and provide the inventories to the bookie upon request. The reports will help the bookmaker take some time to focus on the recruitment activity and increase the number of players in the group.


A Free Bookie Website

A legitimate bookie pph program company provides its bookmakers a free website with an option for customization. Bookmakers have a choice to customize the site according to his management style or operations protocol.   


A Call Center

An efficient pph program provider has fully trained call center agents to answer the calls, chats, and emails of customers. It is a grinding tsk for the bookmakers to answer the calls especially when it grows by the hundreds. A sportsbook like has a multilingual call center that accommodates non-English speaking players. This sportsbook is a preference among the best betting companies in the market.


User-friendly Dashboard

A Sportsbook that provides a user-friendly dashboard allows the bookie to manage the business on a single page. Be sure that the dashboard does not confuse your online players, not all of the online players know how to operate a programmed menu. A confusing command menu will cause the punters to abandon the Pph program for another site that can deliver the services the players want.


Exciting Features


The modern pph program equips its betting platform with features that most punters want in a pay per head software.

Make More Money and Grow with a pph Program

Live Betting

If the pph program does not have the live betting feature, the software is not a stable entity. Punters prefer to be with a sportsbook with the in-game attribute. Online players get more excitement and fun as the live betting scenario immerses the players as it the game happens. Live betting allows the players to bet more even after the games started already. More betting lines and offers are available as the games move on to the finish. Betting proposals like per quarter betting, half-time wagers among other betting lines.


Online Casino

Gamblers can enjoy their betting activity through the Internet accessing the virtual casinos. IDSca supports online casinos providing state of the art technology. The table games found in these casinos are. The outcome of the tables relies on the PseudoRandom Number Generator (PRNG). The PRNG determines the shuffle of card games, throwing of the dice as in the game of craps, or the spinning of the roulette and the slot machines.

Gamblers can enjoy their betting activity through the Internet accessing the virtual casinos. IDSca supports online casinos providing state of the art technology. The table games found in these casinos are. The outcome of the tables relies on the PseudoRandom Number Generator (PRNG). The PRNG determines the shuffle of card games, throwing of the dice as in the game of craps, or the spinning of the roulette and the slot machines.


The mathematical instructions used by the PRNG are the algorithms that create the list of numbers which depicts true randomness. The system checks out to comply with the strictest requirements of real randomness.

The right implementation of the PRNG will assure online punters that games are fair and results generated are random.


Live Dealer Casino

In a live dealer casino, the dealer runs the games live via the live betting feature and from a casino table game. Online players can place their visit through home betting consoles and can chat with the dealer from the privacy of their homes.

The games offered in the online casinos are Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Slot Machines, Sic Bo, Roulette, Keno, Poker, and Bingo.




Online casinos offer incentives to attract more punters to use their betting platform. It is a calculated risk for sports betting companies to offer such a perk with the first deposit made by the player. Subsequently, the punter returns to make more deposits justifying the incentive as a good attraction to players with the bonus up front.


Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is available once the bookmaker registers with a sportsbook. Online players should avail of this sign up bonus for a good startup of his betting activity. This bonus usually matches the first to third deposit amount you made with the sportsbook company.


Referral Bonus

There are two referral bonuses in a casino: the referee and the referrer. The referee avails of his bonuses when he registers with the casino. The referrer gets the casino referral bonus after the referee complies with all the requirements of the betting company like registering and the required number of times the punter places his bets.


Non-deposit Bonuses

These type of bonuses is claimable without the need of a deposit from the gambler. These bonuses can be acquisition tools used to attract new players to the betting company.  


Insurance and Cash-back Bonus

A player can claim a percentage of his losses through the cashback or insurance bonuses. Only the percentage amount of the losses not covered by the regular bonuses has the coverage of cash-back bonuses.


Professional players take advantage of these bonuses to start their bankroll on betting platforms. The perks are beneficial to the bookie if the sportsbook you chose offers big bonuses.


Choosing IDSca Sportsbook


IDSca is with us for over 16 years and constantly upgrades its software, hardware, technology, and services. The betting platforms are improving to serve the clients better and faster. Customer satisfaction guaranteed with a professional multilingual call center ready to respond to bookie and players’ concerns. We have a wide array of sporting events, online casino (virtual table games), and over 200 horse racing contests available for punters.


Our pay per head program has the best lines a pph software provider could offer. You can have full control over your lines and offerings to the pph program. IDSca will provide the bookies with appropriate business tools to monitor if the betting site is earning money or depleting its funds.


IDSca’s betting platform can accommodate any internet connected device. The betting site has a downloadable app for mobile devices with stable cloud connection. Mobile gadgets like the smartphone, tablet, iPad, or laptops may download the betting app. After downloading, register with the platform and you are good to go.


An Odds Master prefers to take the betting platform for a test run before deciding if it is the right sportsbook for him. Getting to know about how a sportsbook operates is key to deciding if it is worth for your efforts and the welfare of your punters. By testing the parameters of a pph program, you can gauge its worthiness and serviceability to a bookie or to your online players.


Visit our website at for further details or you can call us at 1-866-225-5437 to book for your test run. Join our sportsbook now and experience your income shoot up.

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