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Mackenzie Dern vs Angela Hill 5/20/2023 Analysis, Tips and Picks

Mackenzie Dern vs Angela Hill 5/20/2023 Analysis, Tips and Picks

The UFC is set to hold another Fight Night event in Las Vegas this weekend, but unfortunately, the card isn’t the strongest. The main event for UFC Fight Night, featuring Mackenzie Dern and Angela Hill, was put together at the last minute and lacked star power. Fans are simply hoping for some exciting finishes, which will only be determined once the fights actually happen. Initially, the bantamweight bout between Raquel Pennington and Irene Aldana was scheduled to headline the event, but it didn’t generate much interest. However, with Aldana now set to fight Amanda Nunes for the UFC bantamweight title in a few weeks, the promotion has essentially taken from one fight to bolster another.

While some may argue about the overall strength of the upcoming UFC Fight Night: Mackenzie Dern vs. Angela Hill, it’s worth noting that this is a matchup between two ranked fighters at 115 pounds. In terms of fighting style, the bout is relatively straightforward. Mackenzie Dern is widely considered to be the top grappler in the strawweight division, with numerous Brazilian jiu-jitsu accolades and four victories in the octagon by submission.

In the upcoming UFC Fight Night event, Mackenzie Dern will face off against Angela Hill. Dern, a 30-year-old fighter with a record of 12-3-0, weighs in at 115 lbs and measures 5’4″ with an orthodox fighting style and a reach of 63″. Her opponent, Angela Hill, is also fighting at 115 lbs and stands 5’3″ with an orthodox style and a reach of 64″. Hill comes into the bout with a career record of 15-12-0. In terms of striking, Hill has the advantage, landing 5.68 significant strikes per minute compared to Dern’s 3.02. Hill also has a higher success rate, connecting on 49% of her significant strike attempts compared to Dern’s 36%. However, when it comes to defense, Dern has the edge, absorbing 4.39 significant strikes per minute and preventing 52% of the significant strikes thrown her way, while Hill absorbs 4.97 and defends against 62%.

Mackenzie Dern vs Angela Hill 5/20/2023 Analysis, Tips and Picks

While Mackenzie Dern has impressive grappling skills, her takedown ability is not the strongest and she tends to rely on brawling on her feet. This could leave her vulnerable to a skilled kickboxer with strong takedown defense. Her less refined striking skills have already led to defeats, including losses to Amanda Ribas in 2019, Marina Rodriguez in 2021, and most recently, Yan Xiaonan.

In the upcoming bout, Hill presents an entirely contrasting style to that of Dern. As a formidable kickboxer, Hill prefers to land powerful combinations while maintaining close proximity to her opponents. However, her weakness lies in grappling, and she has struggled in past matches when taken down. Though she has improved since her earlier UFC days, if Hill finds herself on the ground against Dern, she will undoubtedly be at a significant disadvantage. Don’t miss this highly anticipated fight between two fighters with vastly different skill sets.

In Angela Hill’s most recent bout against Emily Ducote, she emerged victorious after three rounds of intense action. Despite Ducote’s impressive 87% significant strike accuracy at distance, Hill held her own and landed an impressive 71% of her own strikes from afar. Overall, Hill landed 182 of her attempted 345 significant strikes, a success rate of 52%. Her strikes to the head were particularly effective, with 95 of 240 landing successfully. Ducote managed to connect on 71 of her 173 significant strikes, with 49 directed at Hill’s head. When it came to total strikes, Ducote landed 76 of 178, while Hill landed an impressive 190 of 353 thrown. Hill’s well-rounded striking and accurate headshots proved to be the difference in this exciting matchup. Stay tuned for more thrilling performances from this rising star in the world of mixed martial arts.

The critical question that looms over the upcoming fight is whether or not Mackenzie Dern can successfully take down Angela Hill. A few factors seem to indicate that Dern has a good chance of doing so. Firstly, unlike some of Hill’s past opponents, such as Rodriguez, Xiaonan, and Ribas, Hill’s fighting style is not as effective from a distance. While she does have a decent reach and a jab, Hill excels in close combat, leaving her susceptible to takedowns and throws. Dern, with her impressive grappling skills, could capitalize on this weakness by executing a rolling leglock or similar maneuvers. Additionally, the fight is scheduled for five rounds, which increases the likelihood of the match hitting the ground at some point. Dern, who has a reputation for quickly wrapping up submission holds, could take advantage of this opportunity, particularly against a less experienced grappler like Hill. As such, it seems likely that Dern will emerge victorious. Keep your eyes peeled for what promises to be an electrifying contest between two skilled athletes.

The Pick: Dern via second-round submission

Event: UFC Strawweight Fight Night 233

Date: May 20, 2023

Time: 0700 PM ET

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


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